Iranian family fakes Israeli passports to immigrate to Canada
Itamar Eichner
Published: 25.07.13, 10:06
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1. Regardless of the forgery
Vlad   (07.25.13)
I wish this family well in escaping ayatollahstan.
2. The Passports of the "Zionist Entity" R good 4 something!
Jew with Cojones ,   Israel   (07.25.13)
Oh, Really now! So while quite literally hating us to death, some Iranians think that the passports of the "Zionist Entity" are passports to a new life. Most intriguing!
3. @1 regardless nothing SEND THEM BACK TO IRAN
they do not get to pass 'go' they cannot collect $200. They cheated and forged they MUST GO BACK TO THEIR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN.
4. Passport forgery
shelly   (07.25.13)
5. Back to Iran you go
Am Israel 18 ,   USA   (07.25.13)
I love how you hate the Israelis but you wish you were one to the fact you faked an Israeli passport. The only Israeli product you will receive is the Nuke that falls on Tehran when the time is right!
6. Iranian family fakes Israeli
jacques ,   nsw   (07.25.13)
and you would think they are a high tech country . bizyonot after bizyonot!!
7. Hating us to death
Claude ,   London   (07.25.13)
I am always meeting Iranians in London, who deplore, hate the regime, are embarrassed by the hate rhetoric of the Iranian regime. Many in Iran especially the young would welcome better relations with Israel and an opportunity to live and work in an Iran that was part if the modern world Iranians are more than the despots who rule them. I remember over 10 years ago helping a young Iranian student in London, desperately not wanting to return to a mysoginist backward regime, that forbade her giving tennis lessons to boys! She now works in London as a successful bookkeeper , teaches tennis and is a fine example of the possible future for Iran and its downtrodden people
8. #2, #3, #5, #6 and the rest of ....
Sergio ,   Tel Aviv   (07.25.13)
What the hell people? What makes you think these people actually hate Israel or Jews? They run away from there because they can't tolerate it anymore. I guess they are the last people you have to suspect in hating Israel. Iranians are much more friendly and open minded then many other people. And i know it for fact. So keep it for your selves. Israeli passports are forged because they are just pice of paper and there is zero protection. This one has to be taken care of long time ago.
9. BuissnessTips for Finance minister
Gingi   (07.25.13)
Print a few thousand of israeli passports for iranians reformist who want to leave Iran
10. Interesting story but worrying
Oz   (07.25.13)
worrying that Israeli passports are so easy to forge. Not only is this embarrassing but also a serious security risk which Israel cannot afford. Can't be that hard to make better secured passports, can it?
11. @7 u r confusing the Iranian Diaspora w/the Iranian Regime
Just Sayin' ,   Israel   (07.25.13)
While, to be sure, some in the Diaspora are very good people indeed. The Iranian regime hates Israel to death. Thems the facts.
12. Asylum seekers
Cyril   (07.25.13)
Wake up call for UN and perverted African and Arab Muslim governments that enough of asylum seeking of their citizens that burden other countries because they cover their failures and inefficiencies with hatred. I’ll send those forgers back to Iran with message sort out your citizens with proper policies that don’t drive them away.
13.  probability
ky   (07.25.13)
How can you be sure that they are an authentic family that wishes to escape and not a plant of sleeper agents by the Iranian secret service? If the passports were obtained illegally and found their way to Iran it could be that there is a bit more to this than simple people smuggling. If one loses a passport abroad the probability is that it will be found by someone who will hand it in. The probability is a route for a found item like this to end up in a highly policed state as Iran would most likely be be state organized channels.. The alternative that it ends up in what is considered criminal hands in Iran is also possible but less probable.
14. They should
Marian ,   Romania   (07.25.13)
make alyah, of course after a test with a truth serum and conversion to judaism
15. Low-tech passports for high-tech country -- embarrassing
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (07.25.13)
Embarrassing for Israel that its passports should be so technologically backwards. Government needs to make a change -- it's a big security risk!
16. Oz @7, if it were easy they wouldn't have been
leo ,   usa   (07.25.13)
caught, would they.
17. They did not need Israeli passports to get out of Iran,
leo ,   usa   (07.25.13)
they needed Israeli passports to get into Canada. BTW, these people were risking the lives of their entire family. Just imagine what would've happened to them had they been caught with this passports in Iran. Public hanging as Zionist spies and they would've been lucky if it were quick trial.
18. WOW! Now I'm proud of having Israeli passport
Benny ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.30.13)
Until now I thought that Israeli identity is not advantage. Once I was asked in US to separate from the line and take off my shoes...
19. Every passport can be forged
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