EU backs resumption of peace talks
Published: 22.07.13, 19:56
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1. Success of Peace Talks.
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (07.22.13)
The only way for there to be peace a pre-condition is: All powers in the world hand over their lethal weapons to Israel and Israel will be the only country to have and keep them. All others powers are banned for ever having any such weapons.
2. irrelevant
mehrdad ,   germany   (07.22.13)
israel should avoid talking to the old, dying and antisemitic EU. israel is a vital and young country and do not need any relations with the old-age home EU. after all EU will implode anyway in few years because of the economic debt crisis. israel should go after USA, china and india instead of that. these are the real super powers of the future. the most important thing is: israel should not bow to ANY pressure from the EU to worsen israels security. we all know from the past that EU and UN guaranties are crap and worthless.
3. EU has voted itself irrelevant entity regarding the Arab....
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (07.22.13)
...Israeli conflict, especially when it consider Jews who dwell peacefully on the Jewish people's ancestral homeland, but consider the "political" part of Hizballah a legitimate entity...
4. keyword: contiguous Palestine state
the mad zionist ,   san francisco   (07.22.13)
meaning Gaza and west bank must be connected. the only way that would be able to Happen is by splitting Israel in half. not gonna happen, never gonna happen. the EU cannot have anything to do with the peace process. Russia would be more fair a partner. if Catherine ashton has anything to go with Israel and Muslims, the favor is always going to be in the Muslims side. even though she has literally been bashed and torn apart insult wise by all Muslims, she continues to appease ad infinitum. actually I think Russia would be the fairest monitor. atleast if the multiple choice is EU, Arab League, Saudis or Russians.
5. Londonistan is their new capital!
Benny ,   Iran   (07.22.13)
Don;t worry, Catherine: U sold the Jewish Nation down the river when you robbed Jewish land granted by the UN to your Arab oil cronies. Remember San Remo 1922 & Britain's callous behavior then and later even during WWII. The Arabs now own you completely! Your wish will turn UK upside down if you keep siding with the evil doers. U are a cohort of evil. Now, you want to donate Jerusalem, Israel's capital since 3,500 years to a bunch of illegal Arabs.
6. Hey Catherine
Israel Winicki ,   Beer Sheba-Israel   (07.22.13)
If we are talking about occupied territories, what about Gibraltar and Malvinas (Falklands)?
7. biased EU out of talks!
tiki ,   belgium   (07.22.13)
They overplayed their hand by taking action BEFORE any talks and with this they took sides. They therefore have lost all rights of being part of any further developments, except watching from the sidelines. Their statements & considerations of intent will be put into the minutes of the process, but that's it! One of the first things being put on the table has to be the changing of the Quartet into a trio........if Israel as a country wants a chance to survive. With the EU biased mingling a negative outcome is a given.
8. Except for Germany+1 or 2 others,EU is stone broke.
Alan ,   SA   (07.22.13)
AND overwhelmed with immigrants from third world (mostly from Muslim States) They play to piper of Qatar etc Eu is in need of cash injections from theses states.
9. wicked witch
Leah G ,   Itamar Israel   (07.22.13)
I can't decide what is uglier- Ms Ashton or the antisemitic scheme for Israel's demise......... We have our own country now "so be off -have no power here."
10. #6 And parts of Cyprus apparently
Ed   (07.22.13)
11. The EUs antisemitic dream...destroy the
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.22.13)
Jewish state...
12. EU holds economic sticks and carrots
That's enough to positively influence the peace talks even when the EU doesn't participate in them directly.
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