Back to square one
Noah Klieger
Published: 24.07.13, 20:01
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1. Keep on trying or perish, that's the reality of it.
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.24.13)
2. Seriously. Does anyone anywhere...
Gideon Reader   (07.24.13)
...actually expect and vestige of good faith negotiations by the alleged, so called Palestinians? Really? Truly? What historical event or current circumstance leads you to come to that concclusion. Just be content to manage the conflict and be done with it.
3. Paraoh's complex
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.24.13)
4. Paraoh's complex
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.24.13)
5. kleiger sees some of the light, but is still blind
alexi   (07.24.13)
kleiger, a blind osloist in the mold of peres and livni and shifer, jews who would see a ray of hope in hitler. the west bank is not the heart of the territory for the arabs. israel is, israel of tel aviv and so, in other words 48. Do you get it. Only an olmert type would concede mountain ridges in judea and thejordan valley. i mean you have to be an idiot like livni and peres and even bibi who talks about a presence. Not a presence you ignoramuses, but an israeli sovereign, no matter how much erekat screams. First yoiu have to have conviction like feiglin, kedar, bennett. Bibi's is half hearted, livni is reduced to tel aviv and peres is totally nuts. The solution is this along the lines of leiberman and feiglin: 1) Israel has to beam tv programs to arabs 24/7 that the they are the occupiers. 2) israel has to pay for emigration for arabs, except the loyal druse and some bedouin and a few other arabs. the rest have to return to their countries of origin-sryia, saudi, yemen,e gypt, lebanon andjordan. 3) reuben's land on east bank should be claimed. 4) In discussions, israelis have to go in with these facts and positions and not concede especially under US pressure. 5) Bibi while better than the olmert gang is a trumped up man like barak with inflated idf service and so on. Both were miserable in land battles.
6. We don't have to prove good will!
Jude ,   Tel Aviv   (07.24.13)
The author is 100% wrong when he says ". . we must prove, once again, that we have the good will to find a solution. . ." We don't have to prove anything of the kind. Let the Arabs show a little good will to us! Who, other than Arab propagandists, say we are in bad faith? We don't have to plead guilty to every smear and libel against us.
7. End the sick game. Israel needs victory.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.24.13)
Forget about going back to square one. End the whole sick games of phony talks with people who'd love to mass murder us all and steal our sole tiny Homeland. Israel needs total victory over "Palestinians". No more evil dangerous talks.
8. the pals really don't
arne ,   chicago usa   (07.24.13)
want a state--they aren't ready to govern--it will be a mess and they know it-- so they'll make demands that they know they will not get and blame Israel and then continue to get help from around the world.
9. US and EU want talks
Sam ,   Canada   (07.25.13)
The US and EU leaders want talks so that they can go to the Saudi king or some other Arab or Muslim dictator and tell them they are trying to do something for the Palestinians. They pressure Israel and try to buy off the Palestinians.The Palestinians want Muslim rule over all of the West Bank and Israel so at best you get a truce if more free concessions are delivered to the Palestinians.
10. # 4 One new thing
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (07.25.13)
King Solomon didn't have aTV.
11. # 7 Amen Chaim, Amen!!!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (07.25.13)
it's time for all pals to leave Israel forever and never to return. KEEP BUILDING !! The rest is history.
12. Can the world afford these pals?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (07.25.13)
they can barely afford to care for their own people much less for pal terrorists. KEEP BUILDING !!!!!
13. I agree with Chaim @#7
Israeli 2   (07.25.13)
Our dear "Pals" may yet have learned from their past mistakes and take 90% of Jerusalem this time as a first step. I always keep telling you Chaim, if you honestly believe that the majority of the Israelis are opposed to it, then we should all gather in demanding more from Bennet and Feiglin. According to me, they are all the same BALONEYs. You are a lonely voice among many animals in a huge jungle. I agree with all you write.
14. strange and outrageous boycott?
BEN ,   TLV   (07.25.13)
Please explain what is strange and outrageous about the EU setting guidelines (for grant money that they give out) to fit its long-standing position on the territories Israel has held since 1967. Last time I checked, according to both international law and Israeli domestic law, the West Bank is not a part of the State of Israel. Last time I checked, the EU never recognized the West Bank as a part of the State of Israel. Last time I checked the EU has a long standing position against settlement building. Last time I checked, any political organization or state that hands out free money (grants) has the right to set funding guidlines. Now please exlpain what is outrageous here? You have a lot of chutzpa to demand that the EU *not* set funding guideliness for their grants. Grants that we don't have to recieve.
15. "will end in nothing" I don't agree
Zev ,   Israel   (07.25.13)
The Palestinians will get more concessions and be that much further to their goal of getting everything without signing an agreement with Israel.
16. king Solomon
A V ,   London UK   (07.25.13)
This say is from kohelett and not king Solomon l
17. #13. We do need a million plus Israelis to surround...
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.25.13)
#13. I couldn't agree with you more, Israeli 2. We need every good patriotic Jew and Israeli to surround the Knesset and DEMAND the immediate complete end to the monstrous evil.. We need a huge patriotic uprising. We need to get a million or more Jews to surround the Knesset and demand: 1) Total victory over "Palestinians". No more sick phony "peace talks". 2) The immediate end to ALL Israeli support of evil Fictional Palestine. No more food, money, materials, electricity to our genocidal foes. 3) No more Israeli concessions or retreats EVER.
18. These talks will
Nikkip ,   Alt GA USA   (07.25.13)
Succeed because the third temple has to be rebuilt so the antichrist can claim he's the messiah. The reason I say that is because March 20 2015 20 months from now there will be a total solar and luner eclipse. The sun will be darkened and the moon turned to blood . The Bible says Christ comes soon after. The antichrist has to be revealed before Christ can return. Where cutting it close but, I think I read somewhere they can have a working temple in six months. I don't know if a working temple would count but, I think it will have to at this point. America's going to crash before that. Where to poor to leave so I guess we will partake in its punishment. Anyway God bless you all.
19. #17 We need the courage to recogise
On the Balcony ,   Akko/NY/Kyiv   (07.26.13)
Palestine and end the illegal and immoral settlement policy and if we are lucky, this is what the new negotiations will accomplish.
20. Foolish to make concessions for nothing
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.26.13)
It is just foolish on Israel's part to make concessions now when the end result of the process will be nothing. It is also immoral to release prisoners. Perhaps Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to buy some time and cooperation points with the U.S. with the idea that a strike must be made against Iran soon. But given the incompetence displayed by the U.S. Administration in its Middle East dealings it is unlikely that those cooperation points will help very much.
21. peace talks
Robert Cabitt ,   Boston, MA, USA   (07.28.13)
The rockets will continue to rain on Israel until they elect a prime minister who has the will and the courage to drive the Palestinians and Hamas out of Gaza and the West Bank. When George Bush gives back his Crawford,Texas ranch to the Native Americans is when peace will come to Israel. To the victor goes the spoils. Americans killed thousands of Indians during the conquest of the United States. The Indians that survived were placed in concentration camps euphemistically described as reservations where alcoholism and unemployment reigns. Since the Bureau of Indians Affairs has granted gambling casino licenses, some Indian tribes have prospered. Maybe gambling casinos are the solution for the Palestinians.
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