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Rabbi David Lau: Forced IDF draft wrong
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 24.07.13, 13:56
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1. Problem is other rabbis are discouraging
Ted   (07.24.13)
the haredim from joining the army. This makes "voluntary" difficult and even dangerous - as we can see from recent attacks by haredim against their soldiers.
2. work them into society
alan ash ,   nyc   (07.24.13)
work them into society ------------- let them start being productive ,
3. Tell that to my son who risks his life day in day out
Al   (07.24.13)
protecting your soft overfed asses. Should the enemy breach the borders, you'd all be history. Here's the kicker, my kid is frum, not like the fakers that most of orthoquack seem to be. The orthoquack make me sick with their schnorrishe foile schtick. To the bogus Rebbes, throw off that yarmulke and stop the parade of frumkeit. You are not frum, you are stam schnorrers and menuvals.
4. what kind of rabbis are these?
shloime ,   toronto, canada   (07.25.13)
defending eretz yisrael is a milhemet hovah, there are specific exemptions which DO NOT include study of torah or davening, and it's a mitzvah d'orayta. (translation: it's a direct commandment from god to join the army and defend the land.) even moshe rabbeinu himself wasn't exempted from joining the battle with amalek, so why do these yeshiva bochers consider themselves to be more precious than he was? next!
5. What
Tom ,   New York   (07.25.13)
Rabbi Lau is a reserve army officer whose father and uncle were the only survivors of a 100 + family . How can he countenance the behavior of the Hareidim , don't they realize that Zaddakim as well as atheists were killed .
6. Equal share of the burden?
Arielush ,   Ramat Ha Golan   (07.25.13)
We all know what that means. It means another ten years of: * They sit in the air conditioned Yishiva and study while our sons swelter outside * They get the money, and subsidies, we get higher taxes. Sorry, I've heard this double speak before. This isn't equality. It is slavery. Basically, you are setting up a religious elite which will be supported by us secular drones. My wallet is closed. Unless your boys do the army like ours. I do not want to pay a penny. Enough is enough.
7. draft - all draft is coercive
chaim rabinovitch ,   Brooklyn, NY, USA   (07.25.13)
when a rabbinic candidate says he's against coercion for Haredim in military service, he's essentially repeating the Haredi position that they want exemption from the draft. After all, the draft is coercive - you have to serve. And if the Haredi are not subject to compulsory service, then they won't serve - the current situation.
8. Harav Ratzon Arussi
K ,   Israel   (07.25.13)
The most intelligent response no doubt comes from Harav Arussi. I think he would have made a great Chief Rabbi. What a shame that didn't happen ...
9. the real underlying issue
ray   (07.26.13)
the real underlying issue here is the value of torah study. if the secular believed that torah study actually shields them from danger then they would not say that it is a waste of money.
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