Hospital swaps Eritrean and Ethiopian newborns
Danny Adeno Abebe
Published: 30.07.13, 14:07
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1. How can this happen? Babies are tagged immediately.
jrebecca ,   modiin   (07.30.13)
2. 7 lbs, 48 ounces?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.30.13)
Try ten pounds. Wow. And here I thought I had big babies.
3. He's handsome! Well done dad!
mark ,   London, UK   (07.30.13)
4. This happens more often than people can imagine.
Rivkah   (07.30.13)
My sister Martha Bill of Orange County, California, was switched at birth. It was the odd breasts she developed in puberty and early adulthood and her long waisted body besides not looking like the mother or father that made that conclusion unavoidable. All the other females in the family for generations were short-waisted and had ample breasts, but Martha has American Indian little breasts that look like small inch and a half pyramid shaped projections and a long waist. She attacked me continually all my life like a seed of Satan. I wish she would find out what Indian tribe she came from in Mississippi (probably Seminole) and go back there to discover her roots.
5. smooth
Jeff ,   USA   (07.30.13)
In America, this hospital would be sued for every penny it has...
6. 2 Sarah...Lesbians have babies? What gutter or sperm bank
did you buy some male seed from? Did you choose Negro seed for diversity's sake?
7. The mothers who nursed the babies should be tested
Rivkah   (07.30.13)
for HIV to see if the babies were put at risk. 80% of subSaharan Africa are infected with the HIV/AIDS virus, so that is a real danger that the baby could have been infected by either mother if one or are infected.
8. #5
leonard ,   green river, usa   (07.30.13)
yes!! and then the hospitals & insurence companies raise their rates & fees to cover their losses, so we, the public actually pay for the hospital's errors. There's got to be a better way.......
9. @7 learn to read, says they r testing the moms & babes.
10. 9 NoName: Blood tests are mentioned in the article but not
Rivkah   (07.30.13)
the particular blood tests. There are many things blood can be tested for. The specific disease the tests were for was not mentioned, so I asked that HIV tests be included. You may think that is done routinely, but it is not. Testing for illegal drugs is done routinely on mothers giving birth so that the babies can be taken from them if the mothers drank Coca Cola or Bed Bull or had a muffin with poppy seeds that give false positives for cocaine and opium alkaloids. Yes, Coca Cola is grandfathered and has cocaine in it just as Red Bull does. Germany baned Red Bull because of the cocaine in it.
11. Why?
If someone did this deliberately, what is the reason? I don't understand. Sounds like an 'honest' incredibly stupid mistake.
12. 11: Vendettas are often carried out in hospitals.
Rivkah   (07.31.13)
Read "Medical Mafia" to learn about some of the vendetta techniques. Sometimes the medical workers have personal predjudices that are reflected in vendettas. A nurse who now lives in Lemoore, California told me she infected elderly patients with pneumonia to help them die since to her, "pneumonia is the old person's friend." Many medical workers are similarly psychotic. King Solomon said insanity lurks in the minds of all people. It just takes the right trigger to set it off. Maybe smelly poop or vomit or babies screaming or the mothers complaining were a factor in the baby switch. For other psychotic medical workers, it is a sport. It is "fun" to put a monkey-wrench in people's lives. Others are drug addicts and full of hate. There are many reasons, but since people are people it is best to be on guard.
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