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Morsi detained over Hamas contact, killing of soldiers
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Published: 26.07.13, 11:45
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1. Doesn't anybody in Egypt work? But I am glad Morsi is
Rivkah   (07.26.13)
charged with high crimes just as he attacked Mubarak with misuse of authority. What goes around comes around. Glad to see it happen to Morsi.
2. Oh how the mighty MB sultan has fallen!
Cameron ,   USA   (07.26.13)
3. The Egyptian authorities should also investigate
Concerned American   (07.26.13)
any role that Morsi (and Obama) might have had in the Benghazi murders.
4. I share your sentiments, Rivkah @ #1
Israeli 2   (07.26.13)
Obama wanted him in, but the Mosad took him out. Hopefully soon, someone will take Obama out too.
5. Mubarak must be enjoying the show now.
Arul   (07.26.13)
6. Army right in ousting Islamist Terrorism
Brod ,   USA   (07.26.13)
The Muslim Brotherhood is the Father of Islamist-Jihadist Terrorism around the world. Morsi extends his hand to the Islamist-Jihadist Terrorist Hamas as they are one and the same. The Army rescued Egypt from Islamist-Jihadist occupation.
7. #4 Israeli It Can't Come SOON ENOUGH
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