Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Decision to release prisoners legitimate
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 28.07.13, 17:09
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1. What strategic advantage???
Israeli 2   (07.28.13)
2. Iranian stuff. Stop this jokes.
3. "to accept Palestinian demands"
dr harry ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.28.13)
ONE WORD: COWARD. Such a BullSh** excuse. You gave another GREEN LIGHT to KILL JEWS. No problem. Kill a Jew, sit in Jail. Get a academic degree and be out in time for a good paying Job. SICK!!!!!!
4. no choice??
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (07.28.13)
Ben Yishai said Israel had no choice but accept PLO demands. If that is true, why bother negotiating? The same logic means Israel should accept all Arab demands any way. And why only PLO demands? Why not Hamas demands? Ben-Yishai: there is always a choice. The Americans revolted against the British rule. England fought the Battle of Britain. The Russians fought at Stalingrad. Mordechai Anielewicz refused to take a shower,
5. only reason "palestinians" aren't revolting is that
A ,   Belgium   (07.28.13)
they have no government to revolt against as do the other arab states
6. There is only one message then
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (07.28.13)
The IDF must NOT take anymore prisoners EVER. Kill them on sight. Every single member of the cabinet is personally responsible for every murder and injury that any Israeli suffers from now and should be charged as an accessory before the crime.
7. Iran = Prisoner Exchange
PaulD ,   Jerusalem   (07.28.13)
The govt is really looking foolish. Maybe if they stand on their head, it will be more believable. What did a 'painful apology' to Turkey get Israel? What did a 'painful release' of over 1000 prisoners get Israel (how many times??) What did 'Painful concessions' of surrendering Gaza get Israel? The spin doctors in the govt is not in pain, but everyone else is suffering from their lack of red lines and moral spine.
8. Comfort in complacency
Devorah   (07.28.13)
Ron Ben-Yishai, because Israel has released prisoners in the past is no excuse for releasing them now. Along with Israeli 2, I also ask "what strategic advantage?" I really don't understand what you mean.
9. Lies and more lies
Steven ,   San Francisco   (07.28.13)
Each lie brands these liars as cowards. If it were not for people like Bennett and Regev and Danon I would think the Jews do not deserve their own state after a dastardly and corrupt and utterly self-defeating move. Netanyahu has shown his utter contempt and supreme arrogance by this, and he, like all confidence men, are contemptuous and arrogant and care little if at all about their victims. I never signed on to Netanyahu and had him pegged as a fraud who had used the Likud to gain power.
10. Rewarding intrangient PA dooms talks
Israel   (07.28.13)
The PA was told that their strategy of "if Israel suffers Palestinians win" has US approval. They will ratchet up their demands now
11. The Worst Disgrace in Modern Jewish Histroy
Aaron ,   Haifa   (07.28.13)
12. Straight from Chelm.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (07.28.13)
I have read nonsense before. But the Mayor of Chelm wrote this. This release of murderers will only make matters worse with iran and all arab nations. Iran and the arabs now know that israel is an illegitimate state that has no respect for itself, truth or justice. Bibi and the Likud should be tried for treason.
13. It is time to draw a line in the sand
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (07.28.13)
No longer shall the Jews of Israel be held hostage by the settlers. We are sick of being tarred as pariahs of the International community curtailed in our travel, not being safe in our homes, so 360,000 settlers can enjoy having a swimming pool in their back garden whilst Israeli children go to bed hungry Enough is enough
14. Ridiculous article. There are alternative to cowardice.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.28.13)
Winston Churchill was under far more pressure to "make peace" with Hitler than any Israeli leader has ever faced. However, Churchill did the right thing. Churchill was a real leader. There are always alternatives to cowardice. However, they require courage. Something Bibi has absolutely none of. This decision to unleash murderous "Palestinian" terrorists against Israel is pure criminal negligence.
15. Hw about this choice?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (07.28.13)
A more intelligent ballsy author? This one belongs in a closet all alone and shaking. KEEP BUILDING !!!!!!!
16. A horrible decision
Ron ,   oc us   (07.28.13)
The released prisoners will inspire a new generation of killers. These Arsb amimals should have been executed a long time ago. A decision from the same leadership that allowed 65000 illegal Africam/Moslems into Israel and cant see the way to get the, out.
17. #13 And what were you doing BEFP
18. Bibi is a Traitor Had Choice
Bill Stein ,   USA   (07.28.13)
If he had a backbone Israel would not be isolated if she said no and acted like a independent country sometimes.
19. #13 And what were you doing BEFORE being attacked
A ,   Belgium   (07.28.13)
by the arab states in 1967,before there were "palestinians" and "settlers"? Were your children happy and well fed than? Did you have a better life with more opportunities and jobs for everyone? Great schools presenting the world yearly with great scholars? Or are you just so damn angry about the little that you have , that you have to find a scapegoat...the "Settlers"...Jews from hell who stole from Sarah B. her dream of living the pleasant life with a swimming pool in her backyard in Tel Aviv? Enough is indeed enough from people like you.
20. Netanyahu caved in to a little US pressure
Sam ,   Canada   (07.28.13)
It's a habit with him.
21. Unprincipled, stupid action
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.28.13)
Appeasement will get us nothing. The government decision is an immoral capitulation to blackmail. It is a mistake. The Palestinians have once again been rewarded for intransigence. What will happen in nine months if we don't divide Jerusalem, allow Palestinian refugees back into Israel, turn the so- called demilitarized Palestinian state one with a 'strong police force'? Netanyahu is on his way to being Olmert plus and no real Peace is going to come of it, but rather a downsized Israel with the momentum against us.
22. Political twists and turns give no guarantees
Roland Seener ,   London England   (07.28.13)
23. And what if Iran joins the nuclear club?
Steve   (07.28.13)
What does Ben-Yishai say in the event Iran joins the nuclear club because Israel is projecting weakness and appeasement rather than strength and resolve? Obama see that he can manipulate this prime minister into doing and not doing things that are in Israel's security interests.
24. Release of prisoners
Helen Rauch-Elnekave ,   West Hartford, CT Us   (07.28.13)
Baloney. How many times do we have to kow-tow to Europe, the US and public opinion TO NO AVAIL?
25. if, if & if
tiki ,   belgium   (07.28.13)
"Israel will be able to stop Iranian nuclear program....if it receives support & legitimacy from the west and mainly US......but that's not a given, is it? Israel's isolation is not because of it's policy but because of a western continent having made the choice it's more worth while (for many different reasons) to bend over to the Muslims and follow Pallywood instead of history & the Torah/Bible. ""Palestinians"" giving Israel some breathing space and not the other way around, is the crux of the story! "A third intifada will errupt, unless there is progress made on the diplomatic front", meaning PA/EU/US have Israel by the balls and will tell them precisely how this diplomatic progress will proceed, if not.....!!!!! Precisely this weasel behavior from Israel is the reason for the PA/EU/US pushing her further into a corner. Why? Because they can!
26. US pressure
eddie ,   London UK   (07.29.13)
They will start talks on Monday. This has all been orchestrated by USA. Perhaps Bibi is a BSer, but he could not resist US pressure this time. Perhaps he is playing a game to see if the Palis will pull out of negotiations first.
27. BB what next give Tell us now so we can feel the pain with t
Martin SA   (07.29.13)
BB what next give Tell us now so we can feel the pain with the cabinet. We have the posture of a political lamb. Next pain seems to be re Jerusalem. seem inevitable next pain. Are we so week that it come to that?? Iran& its nukes, EU USA UK all ditched us. How is it possible that we have been so ineffective.
28. So sad to see Israeli dependence of the USA
Flavio ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (07.29.13)
This event is nothing but the logical and unavoidable conclusion of decades of the most abject, harmful and complete Israeli dependence of the USA. With the american jewish community steadily shrinking, both in numbers and in commitment to the Jewish homeland, Israel is so desperately in american hands and have no other country, no other friend to turn to. Weapons, cash, political support, all come exclusively from USA. I've been fearing this day a long time, but it seems it has come: America snaps its fingers and Israel jumps. How very depressing, the result of decades of bad choices from successive Israeli leaderships!
29. Deceptions of Leftism endanger Israel
Brod ,   USA   (07.29.13)
"Increased isolation" and "Iran nuclear threat" are the language of Leftism to frighten weaklings into cowing to the demands of Israel's enemies-Islamist-Jihadist and Hitlerite world. The fact is there is no such thing as increased isolation. Israel is respected by the Free World. The threat to America and Israel is not just Iran nuke threat but by an Islamist plant-a wolf in sheep clothing that is damaging America's economy and cowing to the Muslim Brotherhood-Father of Islamist-Jihadist Terrorism around the world, and the impotence of Congress in confronting this threat from within. Using Taqiyya this dark force is manipulating the Leftists to influence events in Israel that aim at Israel's dismemberment and eroding its deterrence. It is time Israel's Right Wing leaders counter the forces of Leftism that wallow in fear mongering, deceptions, manipulations and submissions to external forces hell bent on endangering the Land of Israel and Israel's existence.
30. שחרור מחבלים
אריק חן ,   תאחן תא   (07.29.13)
הים זה אותו ים והערבים הם אותם ערבים רק היהודים ממשיכים לא ללמוד דבר ומשלמים בחיים
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