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Chief rabbi: Don't watch TV at kiosks
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 30.07.13, 14:23
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1. Standard talk
Danny ,   London England   (07.30.13)
A pretty standard the world over 'bein hazemanim' [between academic terms] pep talk about 'bittul zeman' [wasting valuable time]. Nothing has changed since my yeshivah days in 1960's America!
2. Chief Rabbi Lau
Ralph ,   Rishon   (07.30.13)
Here we go, one of his first statements in public and he shows that he is in the haredi camp. So once again mainstream Jews are being pushed away by "our" Chief Rabbis.
3. Well said Rabbi Lau. Now could you explain to them
jrebecca ,   modiin   (07.30.13)
why spitting at women and children, and abusing non-religious on buses also does not do them any good. My Religious son, while serving in the army, took a bus that went into that area, and was told he was not wanted on their buses.
4. Is Rabbi Lau in function for...
robert ,   antwerp belgium   (07.30.13)
the haredim only or for all Israëlis and the state of Israël? If he can't function as the chief Rabbi of the state of Israël and all its citizens, he should be honest and ...maybe resign
5. If haredi cultural norms were so
Runner1983 ,   USA   (07.30.13)
valid, no one would need to prevent haredi boys from watching a basketball game, self styled modestly squads would not be necessary, the Haredim would not need to be protected from influences from the outside world, and an enforcement mentality would not be the norm within their community. If haredi cultural norms were so valid, the Haredim themselves would follow those norms without the enforcement.
6. 4Robert, what makes you think ...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.31.13)
Rav Lau can't function as chief Rabbi of the State of Israel?Why you want him to resign, is an enigma to me .
7. 6 Ora Not resigning but...
robert ,   antwerp belgium   (07.31.13)
be a honest Rabbi for all Israëlis, from haredim to hilonim. That's what people expect
8. 5 Young trees need support,so do ..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.31.13)
young students.
9. Reply to number 5
Joseph ,   London UK   (07.31.13)
Reply to 5. Cultural norms Every society has its norms which are enforced usually by peer pressure as well as by example from those most respected. Haredim are no different. These are teenage boys and like all teenagers they need guidance.
10. @2 4 - Rav Lau was speaking to Yeshiva boys in their yeshiva
jrebecca ,   modiin   (07.31.13)
He was giving them personal advice. It was not a general statement to the public. You're so ready to criticize and not look for any good.
11. 7Robert ,that is his intention,being
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.31.13)
a Rabbi for all Israelis.He said it very clearly.
12. Info to the Zombie Nation must be controlled, by
Sage of the Age ,   Israel   (08.01.13)
their indoctrinators and handlers
13. Why is it...
oy vey ,   Onchan, Isle of Man   (08.01.13)
not said that lau used the term Kushim to describe what ynet has translated as black man? All the other news stations said that he used the term. That's what i found troubling.
14. Alumnus to his Alma Mater,
Akiva ,   NYC   (08.01.13)
Rabbi Lau was addressing the teen age boys at his old school. He was not addressing the United Nations or a public press conference. Put in its context there was nothing wrong.
15. Chief magician off to a bad start!
Steve   (08.02.13)
"What difference does it make if the black men paid in Tel Aviv defeat the black men paid in Greece?" If a gentile mentions "Jew " in almost any context the condemnations of anti Semitism are immediate. This sanctimonious fraud can make a racially insensitive remark, within an even broader context of ignorance and intolerance, and his sycophantic followers are OK with that. I need some fresh air.
16. Ora misunderstands
Taxpayer ,   Hod Hasharon   (08.02.13)
The point Ora is that it does not matter if they are watching television or not - their time is being wasted and their exemption or deferal is an obscenity that needs to end. Rabbi Lau was appointed by an unellected body that does not represent the people of Israel, most of whom do not recognize the chief rabbinate as anything else than an extremist body whose sole purpose is to line its pockets.
17. #8
Liam   (08.03.13)
don't speak nonsense. I was raised with the same ideals, or rather, the same lies used to prevent me from seeing anything other than what my brainwashed teachers and rabbis wanted me to see. When I grew older I saw the truth. Happy to say I am now "Chozer L'Chochma" If you can teach a child what's right and wrong you don't need to hide him from the entire world around him, unless there's something you're trying to cover up.
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