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US releases prisoners from Guantanamo
Orly Azoulay
Published: 29.07.13, 12:50
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1. Now if Pollard was a Taliban ?
Roland Seener ,   London England   (07.29.13)
His incarceration is now generally regarded as an act of Antisemitism by the world wide Jewish community. .It is a case of shouting to President Obama..."Let this person go "and if our voices get louder and louder,with "G"D"s help he will let him go.Let him become the 'Good Pharaoh' and dissilusion us as to his Anti Israel past performance.
2. Just 5?
Mabsurfing ,   Nahariya, Israel   (07.29.13)
The Obama administration tells Israel to release 100+ palestinian terrorist prisioners to begin talks with the palestinian authoroties, these terrorist will be living in Gaza or Judea and Samaria within Israel's borthers, putting this way israeli citizens in danger and all because they US borders are far from here, but to talk with the talubans, they release only 5 terrorists which are in guantanamo (Cuba) and will be going to Afghanistan, far away from the US borthers. The Obama administration should play by the same rules they want us to play.
3. Why bother to talk?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (07.29.13)
Another violent Muslim release that will come back to bite US in the butt. Any American prisoners or Israeli's to be released for 'good will'? Daniel Pearl cannot be revived nor can the Fogle Family. KEEP BUILDING !!!!!
4. Obama, Bibi, and kelevim
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (07.29.13)
Obama and Bibi sigh in bliss as they capitulate to terrorist kelevim. And, as the saying goes, "every dog shall have its day."
5. Too Expensive
Dan ,   florida - Tel Aviv   (07.29.13)
The world will pay a price for the release of these blood stained fanatical terrorists from both Guantanamo and Israel. Unless you can decouple these barbarians from radical Islam these miscreants will go on killing until they reach their 72 Black Eyed Virgins.
6. I promise not to kill (wink, wink!)
David ,   Hartford   (07.29.13)
Obama being made a fool of for the hundredth time. talking with jihadists. As if anything out of their mouths can be trusted. Helloooo? anyone home? is US policy decided by a bunch of idiots? So the USA puts pressure on Israel to release a hundred psychopaths while they release a handful. That's the USA for you. Talking with the Taliban- Islam's very own psychopaths who burn schools and shoot school girls in the head. Mr. Obama has no right to lead the USA- he's simply not qualified and is obviously not smart enough. "Mr. Hitler, can we talk?" "Dear Emperor Hirohito, I apologize for making you nervous and forcing you to attack Pearl Harbor. Can we discuss it over tea?" In case leaders of the free world don't know how to deal with terrorism, let me tell you: YOU ERADICATE IT. We crushed Nazi Germany, we incinerated Japan. We need to destroy jihadists in any form in every place on the planet. You don't talk with them, you kill them. Life under the Taliban (or hamas or hizbollah or al Qaida) is a living nightmare. It cannot be allowed to grow or be given any sense of legitimacy by having 'talks' with them. Releasing any prisoner is a stupid idea that will result in death to innocent people. Why are world leaders willfully blind to this?
7. Those Who Do Not Learn From History . . .
emanon ,   USA   (07.29.13)
US should learn from Israel's mistakes. I'm willing to bet that within two years, all the prisoners will be h8nted for new crimes they've committed.
8. Still more proof Obama is an ally of Radical Islam.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.29.13)
Why would America negotiate with the Taliban? There is no rational reason unless you realize Obama is an ally of Radical Islam. Than everything becomes crystal clear. His hostility towards Israel. His pro-Iran foreign policy...Everything.
9. Jonathan Pollard
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (07.29.13)
He killed nobody and is no Muslim that is why Obama and Kerry want him to stay in prison, though he has been been there for almost 30 years.
10. what Kabul got to do with today prisoners
ghostq   (07.29.13)
deal, not all Kabul's prisoners got blood on their hands. some got arrested only for conspiracy charges.
11. Why has nobody thought of this before?
Ehud   (07.29.13)
If the State department has a bureaucratic procedure which turns enemies into non-enemies by redefining their status, why the need to negotiate? The isn't the whole terror problem with the Taliban solved by this beautiful redefinition process? Maybe the state department has a similar process for solving the problems of climate change, Malaria, and AIDS? It should be possible to redefine those challenges!
12. totally disproportionate!
tom ,   toronto, canada   (07.29.13)
america is more than 50 times as big as israel, so in keeping with the 100+ terrorists they have coerced israel into releasing, obama & co should be releasing 5,000 or more actual terrorists (and not just "detainees") from gitmo. and in keeping with principles of fairness and proportionality, they should be settled somewhere in maryland or new jersey, since judea and samaria and gaza are all within 25 miles of israel's largest cities. (or maybe in the occupied territories - california, arizona, texas, or louisiana.) after all, that's the way america wants israel to achieve peace, isn't it?
13. Sources on this?
Andrew Aronsohn ,   Los Angeles, USA   (07.30.13)
According to who has the Taliban been removed as an enemy? Why are you the only source reporting on this release?
14. Obama
Chris ,   Hobb, USA   (07.31.13)
Or he could just let Israel do what she wants. That's what SHOULD happen. The USA should keep our noses out of Israels business and everyone elses.
15. gitmo
gary szymczuk ,   milton,ma   (07.31.13)
Top US official is not enough. Give more info.
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