Obama on peace talks: Tough choices ahead
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 29.07.13, 20:03
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Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.29.13)
2. YNet is superb! They captured Obama
Israeli 2   (07.29.13)
with the exact same nauseated constipated look as that British Ashton woman. Qatarina.
3. Obama
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (07.29.13)
He doesn't think we are stupid! He is shure we are stupid!!!
4. Obama, a shame and disgrace to any office of Authority
Tim Patterson ,   St. Mary's County MD   (07.29.13)
Barack Hussein Obama is a shame and disgrace to any office of authority and the privaledge to be in one. This man hasn't stood on truth nor any principles of Peace, reconciliation, mending history's wrongs nor the crimes of the U.S. government towards black American descendandts of the Holcaust and crimes of slavery, this was and should have been his first order of the day. Kenya where he is from just got reparations from the British. Jewish peoples are still hunting 80, 90 year old Holocaust murderers seeking justice and reparations. A Middle East mudrerer is on the loose, Bashar Assad, Obama at one time said this man/beast must step down, now he and the world want to debate with this killer of 100,000 men women and children. This man Barack Hussein Obama hasen't stood on anything since taking office except the podium, he loves to hear himself speak, this man has taken the "Gift of Gab" to new extremes of nothingness. How long will this man, a failure, the black boy that wanted to be president, how long will he be in office, his term can't end soon enough. Got John Kerry looking like damn a fool before the world, neither one of these two peoples want Peace and they have been brought to the "Valley of Decision".
5. Tough choices
eli ,   Yerushalayim   (07.29.13)
BTW, did anybody ask Kerry or Hussein O. to release Jonathan Pollard as a gesture towards Israel when he pressed Bibi to release murders?
6. Abraham # 3
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (07.29.13)
Don't knock got him where he is today.
7. Everybody says they want peace.What do they mean by peace?
Sam ,   Canada   (07.29.13)
For Israel and the West peace means Jewish and Palestinian majority states. For Palestinians peace means no Jewish majority Israel. It means Muslim rule over all the territory. (West Bank and Israel) Obama and the EU are too frightened to ask the Palestinians what they mean exactly by peace. They would rather Israel just oblige the Palestinians.
8. What tough choices to the Pals have to make?
Steve Klein   (07.29.13)
Israel is being asked asked by Obama to freeze Jewish building in our land, to release bloody terrorists and to cede precious and strategic land to an implacable, dedicated enemy who tried several times to annihilate the Jewish state but failed. What tough choices do Israel's enemies face? What tough choices does Barack Hussein Obama ("uhm, uhm, uhm") face?
9. Everybody says they want peace.What do they mean by peace?
Sam ,   Canada   (07.29.13)
For Israel and the West peace means Jewish and Palestinian majority states. For Palestinians peace means no Jewish majority Israel. It means Muslim rule over all the territory. (West Bank and Israel) Obama and the EU are too frightened to ask the Palestinians what they mean exactly by peace. They would rather Israel just oblige the Palestinians.
10. Obama seeks to extend his evil and incopetence.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.29.13)
Obama is not happy simply to bankrupt and destroy America. He seeks to extend his evil and incompetence to Israel. Israel won't have it!
11. No tough choices, only a simple one: Accept Israel's RIGHT
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (07.29.13)
to be, to exist as the sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people. The categorical objection by the Muslim-Arabs to accept Israel's right to exist as the sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people on ANY parcel of land of the Jewish people's ancestral homeland IS the core of the Arab Israeli conflict.
12. Israel get ready in case talks fail. Be prepared!
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (07.29.13)
13. Apologetics and appeasement
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (07.29.13)
Excuse me for pointing this out,but Mr Netanyahu has been inviting Abbas to immediate negotiations to settle all issues with no preconditions for years.The problem has always been that Abbas refused unless his preconditions were met. Or maybe you're not supposed to say that in case it puts Abbas to shame and makes people wonder what his game is? THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
14. @7
Galu tia ,   yakima   (07.29.13)
exactly right to palestinians.... PEACE = HUDNA
15. @ #6
Roy Galutia ,   yakima   (07.29.13)
unfortunately Pollard probably will serve the rest of his term ...snoden help create the political back pressure that give him a easy reason to say no.... I agree that Pollard has served more than his fair share of time ...and should be released now
16. Yes there are tough choices ahead....
Galut ia ,   Selah   (07.29.13)
Wrong Choices will lead to what the prophets in book of Book laid out for history of the end of the age ....and You Mr .Obama are leading the charge toward it ... let the listening ears of NSA hear and respectfully tell their Boss Mr Obama
17. The day is not far away.
Victor รก Lakjuni ,   Klaksvig,F. Islands   (07.29.13)
As a christian and a supporter of Israel I think, that the day Joel has spoken about is nor far away: "I will gather the armies of the world into the valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will judge them for harming my people, for scattering my inheritance among the nations, and for dividing up my land.".....I pray to God to protect Israel and its people.
18. Obama
CJK   (07.29.13)
obama's polls are dropping every day. his ability to project power is close to zero.
19. All the Kings horses and all the kings men
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (07.29.13)
couldn't glue Humpty Dumpty together again. Maybe obama wants to shove this mess down the throat of Israeli's but, shouldn't he read the papers and read where Hamas and other pals, aren't in agreement? It's bound to fail as does every other hair brained idea of obama the Muslim. KEEP BUILDING !!
20. Only for Israel 'Tough choices"
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (07.29.13)
due to anti semitic, anti Israel, obama the head Muslim in Chief. Not enough scandals, add this one on top. obama's an obamination, a national disgrace. KEEP BUILDING !!! Make obama pay.
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (07.30.13)
BBB, would you consider running in 2016 against HILL-arious CLINTON-ectomy? You've got my vote! Am Yisrael Chai!
22. BHO will soon be removed fom his position
Baumann Yaacov   (07.30.13)
by the one and only God who said : ''Cursed is he who curses Israel!''
23. Obama's tough choices:
Tom W. ,   Windsor, Canada   (07.30.13)
He needs to either rescind his first executive order, which was to prevent any access to his 'public' records or resign! Israel should be under no obligation to enter into negotiations with her enemies if Obama still refuses to release any of the numerous public records (birth certificate, university applications, etc.) that show the country of his birth. As a Canadian, I find it absolutely disgusting that Obama is beginning his 2nd term in office as president & yet rather than prove he was born in the U.S., he hires teams of lawyers to prevent any successful legal challenges. If this pdf document of his long form birth certificate where a scan of a true document, why not bring a certified copy of it to any court & be done with it? So Israel's political leaders need to put the onus of tough choices to Obama first before feeling obligated to act under pressure by him!
24. Obama's Belief in Peace
Bryan ,   USA   (07.30.13)
Obama believes that peace is possible and necessary. Peace for the Palestinians and Israel in pieces.
25. "Profound Desire For Peace by Israeli's"????
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (07.30.13)
Wel, it must be less profound than the Israeli desire to illegally occupy, illegally settle, steal land, steal water, harness captive Pals as sources of cheap labor to do all the physical and unpleasant stuff. Israel has only demonstrated a profound desire for an Apartheid regime with a slave labor-rate workforce of non-Jews. Go back to Poland and Russia and Brooklyn, where you came from. And leave the native population alone!
26. AP says 80% of Americans are out of work, on welfare, or
Rivkah   (07.30.13)
at or below the poverty level in income. WTF is BHO doing messing with other nations' problems when he such a piss poor US President, the nation is crumbling as he planned for it to do while he takes mega million dollar tax payer expense vacations. It is time for the US military to remove BHO like the Egyptian military removed Morsi.
27. #25 What would be your next guess?
Cynthia ,   USA   (07.30.13)
Please come up with something more original. Let's start with Jews are native to the land and have every right to be there. In addition they have not stolen any land. These are accusations by people too lazy to learn the facts. The Jews have created businesses and hire Palestinians to work. They also employ Jewish and foreign workers and since you don't know their rate of pay or if they're all paid the same rate, you cannot assume they are hired as cheap labor rather than to fill a labor need. I've never heard the Palestinians complain about being underpaid. In fact, many enter Israel illegally and take risks to get into Israel for work. Once again Doug, you resort to slogans out of laziness. Another perspective would be to applaud Israel for providing the Palestinians with much needed employment. Without the Israeli employers, the Palestinian unemployment rate would be much higher. When the Jews left Gaza, the Palestinians lost 5000 jobs.
28. @25 STOP Listening to the radical left talking points
Galut ia ,   yakima   (07.30.13)
and do some un biased research .....
29. # 21 LOL "What difference does it make "?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (07.30.13)
Hillary will be glorified by MSLSD, CNN, CBS News, etc. ( heard their making a movie of 'old ironsides Hillary ) Meanwhile the press is enjoying another side show with Wiener. I'm afraid I haven't enough scandal to qualify. LOL, but thanks for the vote of confidence. AMEN ! Am Yisrael Chai!! If not for our G-d we would be alone. It is only He who watches over Israel both night and day. Shalom. KEEP BUILDING BABY !!!!!!
30. # 26 Rivkah AMEN!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (07.30.13)
remember that obama doesn't work for the American people, he bows to Mecca and his Saudi King. Can't trust a Muslim, especially, the one in the Oral Office. His day is coming.. Israel has a mighty G-d, obama just doesn't know of G-d, he believe ala is the one, mistakenly. KEEP BUILDING !!!!
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