Obama leading from the rear
Orly Azoulay
Published: 01.08.13, 10:46
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1. This is about Obama's Nobel Peace Prize?
Devorah   (08.01.13)
He has had everyone jumping through hoops to justify his "advance" Nobel Peace Prize? For real? So, this has been all about Obama and his big ego? This is why he is pouting like a two-year-old? Do not both sides take this as an egregious insult? One thing the Israelis and "palestinians" should agree on is to pack their bags and tell infantile, manipulating Obama to go to hell and take his peace prize with him.
2. Obama is at the rear
And Netanyahu is bent over, grabbing his ankles
3. his greatest wild dream...
Calabi ,   Sydney Aust   (08.01.13)
Lead from the rear? Not only from the rear but actually in the darkkkkkkkkhhhh! God bless Israel.
4. I hope he spends some of that quiet time reading his BIBLE
Steve ,   Jerusalem   (08.01.13)
There is a SUPERIOR BEING who knows how to make true peace and that isn't Barak Hussein Obama. Maybe if he opens the BOOK OF LIFE he will start to understand the plan.....
5. Lost the plot
stuart ,   South Africa   (08.01.13)
The process has already failed because the foundations for peace of not yet been laid. In fact the preconditions from the Arabs have already put the process on a knifes edge. If the Arabs were to publicly accept the right of Israel to exist, it would be a start. If there were no preconditions such as "let our terrorists go free' it would also start looking more possible. If the Americans were not so desperately trying to force a square pig into a round hole., there maybe, just maybe a possibility of a start to talking peace. At this rate, it is all downhill.
6. Wrom whose rear is he leading? LOL!
Ariel ,   Europe   (08.01.13)
7. its al about tactics
Reuven ,   Netanya   (08.01.13)
Obama is absent until the negotiators start to struggle and Kerry is not able to resolve ... than Obama will come to the podium and bump his fists on the table, or something alike, and will make them agree on something. This is politics and tactics, Obama can and will not lose his face here that is for sure. Agreements will be made, I bet my money on it.
8. #4 Koran is more fun
9. peace (yea right) talks
Judy Jones ,   Charlotte   (08.01.13)
sadly,the man that is our president is not familiar with the BOOK OF LIFE. He is an anti Israel, anti American, pro terrorist, hater. He lies to us every chance he gets. Don't trust him!
10. Obama a friend of Israel.
michael ,   israel   (08.01.13)
Obama is leading the attack on Israel. Obama wants to create an arab-islamic state in the land of Israel, aligned with the terrorist state of iran, in order to forment war, death and destruction. Obam will never attack his friends in Iran.
11. Obama is busy ruining America. "Peace talks" are evil.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.01.13)
The last thing any sane Israeli wants is more interference by Obama. Obama is busy ruining America. Almost every objective statistic proves that. "Peace talks with Palestinians" result in thousands of Israelis being maimed and murdered. Oslo alone cost Israel more than 1,500 murdered and more than 14,000 maimed. Moreover, these sick talks are aimed at turning Israel into a 9 mile wide defenseless concentration camp.
12. #2
Harold ,   USA   (08.01.13)
Never forget Obama is the President of the most powerful and the only super power in the world.
13. #5
Harold ,   USA   (08.01.13)
Just a fairy tail. Try to say something else.
14. #6
Harold ,   USA   (08.01.13)
You are just abusing freedom of speech. I am sure you'll never write those words when they cost you one penny each.
15. Leading from rear & No Abnox.Smell ?
Roland Seener ,   London England   (08.01.13)
16. Moslem leaders typically lead from behind.
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (08.01.13)
17. #4
Harold ,   USA   (08.01.13)
Believe me President Obama has read the Bible severl times and read the Quran and the Christian Gosple too. Never forget he was raised by a good mother and grand parents.
18. #7
Harold ,   USA   (08.01.13)
You forget the EU because they actually wants this stubborn conflict be solved before end of 2014. EU has prepared a list of sanctions and the first one is already applied.
19. True Peace Impossible
Zechariah   (08.01.13)
True Peace is impossible but Security and Basic Economic Indexes are Possible and Security and Calm also.On the Jordan Valley and Central Israeli Strip Israeli USA NATO,and Jordanian Forces ought provide Defense shields against Jihadi and Fatah Ba'ath and The Price Tag Settler Fascists.
20. Leader Lead From The Front
Inexperienced, inept people lead from the rear, like The Ass's they are???
21. #18. Harold. We don't submit to the E.U.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.01.13)
Israel wasn't reborn after 2,000 years to submit to E.U. sanctions. So don't try to scare us with tale of the big bad E.U., which incidentally is falling apart.
22. There IS a peace agreement. The Roadmap!
mea   (08.01.13)
This document would have solved the conflict. It is a perfect document, and the parties signed it. What is the problem, it would have resulted in a Palestinian State and the end of terror. The problem is that the Palestinians immediately announced they had no intention of signing it. This is because they would have had to actually produce their steps in the process, the first of which was to dismantle terror cells. The second step for the Pals was to formally recognize Israel's right to exist. This step would have required the entire Palestinian leadership to resign or be murdered by Hezballah. Peace will come when Palestinians challenge their own leadership to clean up their act and see the benefit of peace with Israel.
23. Obama will impose UNSC '67 borders, force Jews into 2 States
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.01.13)
...1 Country, Palestine Israel.
24. To Harold:
Ariel ,   Europe   (08.01.13)
Log in,Mr President, don't be afraid. ))
25. And at No:23
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (08.01.13)
1 idiot. You sound like a broken record repeating the same thing over and over.
26. These peace talks are dangerous
Reuven   (08.01.13)
Israel. At least remove Livni as the negotiator and put in Lieberman.
27. Obama implementing from behing
Mark Bernadiner ,   Pearland, USA   (08.01.13)
the UN, EU and US plan for elimination of Israel using Hamas, Hezbollah, Syrian rebels and palestinian thugs a proxy
28. Obama leading WITH his rear?
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (08.01.13)
Or is that : from out his rear? Either way, he's a hollow puppet with many hands up his tuchas, controlling his every move, his every word, his every thought.
29. #23 Oblalbla can't even get his own house in order,
A ,   Belgium   (08.01.13)
he should stay out of everyone elses.The only thing he can "impose" is more gravy on his mashed potatoes.
30. Obama leading
Jordan Ariel ,   USA   (08.01.13)
Isnt that an oxymoron?
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