Identities of prisoners up for release revealed
Yaron Druckman
Published: 27.07.13, 20:07
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1. Israeli government has no respect for jewish life!
zion raider ,   tel aviv   (07.27.13)
Here we are again releasing bunch of terrorist for phoney peace talks ...endangering the life of many in future ... this will teach all the terrorist that they can get away with killing n murdering jews .... These terrorist were inhumane n were given 5 star facilities in Israel while our prisoners were tortured daily n put to death .. after 65 yeaes the only prisoner to walk alive was Gilad Shalit while Israel has released thousands of blood thirsty muslim terrorists. ... Shane on oue government.
2. No justice in releasing these murderers
Ted   (07.27.13)
3. You mean there were terror attacks b4 Oslo?!
Michele Goldberg ,   USA   (07.27.13)
After all to hear the right wingers tell it terror attacks began after Rabin and Peres "gave them weapons". If Netanyahu is releasing pre-Oslo Accords Terrorists then what does that say?
4. Israel has lost all credibility!
tiki ,   belgium   (07.27.13)
For this government no preconditions means preconditions, no building stop means building stop and not bargaining with terrorists means bargaining with terrorists. All this for one reason only : to beg the ''Royals of Palestine'' to fly all the way to Washington to talk, when they live only 10 minutes away. (they can ask their representatives with the suicide belts for direction). It's shameful that the feelings of Arab terrorists and their families are rated higher than those of the bereaved Jewish families, those who will never ever have the pleasure to hug, laugh or cry with their loved ones because of these freed terrorists by a spineless government. We all know the outcome. Israel will give back land and than the hole circus will start over for more land ....and rightly so, because the Arabs/world has recognized that Israel talks the talk, but doesn't walk the walk!
5. why this is happening
Nir ,   Ramat Hasharon   (07.27.13)
As we all know, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Nobody likes killers, but in order to understand why a person kills, we need to understand what drove him to kill. What drove these prisoners to kill Jews was the horrible inhumane and disgusting conditions in which Palestinians live under Israeli occupation. Human nature obliges a person living in sub-human conditions to resist any way he can, just as we did when we were slaves of the pharaoh in Egypt. The only way to stop bloodshed in this world is to let people live in freedom.
6. For heavens sakes, let's sue the criminally negligent creaps
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.27.13)
For heavens sakes, let's start suing the criminally negligent creaps in Israel's government who unleash murderous terrorists against the people of Israel!
7. prisoners
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (07.27.13)
show any form of weakness to arabs then you have lost ISREAL, and who is going to keep tabs these killers , revenge is what they will be looking for
8. Bibi has lost all credibility if he releases so many murdere
Nicole ,   Jerusalem   (07.27.13)
I can't understand how bibi can justify releasing so many at once and for what? Talks that lead to us losing more land and terror attacks. Where is is honor? I can see maybe a release of 1-3 being viewed as compromise on Israeli side but to release 108 or so is a sign of complete stupidity and weakness. Who gives away so much for so little return? What is wrong with our government? I can't think of USA or any other European country ever doing such concessions. What a sad day
9. Any member of the government who votes for this
is a traitor.
10. Disgusting!
Anshel ,   Canada   (07.27.13)
Mr. Netanyahu, releasing prisoners who murdered innocent Jews, just because they happened to be Jews is a cowardice and disgusting act. For what? So Abbas can boast that murdering Jews pays off at the end. Even more despicable is that at not time Israel told Mr. Kerry that Jonathan Pollard must be a part of any prisoner release, or no deal. Sorry, you haven't got the balls and you said it yourself that appeasing can lead to repeat of Munich 1938. You lost my respect!
11. Vote no
DOV ,   USA   (07.27.13)
Are they all eligible for early parole? What message does it send to Israeli prisoners? What message does it send to families of the victims of premeditated murder? Were they killed because they were enemies of war? Are they war criminals? I don’t think so. It’s time Israel stopped this insane cycle of releasing prisoners for peace. It never worked.
12. Why is it always Israel that has to make compromises
Naomi   (07.27.13)
while the PA only needs to agree to "talk" for a few months?? Would any country release murderers for such "talk? Would PA release murderers? Would USA do the same? Would they release Pollard? Not that i am a Pollard fan. It is not just a painful decision if Bibi agrees, it is plain foolishness! And would he release a murderer if the victim was his brother or sister or father or son or daughter? PLEASE. i support peace talk, but this is totally unreasonable demands.
13. No Israeli Arabs freed without Pollard's release!!!
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (07.27.13)
Freeing PA area POWs terrorists is one thing. However, freeing Israeli citizens who were convicted in court of treason and murdering fellow Israelis is an outrage for Kerry-Obama to demand - unless the US pardons and frees to Israel Jonathan Pollard, who never killed or harmed anybody, who never had a trial at which the government proved or even made such an accusation, and who has been in solitary confinement for 28 years after pleading guilty in a plea bargain to mishandling government documents, for a five year sentence; the maximum sentence today is only 16 years for this crime, which he has already served by far. It is now known that the US traitors Caspar Weinberger and George Tenet (to protect their careers) falsely blamed Pollard for the damage being caused by the Walker spy ring, the Hansen spy ring and the Aldrich Ames spyring, allowing those groups to go undetected and betraying the US for years longer, while Weinberger and Tenet looked the other way. Pollard has served longer than any Soviet era spies, who were released after a few years - in exchange deals. US traitor Tokyo Rose served only 8 years for her WW2 treason. Israel shouldnot free these Israeli traitors unlless Pollard is freed in exchange, especially since we all know Abbas will not negotiate real peace recognizing Jewish Israel no matter what Israel gives him, and Obama is never going to hit Iran's nuclear weapons manufacture - no matter what they do (see Obama's "red lines" on Syrian nerve gas use - the Obama Iran red lines are just as phony). Obama has never kept any security commitments to Israel. Tell Kerry NO - not without Pollard. Period.
14. Netanyahu is an idiot!
Rachel ,   US   (07.27.13)
15. prisoner release
Bear ,   zefat, Israel   (07.27.13)
Bibi, Fo a change, why don't you get some "gestures', some concessions, etc. from the Arabs FIRST ! before WE GIVE EVERYTHING AWAY AND GET NOTHING IN RETURN?
16. Now you know why Israel needs the Death Penalty for terror
17. Immoral Decision
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.27.13)
What sort of country are we living in where murderers are given their freedom in order to appease our enemies? Not a good way to begin the week.
18. what of the fate of jewish prisoners?
meyer ,   israel   (07.27.13)
the government is kind to the wicked and wicked to the kind. it will surely fall.
19. Israel needs to get the law straight.
Why does a decision on this have to be decided before a peace agreement can be made? It sounds more like coercion. If it's going to be all of the ones mentioned on this list or none, why not make the peace agreement first, then on a national referendum, let the people vote on whether to release them or send them all to the gallows? The penalties for these kinds of crimes are clear, it's death. The laws and penalties should apply to everyone on the land. If I'd committed these kinds of crimes, I would expect my penalty to be death. Do unto your neighbor as you would have your neighbor do unto you. This isn't a good plan and Jews and Muslims are the ones who need to get this kind of law and penalties straight on the land. The laws and penalties are a unifying factor. People allowing people to get away with murder housing them in jails for "life" or so many "life terms" or then to be released at a later date isn't the way. This isn't meant to be mean but to deter these kinds of acts.
20.  Release J.Pollard and Y Amir First
Roland Seener ,   London England   (07.27.13)
One with no blood on his hands,and one, an equal killer to the released Arab murderers Conclusion:.I don't think Obama likes us !
21. Why???? Jewish blood is cheap
Eliyahu ,   Israel   (07.27.13)
Israel has not learnt anything from the Holocaust.
22. This is so shameful and disgusting...
Harry Wright ,   UK   (07.27.13)
...I can't bear to read about this loathsome proposition. The headline is more than enough. I don't know how Israelis can tolerate this.
23. Prizes and Property
Aharon ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.27.13)
Why not give these depraved, psychopathic murderers prizes and property for their impressive life's works?...or better yet, do what any civilized country would do.. put them to death!
24. its not about land.......
alsky ,   toronto   (07.27.13)
its about spreading islam. slam has bloody borders- not just with israel ! So stop releasing murderers !
25. YES! Only in the State of Israel.
dr harry ,   Jerusale, Israel   (07.27.13)
"Israeli government has no respect for jewish life: YES! Only in the State of Israel. it has lost all credibility! So Who is there to blame for this Insanity. Look in the Mirror. The people here, only know one thing!!! Elect recycled Trash. Killing a Jew only means, time spent in Hotel Jail, will ALL the Rights. Even get a PHD. Don't cry when YOU are the cause. This Interim Custodian of a State, HAS NO RIGHT to Give An Inch of OUR LAND. That is all Abbas wants, to slowly release MURDERERS.
26. Disgrace
David ,   Jerusalem   (07.27.13)
All the soilders should protest against the government a soilders life does not mean anything. For what all of these soilders are putting their lifes at risk? Why is israel not freeing israelis who killed arabs as well ?
27. Is it really that painful, Bibi?
Alf Red ,   Londonistansk   (07.27.13)
If it were REALLY painful for you, Bibi - you would not agree to release these murderers for the opportunity to have a piece-process with the arch-murderer of our Olimpic team in Germany. So shut up and better tell us you do it as a boot-licking exercise for Kerry and Obama, and to placate our great "friends" in European Union. Be once a MAN and tell us as it is! Shame on you, chameleon!
28. Terrorists # 14
yosef, phd ,   usa -israel   (07.27.13)
Rachel, Netaniahu is not an idiot: He is a political whore and a sycophant - say I, an Israeli citizen and a patriot. in the M.E. mentality, tragically this is a reality, a given.The political damage and fall-out are incalculable, especially since it is not the first time. My heart is broken, and it only strengthen my resolve to remain an expatriate.
29. Anyone convicted of terrorism in Israel
Dima ,   Baltimore, Israel   (07.27.13)
Should be executed and their whole family deported.. that's the only way
30. #20 Roland: Maybe the UK should release the killers of Rigby
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (07.27.13)
The get Qatada back from Jordan!
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