Government approves prisoners' release
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 28.07.13, 17:09
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1. "Serious" Negitiations
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (07.28.13)
Any "serious" negotiation for peace would not include the release of murderers. So does that mean we will never give them away or that we are going to just be suckers? Probably suckers. Isn't it interesting that they never ask for the release of people in for lesser crimes or women/children. Just the most vile and blood stained of prisoners?
2. Nauseating.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.28.13)
Giving in to ersatz "Palestinian" blackmail only sets the stage -- not to mention precedent -- for even more ersatz "Palestinian" blackmail. We need to hold new elections.
3. And the band goes on
Israeli 2   (07.28.13)
They keep playing with Israel's future. *Re-elections immediately. *Annex all territories including Jerusalem and *Demand no more talks.
4. A day of sackcloth and ashes.
Mirriam ,   Tiberias   (07.28.13)
All of the ministers who did not vote against the release of these murderers now have the blood of their victims on their hands. No end justifies these means. God have mercy on the Israeli people and give them leaders who hate evil instead of cooperating with it.
5. Jacob appeases Esau yet again..
Sam ,   Texas   (07.28.13)
When has that ever worked out?
6. Another victory for terrorism.
Elizabeth Biggin ,   Rotherham, UK   (07.28.13)
Netanyahu should be hung for treason, and everyone else who voted in favor of this disgusting cave-in to terrorism. And lets not forget Obama's involvement, claims to be fighting terrorism on one hand, then forces Israel to surrender to terrorism on the other. It won't be long before Israel is destroyed thanks to him and his sickofant Kerry.
7. When will you get a real government
Moshe ,   Usa   (07.28.13)
They better not release those pigs. Better they should execute them instead.
8. This is the end of Israel
Curtis ,   Germany   (07.28.13)
9. Patrhetic..Israel goes from weakness to weakness
Al   (07.28.13)
I truly pity the Jews of Israel. No one I repeat no one cares for you. The government cant respect the living, they most certainly despise the dead. The dead deserve justice. Even for that the so called leadership is worthless The golus is not history for I fear it will repeat itself.
10. I don't remember,turning the other...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.28.13)
cheek ever worked
11. three comments
Bayit Yehudi and Zionist Likudniks quit the government. Netanyahu has decided on violent ethnic cleansing in service of PLO, and you won't be able to stop it. Keep yourself clean and let him and his friends take all the "credit" for the deaths that follow.. Netanyahu, Yaalon, Lapid, Saar and Steinitz: history will not forget you. Please join Livni's party. I am sure she can find a suitable job for you, like licking Abbas' shoes. Shalom and Livnat: why did you abstain? Why look like a lickspittle without gaining something by brown nosing Netanyahu?
12. Dumping aging, expensive prisoners
mea   (07.28.13)
Here is the up side of this sickening decision: Human services (medical, dental, equipment, therapists, staff pay) costs of keeping and caring for an elderly prisoner is at least ten times more costly than keeping a younger prisoner. The prisoners set for consideration are older and have been inside prisons for 20-40 years, making all of them inside a demographics which must cost Israel prison systems major money. 100 prisoners needing predictable care would costs millions each year in special needs. This is a small benefit compared to the emotional cost to families but it exists nevertheless.
13. Netanyahu is a most vile man...he respects no one save
Al   (07.28.13)
himself. I would ask this guy where he to release the killer of his own brother? His brother was killed by the terrorists in Entebbe. Bibi is a very small man who has shown nothing but continuous contempt to anyone save himself and his inflated ego. The future death of innocents will be on his head. In another country he would be tried for treason. The Jews of Israel suffer at the hands of their very poor leadership.
14. 104 Muslim Prisoners
ltrail ,   United States   (07.28.13)
The prisoners should be released only if they are cast out of the State of Israel (which includes Judea and Samaria). If the fight against Israe; again, they must be executed. If it turns out that in return for the 104 prisoners, Israel receives only words of lies, Kerry should be banned from Israel and hopefully demoted by the USA
15. Livni:
Israeli 2   (07.28.13)
"and they will only be released if the negotiations prove serious." You KNOW already that when they only wink at you, the negotiations are very serious! Israel indeed made a mistake by voting Bibi and Likud. The writings were on the wall.
16. history will judge the cabinet badly
steve ,   netanya,israel   (07.28.13)
History will show that the Cabinet. Has trodden on all the murder victims...for what? To sit down and be told by Kerry that next we must give up land and Jerusalem...and negotiate with a group that only a portion of these people even recognise. beside, the fact is that these arabs will never be satisfied unless THEY have ALL of our land....just look at their map. the Cabinet has shown a total lack of understanding of the arab they will interpret it as weakness and demand more and more and more
17. "the most important... to the future of Israel"
dr harry ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.28.13)
Thank God, not OUR FUTURE. Our future is the hands of the Almighty. The State has lost its way, and is proving daily, that it is not Responsible, and will eventually bring upon itself its own demise. BUT AM YISROEL CHAI!!!!!
18. I agree, nauseating
Raphael ,   Paris France   (07.28.13)
I feel sick when I see today's Israel. So disappointing...
19. Not all show their willingness(sad faces)
KK   (07.28.13)
Do they? What I can see faces of disapproval and it shows. For the simple reason this is giving us the thought by taking the latest step is not only heart rending ,but also hating every minute of it. Then why do it and WHY I ask myself. There will never be any rapprochement with the Fakestinians anyway. You give & give so where is the gain Netanyahu ? I will remember this day and will throw the GOOD BOOK at your face for being a coward .
20. To Sara B (US/Israel)
KK   (07.28.13)
Not only nauseating but also unnecessary in the scheme of things as far as I am concerned. Unless the chiefs know something we mere responders do not know? Well,this one (me ) Knows and am ashamed to hear they agreed on releasing the scum as a "DONE DEAL" Shame on them all.
21. 7 When??
KK   (07.28.13)
When you get rid of BHO Then things may change somewhat. I am positive on what am saying owing to the behaviour of Barry Soetero's when on the stump kissing Saudi king & his Cairo speech ......! Downhill from then on for Israel. Think about it okay.
22. Go home, Russians.
Miron ,   USA   (07.28.13)
23. I bet the Money changed hands, a few 100 shekels
Bibi gov't understands only money, like sharon's. I think some wealthy Jew in US gave the people some shekels he got from Qatar (or trade deal with Dubai). Follow the money not the "painfull" stuff.
24. No2 new elections
That's rich for someone who doesn't live permanently in Israel. I have been a permanent resident of Israel for many years without right of vote since I'm not Jewish but I do believe my right to vote would be much more normal than yours
25. No2 new elections
That's rich for someone who doesn't live permanently in Israel. I have been a permanent resident of Israel for many years without right of vote since I'm not Jewish but I do believe my right to vote would be much more normal than yours
26. #20 KK
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (07.28.13)
If you look at the bigger picture you will see that Israel is becoming more and more isolated on the international stage. Mainly because of the occupation of the west bank and the settlement project. We also have to understand the US's invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan were helped by countries who raised conditions on their participation. One of the main ones was and remains a comprehensive peace treaty between Palestine and Israel and the establishment of a viable Palestinian State. The reason for these demands? many of the young men in those countries doing unspeakable things in the name of Islam are radicalised by what they see reported from the occupied territories. It is clear to many people in political office that we will not be able to win the war against Islamic fundamentalism without solving the Palestinian issue. Meanwhile in Afghanistan after being withdrawn with great fanfare earlier in the year British troops have had to be sent back into Sangin in Afghanistan. If that means turning the screws on Netanyahu then so be it, Yitzhak Rabin was murdered by a settler, I presume the same will happen again to scupper peace
27. #21 KK
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (07.28.13)
Barack Hussein Obama is going to be replaced by Hillary Clinton, if you think getting rod of BHO is going to prevent peace, I'd think again. Solving the Palestinian issue will mean whoever is President will go down in the history books.
28. Shame on BIBi !
Dina ,   USA   (07.28.13)
29. Shame on Kerry!
Dina ,   USA   (07.28.13)
Esther ,   Selkirk Canada   (07.28.13)
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