B'Tselem spokeswoman says hurt by rubber bullet during protest
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 21.07.13, 09:08
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1. who cares
C   (07.21.13)
she is a traitor.
2. Well
John ,   Herzliya   (07.21.13)
Since no bullet hit me, I would suggest to this dear lady: Do as I do. I am not going there. But if you go there you can expect something like that to happen.
3. traitor
Ben   (07.21.13)
Next time use real bullets
4. At least I hope it was painful.Now she can brag with a "war-
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.21.13)
wound"; what a despicable individuals she & her comrades are!
5. You and your friends B"tzelem endanger the soldiers
Rachel   (07.21.13)
and you probably got heart because you were in the middle of the stobethrowing mob. You don"t like Israel and that the state tries to do all possible to protect her inhabitants, then leave and live in Gaza and don"t forget to take Zoabi with you.
6. Pity. They should have aimed better
Johnny ,   TA, Israel   (07.21.13)
She richly deserved it
7. Rubber Bullets?
E. ,   Jerusalem   (07.21.13)
For those B'tselem-Traitors they should have used real bullets!
8. a lucky woman
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (07.21.13)
If she had been embedded in a riot in Egypt, she would have been raped. If she had been embedded in a riot in Iraq or Afghanistan against US/UK troops, she would have been shot or droned. If she had been embedded in a riot in Syria, her liver would have been eaten. She is lucky that she chose Jew-baiting as a hobby.
9. Ynet gets it right: no mention of "human rights"
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (07.21.13)
Absolutely correct that Ynet made sure not to call B'Tselem a "human rights" group - which it clearly is not. At the same time I reject the stupid and disgusting talkbacks of fools who gloat that this woman was injured and should have received worse. Disgusting remarks by people who should know better and make themselves look like lowlife thugs. There is no open-season on activists of any sort. At the same time B'Tselem should protect all human rights, not just be an anti-Israel lobby group that ignores severe human rights abuses by the PA and Hamas against Palestinians. B'Tselem is not a human rights group. It is an internationally funded anti-Israel group that hides behind the "human rights" label - and it does a miserable job of protecting human rights of Arabs and Jews. However, it's staff certainly get nice salaries and job perks (except for being shot by riot police, of course) like trips abroad and fancy dinner parties hosted by the EU and NIF.
10. Serves you right! You side with the enemy.
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (07.21.13)
Where were you when the Vogel family were butchered by those you support? Peace is one thing and we all want it. But B'Tzelem vilifies Israel and fans the fire of hatred against Jews world wide! Give the Palestinians there State where it stands and then prohibit them from working is Israel and for Israelis. Then let's see what the Palestinians really stand for! B'Tzelem stands for Holocaust II and its actions are treasonable.
11. #9 Brian Cohen
Mike ,   London, UK   (07.21.13)
I agree with your sentiments that B'Tselem is not a human rights group, however, I totally disagree with you criticising commenters who said she deserved it: she did. She is a traitor and as far as I am concerned, any person who puts the life of a fellow-Jew at risk, is a traitor and for the safety of the Jewish people, needs to be silenced: whatever that may mean. My main aim in life is to protect our people from attack - be it internal or external. A final point, although I'm not that learned, it does say in the Talmud that when you fight an enemy who is in the gutter, if you do not go down to fight them on their level, you WILL lose!
12. to # 5 Rachel you just don't understand.
Stan ,   Israel   (07.21.13)
Sarit Michaeli does not hate Israel. If your brother was on drugs you would continue to love him, but you would try to help him change his ways. We who care about our country Israel don't want its soldiers to be faced with trials at the International court at The Hague as happened with Serbia. Our relations with the Palestinians can only be solved by negotiations. Professor Leibowitz said in 1967 that the occupation will destroy our Jewish Morality. Unfortunately he was 100% correct.
14. To: No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.21.13)
Mind telling me how "negotiations" help solve an issue with people sworn to your extermination? Worked so well at Munich, didn't it? You, of course, are free to negotiate with anyone you want. But what you do not have the freedom to do is mortgage the existence of the State of Israel, and the Jews who have finally found refuge therein. Understand?
15. All the more reason ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.21.13)
... for Israel to use live fire to put an end to these violent and illegal demonstrations.
16. B'Tselem supports terrorism.
Reuven   (07.21.13)
It is defionitely NOT a human rights group. It should be declared illegal and its leadership should be arrested.
17. 12,leibowitz was dead wrong
trump ,   eurabia   (07.21.13)
and you know he was. He was a brilliant scholar but still a traitor . Look at his grand daughter's fate ...............
18. #12 stan
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (07.21.13)
Stan,when will you get that NO MATTER WHAT WE DO THE WORLD WILL HATE US.Israel is for the jews ONLY.
19. rubber bullet in leg
drdoc on-line ,   cape town   (07.21.13)
Any other country would have aimed higher
20. To No. 18
Bertram ,   London, UK   (07.21.13)
So, a clear acceptance of the inevitability of antisemitism. You are are a hero for the antisemites of the world. You must be proud.
21. 18 aaron = 008 with license to hate
Dr. No ,   Israel   (07.21.13)
Bertram (20) is right: hate foments hate. Your attitude of hate for goyim makes "goyim" a bad word (despite Jews being "a goy" too) and creates hate for Jews. You'd do Jews a great favor just by shutting up your hate-mongering. You don't need to make it worse!
22. Children first
Meyer ,   PARIS   (07.21.13)
What is more impressing is that the protesters put first children in front of their march. It is exactly like Hamas in Gaza. And B'Tselem has nothing to say against this irresponsible attitude of the parents.
23. John #2 is correct.
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.21.13)
If a person decides to be present a a riot of any kind they cannot blame anyone but themselves if they get hurt. "Rights" (as in demonstrating) include Responsibility (for the outcome entailed.)
24. What is it with right wingers
that they are so obsessed with "traitors". I find it an interesting psychological feature. It is as if there was a glitch in their brains that causes them to be in a perpetual state of paranoia and obsession with loyalty.
25. #20:For once you agree to something that other, sane persons
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.21.13)
of Israeli, patriotic persuasion perceive as true: "no matter what we do or don't- they'll hate us"- sounds maybe on the defensive side, but that is exactly why we have to stop whining & start doing things that aim at our interest only. Israel is for everyone that is willing to support Jewish nature of this country. Other than that you can be a Hari Krishna for all I care...
26. to #24
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (07.21.13)
OK. I get your drift. If an intruder into your home is about to rape your wife I expect you will offer him a condom and tell your wife to shut up. No one will accuse you of being obsessed with loyalty, eh?
27. Soldiers aim was poor
Yisroel ,   USA   (07.21.13)
He should be returned to the firing range so his aim can be improved and he can hit her in the head.
28. #9 Brian: Normally I would agree with you...
Dee Bee ,   The Galilee, Israel   (07.21.13)
But even if Israel does the right thing, like taking in wounded Syrians, sick Palestinian children and cancer sufferers from Hamas' Gaza, in the eyes of B'Tzelem, Peace Now!, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch we are just the "oppressor of the poor Palestinians" and their terrorist heroes can kill and maim with impunity and possible even the approval of the so called Peace lobby! Maybe it is time for Israel to stop being so holier than thou and show the world the true pictures of what the Palestinians did to the Vogel family and new the horrible memories of the bus, mall, restaurants and hotel atrocities!
29. #24
Mike ,   London, UK   (07.21.13)
The "obsession" with traitors as you put it is not without reason. You and your ilk are probably too dim-witted to understand it, but the Jews have been hated for thousands of years. It is mandated in the Torah: if we do not do what we are supposed to do as a nation, the rest of the world will hate us. The zero tolerance of traitors stems from the fact that our enemies pounce on any anti-Israel actions from Jews and exploit it at every turn, resulting very often in violence against the Jewish people; therefore, any Jew who sides with our enemies should be tried for treason and if found guilty, executed. Unfortunately the lefties like you will be up in arms at the thought, what you are too naive to understand is fundamentalist Islam wants to destroy Israel first and the West, second. If we don't stop them, nobody will.
30. Next time let Red Crecent take her to a Palistian hospital
jrebecca ,   modiin   (07.21.13)
where they can exaggerate her injuries
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