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Anti-Semitic display at Roger Waters concert
Eldad Beck
Published: 24.07.13, 20:35
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1. Why Is This Surprising?
emanon ,   USA   (07.24.13)
Given Waters' history of Israel bashing he goes on to prove that being anti-Israel does indeed equate to being anti-Semitic, something most Ynet TB people know for a fact.
2. Waters has become openly a rabid antisemite!!!!
EST ,   Miami USA   (07.24.13)
Let him go perform in Hamas' territory.....I would dearly love to see what happens then....
3. Waters a celebrated Jew-Hater
PaulD ,   Jerusalem   (07.24.13)
It doesn't surprise me that the musician turned Global Fascist would be anti-Semitic, what surprises me is that Israelis think they can separate the musical talent of the man, from the deranged political ideology of the man. Giving this man money is comparable to boycotting your Mother back home.
4. Roger Waters is the #1 enemy of the Jews
k ,   US   (07.24.13)
he is a highly influential person and he has a large stage to speak If the Jews are looking for an enemy, look at the Roger Waters
5. He made sure the Jewish Star was not on the US Tour
k ,   US   (07.24.13)
But in the Europeans land where anti-semitism is a tradition, he knows he can get away with it Roger Waters is the #1 enemy of the Jews
6. This is misleading information.
Uri Lichtenfeld ,   West Orange, NJ   (07.24.13)
This is misleading information. The pig actually includes ALL religious symbols... and is part of a MUCH bigger animation that takes place during the show calling out the connection between religion, capital and warfare.
7. Anti-Semitism, anti-Jewish racism, anti-Zionism and
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (07.24.13)
anti-Israel are different ways to express the same thing: an irrational obsessive disgust with everything Jewish: people, country and even national liberation movement. Sadly, despite the events of the 20th century, few have actually learnt from their sick history and their century-long attitude toward us, Jew.
8. Were are you Golda? Menahem? some one with balls
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (07.24.13)
to stop this nasty people. We are on the way to something very bad for am Israel again!!!
9. One less A...hole we do not to see or hear
Shalom ,   Ashdod, IL   (07.24.13)
To hell with him. All JEWS should bycott him and he will then come crawling
10. Sue him
Alex   (07.24.13)
Most countries in the EU has laws against hate speech, I'm pretty sure if anyone actually pursued in sueing him (instead of just the common empty empty threats of doing so) he could be fined or warned. We need to take a stance against racists, Jews claim they won't let another holocaust happen yet stand idly by watching time repeat itself...
11. shame shame on the
arne ,   chicago usa   (07.24.13)
person or persons who spend money to see this idiot. if they're offended by him then good for them.Let them not complain by what they saw.
12. the proof that anti-zionism = anti-semitism
13. #10 hate speech
Hate speech is defined as being insulting to Muslims and Gays (unless spoken by Muslim). Insulting Jews and Christians is considered freedom of speech.
14. BDSM
Marian ,   Romania   (07.24.13)
I wonder if Roger Waters rejects from his medication only the drugs invented or/and produced by Israelis or those invented or/and produced by Jews. And how he manages this difficult problem while in hospital (he is old enough to need hospital treatment ). What about the doctors in hospitals, does he identifies and refuses to be treated by Jewish or only by Israeli doctors ( the majority of the Europeans who have ''Jewish faces'' are not Jewish).
15. Uri (#6) is right
Devorah   (07.24.13)
Do a search. The pig balloon also has the Christian cross and the crescent moon of Islam. It also has the name, "Obama."
16. Oh well..
from_thebleachers ,   NYC   (07.24.13)
Better than being a semitic accessory to palestinian genocide..
17. Waters must be prosecuted for anti-semitism !
18. Waters we won' t forget
19. Star of David on Flag
C'est Moi ,   Canada   (07.24.13)
It was the choice of the zionists to put the Star of David on the flag for israel. So it is a symbol of the govt, that the govt chose to hoist. In zionism's next endeavour, I suggest using a different, non-religious, symbol on the next flag so that it wont offend a religious group when people use the flag to protest that state's supremacist policies. Simple
20. Waters
Gad ,   Mexico City   (07.24.13)
He did the same thing in his concert in Mexico City. Of course he is an antisemite!!! The Star of David is not only an Israeli simbol, it is a Jewish symbol, he knows exactly what he is doing. He is an antisemite of the worst kind!!!
21. #19
Roman ,   USA   (07.24.13)
Jews are not just a religious group. They're a nationality. Zionism is to Judaism as Canada is to ....Hockey. And anyone who opposes Zionism (the right for jews to have a homeland) is in fact an anti-semite. Oh yeah and Roger Waters is a pig.
22. Was there a balloon for the Taliban, Hezbollah,
a,eh? ,   canada   (07.25.13)
23. so, he is openly a jew hater
CJK   (07.24.13)
europe and europeans have always been jew haters. it is not new.
24. Symbols
P.R.Jr.   (07.24.13)
"That was the only religious-national symbol which appeared among other symbols for fascism, dictatorships and oppression of people." That's what happens when you let someone use your religious symbol for politics. It gets dirty.
25. Just a big PRICK and a wall
26. I was attacked for calling Waters anti-Semitic
Steve ,   Australia   (07.24.13)
.. a few months ago. Looks like I was right. When non-Muslims are obsessively anti-Israel, there's usually an ulterior motive and it's anti-Semitism disguised as anti Zionism. Watch them long in enough and their true colours shine out!
27. waters an anti-semite
dmmd ,   nyc, usa   (07.24.13)
Don't take him seriously. He is an old fool (69) and his mind is distorted from fame, money and drugs. That is not a creative combination
28. Anti-israel is not antisemitism
jrs   (07.24.13)
29. Roger Water
Jaime Milsteins ,   Los Angeles USA   (07.24.13)
People that promote Boycots should be Boycoted. I intend to extensively promote boycoting Roger Waters concerts (as well as Stevie Wonder ), DVD.s, BlueRays, etc. among all the friends of Israel, jews and non-jews alike, if isrraelis joining the boycot this will be a successful campaign! Let him hurt where it counts - his pocket!! (by the way, he does not seem to be bright!)
30. "Crossed the line..."-What line?
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (07.24.13)
There is no such "line" ! The "lines" only exist in our own mind. We, the Jews, believe that we can present the whole world with imaginary lines that they "should not cross". However, for us,,,there should be no red lines. We can do whatever we like. The world does not shiver because of our warnings. Only politicians in the US and EU are still afraid of us. However, even their fear is disappearing. The world has finally our number.
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