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Taliban recruit children with sweets, trains them into suicide bombers
Published: 21.07.13, 14:46
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1. Something to consider ,...
split ,   US   (07.21.13)
for the invaders and their puppets trying to steal their country, (read resources) under the veil of liberation from backward religious tyranny ,... I don't like the ways live but it's their choice and I respect their will to defend it anyway they can, it's their country and their choice ,... Get of the high horse and smell the coffee, they dictate the rules of engagement, like it or not ,...
2. Criticism of IDF
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (07.21.13)
In Gaza and elsewhere children have been used as human shields and as potential suicide bombers. Girls have been used as suicide bombers as an alternative to 'honour killings'. Israel gets the blame for the sad deaths of children, but some are purposely put in harm's way. Perhaps the world will begin to see how manipulative terrorists are.
Child Abuse and brainwashing!!! Sorry To Say Your Worse Than POND SCUM!!!
4. # 2 ,...
split ,   US   (07.21.13)
Save your breath pal, keep your hasbara crap on leash. So far I have read a multiple reports and see multiple videos about IDF goons using Pali's kids as shields and not one by Palis ,...
5. Whats the big deal ...
Mike ,   NZ   (07.22.13)
Hamas. Hizbollah, Syrians .etc all use Children in this manner including human shields ... thats what Arabs do best, and they then have the chutzpah to wail and tear their hair out over their dead and injured children.The E.U. dont seem to think there is anything wrong with it ! Otherwise they would protest by declaring the Hizzies a terrorist organisation and Madame Ashton would surely call it a crime against humanity and blame Israel for it. The strange thing is that the leaders of these groups don't seem too keen on putting on a homicide belt and leading by example !
6. #4 - because you haven't been looking for proof
William ,   Israel   (07.22.13)
Several videos on YouTube show Hamas terrorists grabbing school kids off the street and using them as human shields to avoid being hit by IDF fire during Cast Lead. Plenty of incidents of kids being used to test IDF responses at checkpoints and borders, and retrieving rocket launchers while the "adults" ran for cover. In addition - and you'll love this one - Hamas leadership not only admitting to using human shields - kids and women - but claiming they all volunteer to shield "fighters" and welcome martyrdom. Showing once again, "Hasbara" really means "inconvenient facts".
7. #1 - wasn't that the excuse Muhammed gave...
William ,   Israel   (07.22.13)
when invading land to the West of the Arabian peninsula, occupying it, subjugation of its inhabitants, committing cultural genocide of its people to extinguish local religion, and use as a platform to launch further imperialist expansion efforts under the guise of "spreading the word of 'Allah' and erasing ignorance"? Guess what came back to haunt "them"?
8. So the Taliban learned from "Palestinian" terrorists
William ,   Israel   (07.22.13)
big deal. So did most other terror organizations who used Pally-created terror tactics like airline hijackings, suicide bombings, arming and training kids, and using human shields to commit terror crimes. It's basically the only real export from the "Palestinians". It's not a surprise that many terror groups have "Palestinians" in their upper ranks.
9. Reply to number 4
Danny ,   London England   (07.22.13)
Kidnapping an Israeli recruit to get 1,000 terrorists released .
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