French immigrants in Israel: 'Situation became unbearable'
Omri Efraim
Published: 02.08.13, 16:51
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1. I feel so sorry for this beautiful family.
michael ,   France   (08.02.13)
Anyway i wish them the best and good luck. But don't dream too much and prepare your return to France while trying your best to integrate Israel. The jewish Agency lie to you all the way. Israel is a beautiful idea and beautiful country. But the Jewish agency is a scam. Their only goal is numbers, that's how they make money. Shame to play on destiny of people like this. God Bless this family and all others who are fooled into the "Israeli dream"
2. Dear Michael
Ici, at home   (08.02.13)
and we here are even happier that you stayed right there. Bon Chance. You need it ,chaver...?
3. #1 - you should emulate this beautiful family
ltcedk ,   jerusalem Israel   (08.02.13)
My wife and I had many interactions with the Jewish Agency in the run up to and our actual Aliyah in 2009. ALL of the Agency personnel we encountered were an absolute pleasure to deal with - in the USA, Germany and here in Israel (Rishon Lezion and Jerusalem). Methinks the problem lies much closer to you - and your attitude. Perhaps you are feeling a bit sorry for yourself? Those French Jews who choose to "come home" are to be admired - for their wisdom and strength! Nothing to feel sorry for. Come and see. Shabbat Shalom
4. I came on group flight from UK with 30, 18 returned
David C   (08.02.13)
One returned the next day. The rest come and go. It's a hard place to live, it's like stepping back in time, ease and quality of life goes down for many. I wish the new olim well but Jewish agency do create this image of a great life and lots of opportunities. Think long and hard before making Aliyah..
5. #1.If all Olim thought like you,there would never have been
Alan ,   SA   (08.02.13)
an i srael
6. Michael no1 I couldn't agree more with you
Non Jewish immigrant ,   Haifa   (08.02.13)
The Jewish agency is all about number!!!!
7. The first ten years are hard ... like everywhere else.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.02.13)
8. Mazel Tov Kozirov's & beautiful daughters who'll be married
Moshe ,   Usa   (08.02.13)
to adoring Jewish men right away quick, I bet. I have 3 gorgeous grandsons. And I usually win my bets.
9. Aliyah!
Warren ,   Melbourne Australia   (08.02.13)
Ouch, someone had a bad experience. Or is this just the average sour French personality on show?
10. 50% will return
Arthur ,   Toronto   (08.02.13)
there is a very big disconnect between what Jewish agency/NBN say and the reality. In all fairness.....they do stress doing a pilot trip. I love Israel,,,,,the problem is.....I dont like Israelis.....far too rude, arrogant for me......also kind of disgusting how they love to litter !
11. Europe is a graveyard for the Jewish people
Mazal Tov! ,   Good luck!   (08.02.13)
Smart move!
12. Totally agree with #1 - unfortunately
Lior   (08.02.13)
13. Welcome home!
Anat ,   Rishon   (08.02.13)
Wise decision, better late than never. I feel sorry for the Jews who still live in France or anywhere else in Europe. You should all make alya asap. Life in Israel is very hard, but at least here we are among our own and don't have to be afraid that our children will be harrassed at school because they are Jews, or afraid to walk the streets. Now we have our own homeland and the IDF to protect us. am israel hai !
14. #13 I feel sorry for people in Rishon.
Sam ,   Tel Aviv   (08.02.13)
Moving to places like Rishon, Holon or Dimona from Paris won't satisfy them after the Aliyah honeymoon period is over. If Europe was that bad for Jews, why is the Jewish population growing especially in the Uk. French Jews are moving to london over tel aviv this last year. It was reported last month here. In their thousands..
15. They will be integrated into communities....
Beriah   (08.02.13)
Ha ha ha, good one!
16. I wish them luck
Henri ,   Toronto   (08.02.13)
there is not much future in Europe. Wish I was as brave (been to Israel 6 times and always feel like a 'fish out of water') I will keep trying
17. Ynet never talks about Israeli Jews who move to Europe
And there are thousands of them!!! Paris, London or Berlin.... Europe is much more attractive than Israel
18. Michael, #1, you are sooooo right!
desi ,   mars   (08.02.13)
The jewish agency are such liars, it's crazy. So many french jews have realised it afterwards but they just don't adapt to life in Israel and end up coming back. 30%?40 %? more? of course nobody talks about it in israel and certainly not the JA. Perhaps some people need to leave their country to fully understand how much they love it...
19. I'll say it again...
g.p. ,   tel aviv   (08.02.13)
because presumably a previous comment was considered too truthful to publish: I agree with those who've expressed doubt. Idealism is a lofty concept, but people live in the real world. Jobs are scarce here too, even hi-tech, because competition is fierce, many other jobs are poorly paid, rental or house purchasing is off the radar and how many immigrants know 4, 5 guarantors - bureaucracy is a huge hurdle. Of the friends I met here, at least two thirds are living in other countries now. The return rate is higher than the aliya organisations are admitting. There may be advancement, but also plenty primitiveness. It takes a rock hard constitution - and plenty of money - to make it work. It may be a country which absorbs its immigrants but it's not doing that so well anymore. It's even unfair for new immigrants to be taking jobs Israelis are finding so hard to get themselves. Time for a reality check before encouraging thousands more in uncertain times.
20. #1 & #17 Both 100% correct
sr ,   USA   (08.02.13)
They better make reservations for return flights.
21. to 15
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (08.02.13)
Your sardonic " laugh", is nothing less, then ranting of a bigoted looser...Anyone with half brain and ability to read & watch news, can identify and recall too many of such facts, pertaining Israel. There is no other country in the world, that is able to receive and successfully settle Hundreds of Thousand of new immigrants, on land, that is smaller, then NJ.. 450 new immigrants in one day ? Why do you think, they and millions of other Jews in the past, have decided to move to Israel ? We have seen and heard endless times, the laughs of people like you...I don't think, that too many of them are still laughing now...The laugh is owned by those who laugh last, beriah... ( a big name for a small person)..
22. Alya is a lie
Non Jewish immigrant   (08.02.13)
Why so many politicians talk about budget cuts in education, security, military and social welfare but none mentioned the cost of alya? Why do we cut the budget of Israeli families and pay some stranger to come and settle in Israel? Michael at 1 is right! The Jewish agency is only about demographic and number. They do not care ab
23. Israelis don't care
ex oleh chadash   (08.02.13)
If you can't do it they call you a "failed" oleh. "What are you doing here"? They ask you all the time. JA lies. Don't believe at them. I agree with #1, unfortunately. Israel is just illusion, it's a lure. You will meet people willing to exploit you. An oleh is as useful as a cow, they think. Some Israelis want to exploit you. They just want your money. But you will meet nice people too. There is hope. Oh, Israel is plenty of Muslim too, dear. Even food in Israel is Arabic: falafel, hoummus, everything... you see... it's delicious, but not Europe. So don't complain about Muslims. If you raise your children there, they probably will speak Arab too; all Sabras do it. Israel is great for tourism. Not to live. Good luck and be happy.
24. to #10, from Toronto
great expectations ,   South America   (08.02.13)
You see, people defecate on streets at Jaffo. They urinate at Tel Aviv. Israel is a 3third wolrd country. New olim always make a big mistake, they think Israel is wonderfull, its the Jewish place in the world to be in; I was oleh me too - If you are an oleh chadash, you must low your expectations.
25. 50%
Moses   (08.02.13)
The Israelis detest you, so stay where you are.
26. #24 ...
Alex   (08.02.13)
The first thing you mention is about to be solved shortly, most of the illegals will be deported soon as a deal has been reached with a country to take them in. Emmigrating to Israel is not about money it's about culture, people and the feeling of belonging. All that outweighs money to most people unless you're grown up in some spoiled materialistic nature, which I suspect is the case with you...
27. 23.
Birdi ,   Israel   (08.02.13)
You mean all Sabras swear in Arabic dont you? Food in Israel is international, not only Arabic food! You must be a very naive man to have been fooled by anyone in Israel. ''They just want your money'' you must have been flashing your $$ trying to impress them! Hey, I am nice, pity you didnt meet me when you were here!
28. 24.
Birdi ,   Israel   (08.02.13)
Kindly tell us when you were an olah/oleh hadash? what year?
29. Ynet never tells us
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (08.02.13)
whether they have burned their French or British passports on landing at Ben Gurion
30. 10.
Birdi ,   Israel   (08.02.13)
Grow a thicker skin for your next visit to Israel.
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