Defendants in Natan Zada lynching convicted of attempted manslaughter
Ynet reporters
Published: 29.07.13, 14:24
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1. Send The Murderers To Washington, DC
Max ,   Washington DC   (07.29.13)
To Bibi, Send the Murderers to Washington DC - we keep murderers locked up and do not release them before they have served there time! That's how law abiding civilized countries and leaders act - to protect the people that elected them!
2. All guilty...
John ,   Europe   (07.29.13)
Natan Zada as well as these 3. Righteous punishment.
3. How come...?
Tomer ,   Hod Hasharon, Israel   (07.29.13)
How come it took 8 years to come to trial - or at least to deliver the verdict? Doesn't make the justice systems look very good.
4. Double standard in Israel justice system
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (07.29.13)
Had the situation been reversed, an arab shooting and killing jewish bus passengers, then killed by jews. Media and state would have treated the jews as heroes. Law should be applied evenly regardless of ethnic background.
5. let's see
rm ,   Amsterdam NL   (07.29.13)
Jew kills palestinian who tries to attack is awarded with a medel or citation or something... Palestinians killing jew trying to kill them are sentenced to jail....and there are still some who say that Israel is such a shining light of democracy
6. Why hide the truth?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (07.29.13)
After shooting 4 people, Zada was captured and handcuffed by police. While he was cuffed, the police turned him over to the mob who murdered him. Why doesn't the article mention this truth? To hide that the court should have found the guilty of murder not manslaughter?
7. wrong #5
avi ,   nyc   (07.29.13)
Jews are the palestinians. arabs are arabians who belong in mecca
8. Israel Israeli
Justice in Israel ,   Utah, U.S.   (07.29.13)
Why doesn't the article mention the Jew that ran over a Palestinian killing him, all on video, tit for tat b-llsh-t and was accquited
9. arabs, don't worry
hy   (07.29.13)
bibi, livni and lapid will release the cold blooded killer for israeli strategic interests and under pressure from kerry which bibi cannot take b ecause he was raised with a silver spoon. Though israel is more rooted to the land than the arabs if archaelogic history matters, jews don't deserve a country I am beginning to believe, at least not among arab countries who rip each other's throats off, because israelis abhor their own soveriegnty and run around looking for approval and support from the united states. Sometimes you tell the US no and that is it. But bibi, livni, olmert, peres are a bunch of US asskissers. One thing is sure. Jews with people like bibi, livni, saar, shteinitz, lapid, german, ahronovitch, peri, peretz are not the chosen people, never were and all such mention should be stricken asap from their books. and just in case god really dictated that jews are the chosen people, then I say to God,w ith great respect, you made a mistake. They are no better than any other people Chosen people has been an albatross for the jews.
10. 4 & 5 They murdered a handcuffed prisoner
Israel   (07.29.13)
BTW, Yoram Shkolnik served 7 1/2 years for a similar offense
11. Why not release them
Yosef ,   Boca Raton   (07.29.13)
as a gesture of good will to the palestinians so they can go and kill more israelis???? after all isn't it government policy to be self hating and self defeating?
12. In civilised society...
Alf Red ,   Londonistansk   (07.29.13)
In civilised society this soldier would've been taken after arrest, handcuffed, into the custody - and duly taken to court and punished. In Mid-Eastern society, the Arab one, the justice is meted out by crowd in orgy of pogrom and lynch. The Court decision is heavily influenced by politics - that's the manslaughter etc. It was a MURDER! Albeit in very charged circumstances.
13. #6
David ben Yisrael ,   Colorado, USA   (07.29.13)
Is there more (still) that isn't mentioned? What charges (if any) have been made against the police who turned this man over to the mob? Had the "mob" been the ones to stop the shooting, surely they are entitled to defend their families, even with deadly force. But for the murderer to be apprehended by police, then turned over to the mob for "justice" is simple vigilante justice...which is no justice! What is being done to punish the police. They seem to be the murderers! Could you (or any other readers) who know more behind the scenes facts please share? Todah!
14. #5
Mr. Thought ,   Universe   (07.29.13)
There once was a Palestinian driving a tractor who went on a rampage injuring and killing Israelis. A soldier jumped onto the tractor and shot him dead. With the 2004 case the soldier was apprehended and alive. He was not killed while shooting the Arabs. If he had been killed while shooting the Arabs, and then the killer was convicted, you would be correct to point out hypocrisy, as the shooter of tractor driver was commended for stopping a terror attack. However, the 2004 shooter was killed AFTER his terror rampage. A good example is mass shootings in the states. Most end with the shooter being killed by police in shoot outs, or the shooter turning the gun on himself. In the case of the batman movie shooter he surrendered to police and was arrested. The police did not lynch him after the fact. While the difference is perhaps subtle to some it is still there. In the first instance a terror act was still being committed when the terrorist was killed. In this case the terrorist was killed after being disarmed. I will leave it to the courts and the pundits in the tbs to heckle over whats what, but I must state solidly that the two cases are not the same and I strongly condemn attempts to say they are parallel. You are being polemical and posting for troll purposes. I condemn your tb. You sir are part of the problem, not the solution.
15. Typical Israeli injustice
ruth ,   london england   (07.29.13)
These men should have been given medals of honour, not convicted.
16. Zada was a terrorist and did not deserve better
miki ,   tampa   (07.29.13)
Should a Jew kill an Arab terrorist he/she is a hero-Jewish terrorists should not worry.
17. Save time, money and effort
Gideon Reader   (07.29.13)
Just give these flaming annuses a check. A new car. A street named after them and free oral sex on demand from the cowardly polititurds alleged to be in control of the national echelon. Why wait for a later release and feed them. Kick them loose now and avoid the tsures.
18. PM Yitzhak Shamir ordered killing of prisoners in Bus 300
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.29.13)
...Affair, then pardoned all involved.
19. #18 No, he did not.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (07.29.13)
The person who ordered the captured terrorists to be killed was the head of the Shin Bet at the time, without any due counsel beyond his own personal authority. Shamir did pardon the agents involved, but it was still an illegal, immoral affair. And as another mentioned here, Yoram Shkolnik, who shot and killed a cuffed and captured Palestinian terrorist when was no longer a threat, was sent to prison for murder. Comparably, the Shfaram residents who lynched the bound and captured Natan Zada (who was, himself, also a terrorist), were found, at worst, to be guilty of only attempted manslaughter. They were treated with a great degree of leniency just the same, even when they very clearly took justice into their own hands, in an organized manner.
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