Knesset delays haredi draft bill
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 22.07.13, 23:33
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1. It will be delayed longer than the peace process.
2. Heheh, what did I say ? ,...
split ,   US   (07.23.13)
You won't make them work either ;) ,...
3. #2
Perhaps it is time for our seeds to sprout in a last ditch effort to fight in attempt to save what we made for us, the sons of David Ben Gurion? I will not return to the shtetl nor die for them or you! Oh who are we kidding... the way everything is going, there will be no more Eretz Israel in another 50 years... I just hope that if it is to occur, we turn it all to glass in the process.
4. Ynet Hebrew reports diffently!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (07.23.13)
The law is in committee. See article by Moran Azulai.
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