Report: Assad approached Lieberman on 'Alawite state'
Published: 24.07.13, 11:54
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1. The Guardian
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.24.13)
Anyone that believes anything printed in The Guardian, has reality contact problems...
2. #1, I believe that this move is possible ...
leo ,   usa   (07.24.13)
... because it is not only logical step for Assad, it is also very beneficial for Israel. The only question remains - can Assad, Hezbollah and Iran be trusted.
3. #1 & #2 - Logic
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (07.24.13)
What would really make sense is for Israel and Iran (Including its proxies) to make peace and cooperate with one another. If and when Egypt decides to join in then even better. The have a lot of common interests. Persia (Iran) and Israel (Jewish Nation) have always been cooperating with each other and are 2 wonderful cultures that maintained their own languages and culture despite the Arab takeover of their lands. Syrians are not originally Arabs, neither Egyptians. Both Syrians and Egyptians have had their own civilizations before Arabs.
4. No benefit to Israel co-operating with Assad
Shep ,   Memphis, N- USA   (07.24.13)
The article never explained the benefit to Israel in "letting" the Alawites settle in the Golan. Even though the Alawites and Christians of Syria are not Muslim extremists, they still are hell bent on destroying Israel. After all, Hezbullah is fighting on behalf of Assad. Seems to me that unless a tangible mutually beneficial alliance is would be NUTS to allow them on the Golan. Letting them settle on the Golan will be easier than getting them off if it doesn't work out. Israel's relationship with the Christians of Lebanon had promise for years, but at the end of the day they turned on Israel.
5. #2 leo THE ANSWER IS NO
iran and hizbullah put "F" in FANATICAL isslim!!!
6. The Golan is part and parcel of the sovereign state of...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (07.24.13)
...Israel and any person wishing to immigrate to Israel, including to the Golan, must do so through the normal routine. There is probably no need for Arabs to apply, since Israel is not in the business of providing Arabs with a place of refuge. The entire Arab world can assist in this task, and the Arabs need not Israel for that.
7. It will become a Hezbollah / Iranian State
Laila ,   Montreal, Canada   (07.24.13)
It will become a Hezbollah / Iranian State. A disaster for Israel. The Golan was part of Palestine until 1922. The Shia are dangerous to Israel.
8. Slices of the pie
David V. ,   Sydney   (07.24.13)
There were originally Alawite and Druze autonomous regions in Syria which were abolished in 1936. But in 1920 there was supposed to be a Hashemite Kingdom set up in Syria, including Jordan, and could have been inclusive of all groups resident in its borders. Indeed, the Hashemites pursued claims to Syria up to the 1950s. The Christian-Sunni alliance in Lebanon is in direct opposition to the Shia-Alawite alliance in Lebanon and Syria. Even in Lebanon you hear of talk sometimes of partition. But it would seem that some kind of slicing up of Syria, or a post-Assad federal state, is inevitable. Everyone involved in the conflict, including Palestinians, Druze, Bedouins, Kurds, etc, wouldn't be if there wasn't some prize waiting for them.
9. #4 You are wrong
Badbob ,   NYC USA   (07.24.13)
It was Barack who stabbed the SLA in the back that brought us hezbollah
10. The sinking ship Israel
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (07.24.13)
If one is to judge the strength of Israel by the frantic disinformation attempts by it and its supporters in the world press, then the conclusion that Israel is weakening can be reached easily. Apparently the shifting demographic balance with the Arabs, the reduced percentage of Ashkenazi Jews, the continuation of the Iranian nuclear program and the changing tide in Syria take their toll on the shaky psyche the Israeli leadership.
11. # 10
Stephen in New York   (07.24.13)
Don't confuse your fantasies with reality. Israel goes from strength to strength.
12. Dream on Jews...
13. Jehudah @6, Assad did not mean Israeli part of Golans, but
leo ,   usa   (07.24.13)
the part adjacent to it. Assad simply wanted to be assured that Israel will allow controlled concentration of civilians and military personal in Israeli backyard.
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