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On the wrong foot
Nahum Barnea
Published: 22.07.13, 10:23
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1. on the wrong foot?
tiki ,   belgium   (07.22.13)
There is no wrong foot. The foot has been amputated and as long as this is not recognized, the patient will continue to suffer because you can't reverse an amputation. The peace process in this form, with the same negotiators & mantra's is dead! This has nothing to do with Washington (that's blaming the messenger) but with people who, through word & action tell you daily that: they hate you, they don't recognize you, you are worth than dirt, they wan't to kill you in every possible way etc.etc.etc. The only thing wrong here is the mindset of the Arab Palestinians & friends!
2. Kerry
yossi   (07.22.13)
Unless Kerry has a hidden cart or a stick these negotiations will not last very long. The gap is too wide between the parties.
3. Thinking outside the box
Shachar ,   Eilat   (07.22.13)
Moshe Dayan once said only a donkey doesn't change it's mind...and we have two sides who show no sign of changing their minds. Thus the way forward is to break up the current format. I have come to the conclusion that Tzipi Hotvely's plan for a single state might be the best way to reach a two-state solution. After taking full sovereignty over the west bank and giving the Palestinians full voting rights, the Palestinians will be in a position to start an independance movement from within. With the weight of the Palestinians,Israeli Arabs and Israeli left we will have an easy majority for two state solution!
4. It Won't Work. Simple As That.
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.22.13)
The two-state solution is unworkable. All efforts in that direction are doomed to failure. What Mr. Kerry should work on is a one-state solution where all the Arabs become citizens of Israel (pay taxes, do the army, etc.) Jews can live, build and develop freely everywhere in the Land of Israel, and we all work towards living peacefully together in one country. The US is one country with many peoples, many cultures, many religions. One country - many different people. Same here.
5. Great title - but we all know that if Obama's
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (07.22.13)
admin negotiates a peace treaty - it will be a big feather in their cap. And this is the ulterior motive - not the peace treaty, no - but the U.S. government ego trip.
6. There is another player in these foolish theatrics:
A ,   Belgium   (07.22.13)
Hamas, who have already declared that Abbas does not represent them, and are violent enough to use force in order to oppose any agreement reached with Israel by Fatah. A recent poll determined that 80% of "palestinians" support Hamas, so this is a dissenting voice that will have to be heard and dealt with. Abbas' wild claim that he would form a unity government with Hamas by June, was of course, his usual diarreah of the mouth It seems to me that all this bluff about "negotiations" and "peace talks" will eventually find the "palestinians" embroiled in a civil war, such as Syria and possibly Egypt. And no amount of American and European financial bribery will be able to stop them.
7. Intellectual dishonesty and distorted facts
Awad ,   Brussels, Belgium   (07.22.13)
There is nothing new in this article. Telling ‘facts’ needs more precision though. And, of course, there is no coincident here. Faisal Husseini comes from a very deeply rooted Palestinian family from East Jerusalem and not from the West Bank. It hurts Nahum to say that? Of course it does. Because for him, and all his likes, they don’t want to admit any relations between Jerusalem and the Palestinians. “Transfer of financial aid that maintains his regime…”: the money Israel transfers to the Palestinians is a Palestinian money collected because Israel controls everything related to Palestine and Palestinians. It is not an aid, as if they are beggars. A third distortion, and I’ll stop there because there are more than ten, is the meting between Molcho and Erekat: these are not private meetings, their respective leaders delegated them to negotiate. I don’t know if these negotiations will lead to any breakthrough but, Mr Barnea, what other options we have got other than talking? And, above all, be intellectually honest because your likes could influence the atmosphere and determine the outcomes.
8. On the wrong foot
Harold ,   USA   (07.22.13)
And that's what Israel wants to do A PALESTINIAN STATE LOOKS LIKE SWISS CHEESE" said by George W Bush. The material for making the suit is there but kept by the Israelis. Soon the material will be freed and the suit will be completed.
9. @8
and what would this new pal state look like without gaza? have you thought about that?????? gaza and hamas refuse any deal. so, how would the pal state look?
10. 8
everyone once in a while is entitled to their wet dreams, including you.
11. #7 awad
DID YOU KNOW THAT THE PERCENTAGE OF JEWS IN EAST JERUSALEM PRIOR TO 1947047 WAS 80%. a fact you are not aware of....until the 1948 war where jordan captured east jerusalem and EXPELLED ALL THE JEWS FROM THERE. MORE JEWS LIVED IN JERUSALEM THAN DID ARABS. hameed aboughaze, iranian
12. Cemetary for negotiations?
Daniel   (07.22.13)
Wrong. The US helped bring an end to the conflict in Northern Ireland that had been going on far longer than the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The author doesn't want a solution, so he only looks at the negative.
13. #9
Harold ,   USA   (07.22.13)
They are all Palestinians and related to each other so they will unit and become one state as soon as mid of 2014. Your comment shows that Hammas was created by Israel to counter any peace plans.
14. #10
Harold ,   USA   (07.22.13)
The EU sanctions is on and alive so someone like you and your followers dream will never come true. I am neither a Jew nor a muslim but I respect international and domestic laws and I feel Israel is not honoring what she supposed to honor and respect.
15. #12
Harold ,   USA   (07.22.13)
Great comment. To me the writter sounds he his one of the settlers like Lieberman who does not want any settlement with the Palestinians. I can say only abnormals hate peace.
16. Israel wasn't reborn after 2,000 years to submit to E.U.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.22.13)
Harold, you don't understand. Israel wasn't reborn after 2,000 years of exile to submit to E.U. sanctions or any other sanctions. This is not about dollars and cents. This is not about real estate. This is our Homeland and we're staying forever. It is really that simple.
17. An aggreement in 9 months? A miscarriage!
BobK ,   Orlando US   (07.22.13)
There will only be peace when the Palestinians want peace and have rejected their dream that Israel can be destroyed or will 'disappear'. Golda Meir said: 'our enemies will make peace when they see they cannot destroy us'. That is true for some governments e.g. Egypt and Jordan who did not really want the land of Israel. The Palestinians (so named by Britain) want all the land. In the meantime, maybe some will reach an agreement that gives them some control but the others like hamas etc will continue to attack. I wish we could have peace but I'm realistic enough to see that it can't be.
18. #15 Abnormals are those who claim to be "Americans"
A ,   Belgium   (07.22.13)
and than proceed to write four ridiculous talkbacks in pathetically terrible English.
19. #18
Harold ,   USA   (07.22.13)
And the Belgians are also abnormals according to your opinion because they prefer peace in the Middle East. You must be an Israeli living in Belgium I've been to Brussels many times and the people there are very peaceful and not the way you sound. Rocco Granta was raised in Belgium and I'm sure he prefers peace and happy music and songs. Wise-up
20. Back Off On That Waterpipe, Harold
emanon ,   USA   (07.22.13)
21. Exelent article !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (07.23.13)
22. #19 Belgians could care less about peace in the
A ,   Belgium   (07.23.13)
Middle East. What Belgians are more concerned about, and too late of course, is the fact that they are 1. losing their jobs, and 2. they do not feel safe in many areas of their own country anymore, due to the high birthrate of moslems as compared to their own, and the continuing influx of moslem immigrants, which brings of course, more crime. And actually, I'm something you would like to be, but never will achieve...I'm American.
23. #16 - If the EU says to submit, exactly how will you
spyguy ,   seattle   (07.24.13)
prevent it? The REALITY you and other Israelis can not seem to grasp is your country is miniscule compared to the rest of the earth, you are powerless and have no way to resist if the rest of the world tells you to do something. So far the rest of the world has tolerated the many troubles caused by Israel, but one of these days they are going to stop tolerating Israel and force Israel to submit and there is absolutely NOTHING Israel can do to prevent it.. This is why Israelis are foolish to not negotiate the best deal they can today. I realize your ego has a hard time accepting reality, but you either learn to live on this earth by the other people's rules or you will once again be in bondage. I hope most people in Israel are sane and ignore your foolish rants.
24. #23. History proves Israel is capable of virtually anything.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.24.13)
Spyguy. If this was 1940, the pathetic likes of you would tell Churchill he had no choice but to submit to Hitler... Israel is small but very far from powerless. You ridiculous posts are based on your wishful thinking. Not on reality. You are a pathetic fear monger. Israel's history has proven that Israel is capable of accomplishing virtually ANYTHING when we are determined to do so. Time and time again, critics have said Israel can't win. Israel always confounds naysayers.
25. # 8 Yoo Whooo
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (07.24.13)
Relax Harold, there never will be a pal state in or near Israel. They will remain in 'camps' amongst their brethren who, at the moment, are busily wiping one another out. I'd also like to help them out, which way did they come in? Why don't you go and join them?? No guts? No balls?
26. Peace within nine months
Larry Snider ,   Philadelphia PA   (07.26.13)
I am delighted that US Secretary of State John Kerry has pursued peace talks persistently enough to get both sides back to the bargaining table. It is uphill, with many issues to be met and dealt with if real progress is to be made. I think the US must work to involve a variety of international partners to build the environment necessary to enable a peace deal that at the very least clarifies the borders of two states and opens the door to a brighter future for both.
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