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Pope says he won't judge gay priests
Associated Press
Published: 29.07.13, 15:41
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1. Judge?
DavidR ,   USA   (07.29.13)
This man has no authority to judge anyone. Torah does that! These homosexual so called priests have already been judged. They only await punishment.
2. The flock needs judges to have law and guidance.
The Catholic Church should be taking an honorable approach to God by promoting every virtue of obedience, which is for the good of the flock. But, the Catholic Church doesn't even know how to do that. The Catholic Church may say they care but the Catholic Church doesn't know how to show and do what's needed to prove it. The Jewish ultra-Orthodox and Orthodox leaning towards ultra-Orthodox have proven methods. The Catholic Church needs to study these Jewish groups and take lessons from them on how and what to do to have the desired results in what the Jewish and Christian faiths would still have in common. The Catholic Church is not reaching its potential. Referencing the book of Hebrews Chapter 5, Pope Francis useth mild and Pope Benedict XVI useth strong meet in regards to gay priests.
3. Reply to number one
Alan ,   London UK   (07.30.13)
In a longer article on his press conference, Francis says tendencies are not a sin, only acting on them. A celibate gay does nothing wrong.
4. #2
simon marriott ,   haifa, Israel   (07.30.13)
The Catholic Churcxh has nothing to learn from the ultras except that it is far better to keep quiet and not tell everyone about the things that have gone wrong. Denial is the easiest way! When did you last hear a rabbi addressing the problems of AIDs in the Ultra community or homosexuality or child abuse. Never, right? Does this mean that these things do not exist in the Ultra community? No it just means they would rather keep the info to themselves and deny that it exists. The problem is that these things do exist in the Ulta Orthodox community. If you deny then you can look down on those around you and feel superior to them.
5. Simon Marriot,
Walt K ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (07.31.13)
It is refreshing to see that you are able to make things in perspective. Thanks for not being a common lamda who is simply looking for a scapegoat to expurgate his beings from daily frustrations.
6. The Pope said, "Who Am I to Judge"?
ltrail ,   United Statesd   (09.21.13)
Based on Bible teachings, you need to remove Gay men (homosexuals), from being Priests. Pastor/Pope.
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