US-born Ambassador Oren returns home to Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 28.07.13, 00:12
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1. Thank you for your service, Ambassador Oren
Alexander ,   United States   (07.28.13)
2. I have no doubt.
Uzziel   (07.28.13)
Michael Oren is an Israeli. And a patriot. Much more patriot than many sitting in the government or the Knesset such as Livni, Lapid or specially Gal On.
3. Oren/Bornstein and theYehudim
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (07.28.13)
He represents the other alright and right along with, hand in glad hand with the one unlike G-d Emanuel, IL has no sovereignty stop the genocide lass Samantha Power, Hillary/Huma (need I say more?), mahdi BHO and the always giving to the other BB who gave the first land of the first Jew to those that come to kill you and know he is giving those that came and genocidal mass murdered you their freedom. Oren and BB share a common devotion to destroying Jewish lives through their lips they say they serve. BB voted over&over&over&over again to destroy ~10000 Yehudim in Azza and YoSh and Oren volunteered for what was first designated Operation Radiant Sky, you know it as the Gazza expulsion. Prior to that, Oren was a walking apologia for the destruction of Jewish lives. He would use Yamit as a precedent to justify future destruction including the heart of the land that belongs top all Yehudim past present and Future Yehuda and the Shomoron not-to-mention Beit El the first site of the ark of the covenant Oren recidivisticallly disavows through his lips.
4. Thank you Ambassador Oren
R ,   Israel   (07.28.13)
I hope that whoever comes after you can continue your good work.
5. Thank You Sir, But y no mention of FM workers?
Sarita Montiel ,   Israel   (07.28.13)
An entire article about all your accomplishments. They are worthy, I thank you for your service to the State. However, this nothing more than a "Ma'amdi B'Sha'a Ha Zu" (My standing at this hour) self-congratulatory article written by a worthy political appointee who has served his appointer, the Prime Minister of Israel very well. I am just wondering given that you, Ambassador Mr. Oren, are such a clever author and worthy ambassador why it is that in such a long article you didn't find a way to include two or three sentences about the plight of the Israeli Foreign Ministry's career diplomats! Or at the very least to thank the professional staff at our embassy in Washington - you know, your driver, your security guards, your assistants, the professional diplomatic staff who kept you in place and by their good works gave you the time to write those 45 articles. Lo B'Keta Ra (Not in a bad way) but wouldn't it have been really very Israeli to thank them and to mention their plight and the reason they are carrying out sanctions?
6. Ambassador Oren
Ralph ,   Rishon   (07.28.13)
Once again a successful ambassador is sacrificed so that one of Bibi's boys can get a job. Disgusting.
7. @6 this is one of Bibi's boys being replaced by another 1 of
Bibi's boys. ,   Only in Israel!   (07.28.13)
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