Childish response
Moshe Ronen
Published: 30.07.13, 10:56
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1. Have to speak simply to the EU
Israel   (07.30.13)
This they understand. If they had wanted to cooperate they would have.
2. ...wrong...
You must have a stunning ego to share your smug analysis of a man who has proven over and over again his value to this country and this people. Silly rabbit!
3. Countries are supposed to make rational, logical decisions.
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (07.30.13)
Which is why Europe has such a dismal history of capitulating to terrorists and allowing war crimes to take place. The EU is not a "rational, logical" body in the slightest, and its princples are not what you think they are: democracy and human rights take a backseat to kneejerk political correctness. The EU would sooner see its own citizens victimized by terror rather than "offending" the sensitivities of loud mouthed undemocratic human rights offenders.
4. Childish?
Dan   (07.30.13)
You would be right if Europe acted consequently and used similkar sanctions against others. Is there a requirement for Turkey to declare that they do not cooperate with occupied Cyprus businesses? Is there a requiremnent to China to declare they do not cooperate with occupied Tibet businesses? If there was, you would be right. But there is not. The only country they single out is Israel. And since your name is not Gideon Levy, you must agree that they discriminate against Isreal, but not against other countries. That's why it is not childish!!
5. childish response
joemoer ,   iSrael   (07.30.13)
i to believe it was a childish response...not our minister of defences action but the writer of this article
6. Moshe Ronen:
Israeli 2   (07.30.13)
It sounds at first that your main concern is for Europe to stop funding the sewage treatment project in the west bank. Later it appears that your real main concern is that the filth will spill over into where you live. Conclusion: You agree with Europe that the territories are not part of Israel. Jews think otherwise.
7. Nonsense
Dagan ,   Israel   (07.30.13)
Whether you want it or not, emotions are a heavy factor in politics - not that we act on emotion, but that we have to show resilience; that we are not pushovers. To say that telling the EU we won't stand for their actions will gain us as much as it gained the EU to make those actions in the first place.
8. What the EU demanded is that
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.30.13)
Israel acknowledge in writing that Jerusalem is not part of Israel. Not answering that in clear, with no ambivalence, is to accept Israel renouncing our right to Jerusalem to the Temple Mont, to the Old City, to our capitol. Mr. Ronen, either you are blind or not a Zionist. Shame on you! You would probably live just as happily in the Gola.
9. it would be childish to do otherwise
robins ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.30.13)
This article has got it the wrong way round. The EU has finally made concrete what we all knew for years but tried to ignore - it is not a wise and impartial counsellor but instead it supports the Palestinian position for its own benefit. Israel is finally realizing it has to be more grown-up and act independently of the EU rather than continue to acquiesce to its demands like a dutiful child.
10. Childish Indeed...
Jordan Ariel ,   USA   (07.30.13)
The author forgets that you do not reward a child (EU) for bad behavior.
11. Ronen got it wrong
Ezer   (07.30.13)
Israel should prohibit all EU grants to leftists NGO's. Tax them 100%. That will make EU stop interfering. Yaalon's response is too weak.
12. Stop whining
pcnetdoc ,   Israel   (07.30.13)
pick up a shovel an clean up the filth if you are so worried about it. I'm sure the pals could do the same.
13. Childish
nachman ,   Ma'ale Adumim   (07.30.13)
The only childish thing is this article. The writer obviously has not heard of the phrase "thin end of the wedge". This illegal attempt to distinguish between Jews living and working beyond the 1949 Armistice Line and those living within it based solely on nationality is nothing short of racism since it is not applied to Israeli Arabs living beyond the so called green line. This has to be stopped in its tracks. The EU does not use such despicable tactics in any of the other disputed areas of the world - its attack solely on Israeli Jews is born of its centuries old persecution of the Jewish diaspora unfortunate enough to have ended up within its member countries. The writer is clearly unable to understand what really is at work here.
14. Hypocrites
ABC   (07.30.13)
The gazetted EU's guidelines on the occupied terrtories have been known for years... Netanyahu naturally went on the offensive and blamed the EU for being impartial and not allowing the two concerned parties to resolve the conflict via negotiations. However, Israel unilaterally passed the Golan Heights Law and Jerusalem Law without negotiations and threaten to annex Area C.... If such ideological claims are without compromise...eventually, supremacy attitudes are challenged. As history has shown, they lack sustainability....
15. I am surprised that we still have a country
David ,   On this planet   (07.30.13)
with the amount of self destroyed people living in Israel.Where does YNET find those loosers
16. Ya'alon decision
Harold ,   USA   (07.30.13)
Just imagine Ya'alon is threatning the European Union. Ya'alon just wants to draw attention that he is a decider in Israel.
17. Nansense Article
Ben Greenbaum ,   Michigan USA.   (07.30.13)
This writers comments are an infant's logic totaly clueless or a total idiot.
18. It was a great response
Rachel ,   US   (07.30.13)
19. how come childish?
rm ,   Amsterdam NL   (07.30.13)
Israel just does what comes naturally...punishing the palestinians who are mostly duped by this...
20. One of the dumbest
Sam Krow ,   Toronto   (07.30.13)
This must be one of the dumbest, most amateur articles I've ever read. So essentially, 'don't react to aggression because it might cause escalation and that's childish'? Pure and unadulterated stupidity...
21. Why should Israel pay for PLO infrastructure
Mordechai   (07.30.13)
No reason for Israel to pay for them. Tax the Arabs for them. Of course the EU should be denied working against Israel in the PA. All EU projects should be stopped and all funds confiscated and used to build new settlements. The EU cannot be allowed to attack Israel without an Israeli response
22. Among others the response goes to the stateless Arabs
Yael Schlichting ,   currently Munich   (07.30.13)
Many were only too excited about the EU's announcement on further handling of the Yesha. Behind this is not only the EU countries' foreign ministers and their governments, it's rather a result of decades of Arab lobbyism in European capitals. Finally the bill is presented to the Arabs themselves. It's them who will suffer from both: The EU's sanctions as well as from Israel's response.
23. Childish?
Shoshana Rubin ,   Nokum   (07.30.13)
It would be childish not to react the way Bogi did. The days of us Jews groveling to the mostly anti-Semitic EU are over!
24. Brainwashed Jews steal, kill and wonder why world hates them
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.30.13)
25. Actions speak louder than words
Yaalon acted well   (07.30.13)
Israel gave the EU an important signal. That it's ready to act against the EU in order to defend its sovereignty in Judea and Samaria. From now on, the EU will have to consider this Israeli position.
26. #15 David: We won't have much longer
Tom W ,   USA   (07.30.13)
Because of the heavy leftist censorship the truth cannot be told. But it will arrive.
27. Bogie is visionary
josh ,   Alexandria, USA   (07.31.13)
Ronen, you a clown. I don't know why Ynet even give you space to write your garbage.
28. The many childish responses to the article
Shachar ,   Eilat   (07.31.13)
prove his point. Many Israelis work in the knee-jerk reaction way. Thinking is for wimps. Bring on the auto-response curse the world and leftists and beat your chest. Plenty of work for an anthropologist here. But when ministers start behaving like the talkbackers it becomes a problem.
29. Poor #24...Insecurity and sense of worthlessness
Tim ,   Brighton   (07.31.13)
Is what makes people want to make outrageously silly statements because they crave attention Was it a sorry childhood or bullying at school? But please - carry on your rantings...if nothing else for the entertainment value
30. And EU's boycott is not childish? - tit for tat !
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (07.31.13)
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