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France: 20 cars burned in wake of veil incident
Associated Press
Published: 21.07.13, 21:06
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1. and the EU demands Israel to negotiate with such people
Hypoc-rats!   (07.21.13)
2. Islam is peace (TM)
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (07.21.13)
3. Stupid , idiotic French
Arnold ,   Montreal-Canada   (07.21.13)
This was a mistaken law because it was not thought out and now they will eventually have to back down and it will be another nail in the coffin for the French way of life. If these women volunteer or are forced by Sharia law to cover themselves in the scorching heat of summer well that has nothing to do with the French. How the law should have been written is by the "who are you " clause. This would be solely for identification when it comes to government run bureaus. Passport, drivers permit etc . etc.
4. HA . . . HA . . . HA !
Moshe ,   St. Petersburg   (07.21.13)
5. They should have deported the Illegals!
Phoenix ,   Israel   (07.21.13)
This is about to happen here in our land. The Africans taking over our cities, from the very biggining the Sudanese and Eritreans are abusing our kindness and are raping and making all sort of crimes everyday. Soon they will decapitate Soldiers as they did in the UK. Why because you cannot be good with bad people! Third world people do not belong with civilizes societies! That's why we must deport all the African Savages living illegally in our state and causing us so much problems.
6. oh la la!
Yosef ,   Egypt   (07.22.13)
Poor ol France wanted more diversity and inclusiveness..well they got it! now with the Muslim population more than 5 million strong, there really is no turning back. C'est la vie! so enjoy the fall mes amies and prepare for a very rude landing.
7. 3
CJK   (07.21.13)
the mistake was made when millions were let in. now that they are in place, the authorities must do whatever needs to be done to keep them in line. if they do not, the fascists will take over france. the islamists will learn what it means to live under fascism.
8. deport
real vision ,   usa   (07.22.13)
deport those violent protesters and their whole families who have no respect for the rule of law . GET TOUGH FRANCE
9. #3
Jerry ,   Sweden   (07.21.13)
Stupid Arnold
10. Head Covers
Ariel ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (07.21.13)
B"H - This is a problem also for the Jews. In Italy for example, I had problems renewing my ID card with the kipa on my head. They said it was illegal. So, I had to fight with them mentioning freedom of religion. Eventually they gave in and accepted my pic with the kipa.
11. Ensha Allah may your Jihad be successful
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.21.13)
I wish the Muslims of France all the best. Ramadan Karim and have a fun time burning France to the ground.
12. France, home of the enlightenment
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.21.13)
Soon to be home of the European Caliphate. Allah U Abkar Ramadan Karim
13. France is a republic with republican laws
French   (07.21.13)
If you don't like it you either go to jail or go back to where you come from Simple as that! Marine come and save us
14. Europistan
MARK ,   Boston USA   (07.21.13)
15. France has no-go zones
MARK ,   Boston USA   (07.21.13)
How can France control the situation? They are not allowed to enter the no-go zones that exist in many parts of the country.
16. #1
holy warrior ,   uk   (07.22.13)
No.. The EU just demands that you give the land stolen from these people back to them. Stop building illegal squatter gypsy camps on the stolen land and release the thousands of women and children you are holding in your dungeons without trial..
17. To #9
Yona ,   TLV   (07.22.13)
Chilul hashem and hatered is generated when you do what you did, just take pic without kipa
18. Create new Arab state in France with Paris as its capital..
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.22.13)
If France would stop suppressing it's Arabs, everyone would live in peace. France must stop stalling and divide Paris into the French half and the Arab half. The Arab half of Paris will be the capital of the new Arab state. The Arabs MUST have their own country in France. That is the only solution.
19. To #16 / holy warrior uk
Eric L ,   Chicago, USA   (07.22.13)
The land was Egyptian and Jordanian->NEVER in a state called Palestine. Why, because such a state never existed. The 1967 borders are actually the 1948 armistice lines; which is anything but defensible. Stop your hate mongering and blaming others for your ignorance 'holy warrior uk'
20. Have no respect
Salwa ,   Jordan   (07.22.13)
Well African Muslims in France are the result of the cruel and immoral French occupation in the last century, you came to our land and stole it and tried to change us now we come to your country as workers not occupiers This tells a lot about your mentality, you have now problem with naked women reporting totally naked live in the street for naked news but you have it with decent women As a French pholispher says that Europeans feel jealous because Muslim women are decent and value their honor much more than European women Don't worry jealousy is human nature
21. Viel makes excellent disguise for male terrorists
Eric L ,   Chicago, USA   (07.22.13)
Not to mention that numerous extremist woman have been brainwashed into becoming a mass murderer/bomber against anybody who cares for genuine freedom (i.e. all people who care about freedom and protection from sharia!).
22. @18, Chaim
Etienne Prinsloo ,   Nova Scotia, Canada   (07.22.13)
Excellent comment, a perfect solution for France. Maybe the Muslim half will sign a treaty undertaking not to launch Iranian sourced rockets at French towns and schools and everybody can live in harmony. The French half must, however beware of the EU imposing sanctions should they defend themselves when(not if) the Muslim half blatantly breaks the treaty.
23. to #16
Arul   (07.22.13)
It is the Arabs who stole the land from Israel. Go and learn history first. There is no such country called Palestine. The name was given by Romans in the first century to wipe out the name "Israel". 1000s of terrorists should remain where they should be kept by civilized law.
24. "16 you make me laugh
jorge ,   argentina   (07.22.13)
that you, from UK, the worst land stealers of the world, dare to make such a statement... Give us back our stolen Malvinas islands and then you can talk. And nobody can stole to arabs the land that they never had. West bank as part of palestine belongs to jews by history and by law. Please, read the preamble of the palestine mandate of league of nations.
25. To #18 Chaim
Paul Rosman ,   Australia   (07.22.13)
WTF? REALLY? Get real! If France is a secular state and people who live there won't abide by her laws then they are free to leave or if they persist in breaking these laws then they must go to jail like anyone else must. Oh and the burnt vehicles, shops, infrastructure etc, the costs must be bourn by the demonstrators not the French tax payers. This is simple logic that we know and except in every civilised country in the world- you may not like it but you have to abide by it, or leave.
26. @16
Steven ,   USA   (07.22.13)
Stolen lands? Squatter gypsies? Dungeons? Oh my, you are ignorant. Unfortunately hatred beats logic and facts every time.
27. be strong France & fight those ISLAMOFACISTS
28. How Ironic!
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.22.13)
The EU punishes the Jews, but it's the Arabs who riot in France! What clearer a message do the Europeans need to understand who we are dealing with, and why we have to deal with them as we do.
29. France and Britain
Mira ,   Vienna   (07.22.13)
are in the tightening and murderous grip of Islam already, every action from now on will come too late. If you got to bed with dogs you wake up with fleas, in this case even with rabies because these are rabid dogs!
30. Good one Chaim #18. Got me chuckling.
Robert Haymond ,   Teko'a, Israel   (07.22.13)
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