Palestinians insist: If release not certain - plans will change
Elior Levy
Published: 28.07.13, 12:53
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1. Very well, no deal, no talks!
Lynx ,   Palestine   (07.28.13)
2. What happened to 'no pre-conditions' ?
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (07.28.13)
3. #1 lynx
non-jew ,   England   (07.28.13)
And exactly what painful concessions are being demanded of you Palestinians as a precondition to peace talks? This is a huge matter for many Israelis, not least the families of those murdered by these prisoners, and quite understandably so. Please at least have the compassion and decency to let the Israeli government have a little time to also exercise some compassion towards those Israelis who are upset and concerned by the prospect of these people being freed, possibly to recommence exactly where they left off, without even any guarantees of a lasting peace at the end of it. So show a little decency and decorum, and try considering a short silence from yourselves on the matter, while the Israeli government does what it has to do within its own area of governance, as your own small concession towards the initiation of peace talks. After all, it could well be argued that the Palestinians actually stand to gain more than the Israelis do from any peace talks.
4. If the Arabs want peace, wonderful, let them come to the....
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (07.28.13)
...table and talk, peace-for-peace, now!! But, no extortion, please!!
5. #1: I agree completely
Israeli 2   (07.28.13)
No talks!
6. Wake up Palestine
david ,   Israel   (07.28.13)
Just who do the palestinians think they are doing a favor by talking. Releasing prisoners should be part of a negotiated settlement and not a precondition to tallks
7. Israeli Arabs
Baruch ,   Israel   (07.28.13)
What a chutzpah demanding the release of Israeli Arab terrorists! No wonder the Arab Knesset members behave the way they do (certainly not representative of the majority of Israeli Arabs). The Arab Knesset members express the demands of their "Palestinian" masters.
8. Talking about talking
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (07.28.13)
AFTER extortion, again, by the inbred pal savages that can't resist trying to torment Jews at each chance they get, and, of corse, egged on by pro Muslim in chief, obama. We see how well obama's ME plans for 'democracy ' have worked out let's say for example, in Egypt Let's see who's released and who isn't. One caveat, Israel seems to be making the choice of exactly whom she releases, not the terrorists pal 'negotiators.' ( It's almost a ballet of the left one footed dancers, going in circles.) No "preconditions" as far removed as Sears old guarantee, "Customer satisfaction or your money returned."
9. Stop It Already!
emanon ,   USA   (07.28.13)
"Palestine" does not exist, therefore, no people with that name can exist. More significantly, what arab entity is Israel supposed to negotiate with? There are at least three major entities that claim to represent the terrorstinians and in any talk to date with one, the other two deny whatever agreement was reached, then the arab entities return to fighting among themselves for control.
10. # 1 non-jew, England.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (07.28.13)
pardon me but, "show a little decency and decorum" are alien notions to pal terrorists. I don't recall ever seeing one pal ever showing either to any Israeli Jew...... or, Christian, for that matter. ( And, with the war of Islam v. Islam, none for their fellow Muslims as well.)
11. #3 Non-Jew - well said
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (07.28.13)
12. Releasing Pal Prisoners-Shame on Israel
Ezer   (07.28.13)
13. Iaraeli Arabs
MR   (07.28.13)
Israeli Arabs are Israeli citizens. Those found guilty of crimes serve sentences according to the Israeli law and it is nobody's business to ask for their release, especially not as a pre-condition to anything.
14. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.28.13)
Okay. The vanquished don't get to make conditions and demands, anyway. No talks with the ersatz "Palestinians." We'll send your asses packing to Jordan, country of your citizenship. Or Gaza, if that is your preference. What you will NEVER get is a single millimeter of Israeli soil. Start packing, chica. You've played your last card and lost. You're a done deal. Good riddance to foul rubbish. SCAT!
15. There you have it
PaulD ,   Jerusalem   (07.28.13)
a precondition that Bibi said he would not do. Where is the good will gestures from the President of new state of the 4th Reich.
16. Release of criminals to start peace talks
Jacob ,   miami   (07.28.13)
Certainly not a wise decision by the leadership to free those who are imprisoned because they committed serious crimes. The message to the terrorists is clear, "Kill now and wait, they will let you go home at some point". Palestinians are learning that this is a good strategy. The talks will most certainly break apart at some point and they will try to restart next year again in order to get more of their people out of jail. I hope the vote will not allow them to do so.
17. Releasing terrorists
Leo ,   JM   (07.28.13)
We voted for Sharon and got Peres. We voted for Netanyahu and got Peres again. Democracy at its best in the Middle East!
18. PA demands
Daniel ,   CH   (07.28.13)
PA sets its precondition: Israel must release our 104 "Shahids" (murderers and terrorists) if Israel wants us to talk to them. Seem to me a very honest basis for peace talks, truly .... Can't imagine what will follow after the talks get started, but the it can be only worse for Israel. BB should immediately retreat from this ugly and absurd deal, for the sake of the people and the state of Israel.
19. Only one solution
Raphael ,   Paris France   (07.28.13)
There is only one solution for Israel: propose peace to Fakestinians without any condition. If the Fakestinians refuse the peace, then declare all peace negotiations are over forever ! No negotiation on land, no negotiation on so-called refugees, no negotiation on Jerusalem. End of relationship with Fakestinians.
20. NO excuse for keeping "Palestinian" terrorists alive.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.28.13)
There is NO excuse for keeping murderous "Palestinian" terrorists alive. Upon capture, they should all be thoroughly interrogated (to provide information to catch other terrorists and prevent atrocities) and than executed within 48 hours. Let every sane Israeli demand this. Zero tolerance for criminally negligent release of terrorists.
21. And what are Israel's preconditions? Where are OUR leaders??
Yusi ,   Isreal   (07.28.13)
The only leader Israel has today is Bennett. Besides him we have a few talkers but NO TRUE LEADERS.
22. Little brain palestinian
Cyril   (07.28.13)
Who do they think they are fooling to release prisoners as precondition of serious land negotiation? Little brains - they never serious.
23. A simple solution
Taxpayer ,   Hod Hasharon   (07.28.13)
Strip them of their citizenship and then release them as Palestinians back to Palestine
ZIMBI ,   NJUSA   (07.28.13)
ZIMBI ,   NJUSA   (07.28.13)
26. arabs out
igor ,   toronto Canada   (07.28.13)
arabs and africans get out we don't need you. NO ONE NEEDS YOU
27. This has nothing to do with peace
David ,   On this planet   (07.28.13)
Obama Middle East policies are a disaster.Libya, Egypt Syria. so he came to Israel to force Netaniahu to help him score points He promised him the moon together with Livni so he can finish his term with some success.. Ask yourself how is it that livni with only 4 seats has more power than Lapid or Bennett with over 12 seats each. Force Netaniahu to tell you what happened behind close doors between, Obama, Peres, Netaniahu and Livni. Something really stinks in Jerusalem.I don't buy painful decisions, it looks more like surrender.
28. Old "Bend Over Bibi" and the cabinet
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (07.28.13)
better get your act together before the Jews come for you and demand you either resign or, commit suicide ALONE! KEEP BUILDING !!!!!
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