French immigrants in Israel: 'Situation became unbearable'
Omri Efraim
Published: 02.08.13, 16:51
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31. #25 - Moses
Oleg ,   Canada   (08.02.13)
Moses, some people also dislike such rather uncivilized way of communication. So if you're Israeli, it's better to show the more gentler face of Israel, especially when you deal with someone, who disagrees. Thank you.
32. 14.
Birdi ,   Israel   (08.02.13)
You answered your own question! The Jewish population is growing in the UK because the French Jews have & are moving there !! Google how many British Jews have made aliyah in recent years & be forever silent!
33. immigrants here.........
sue ,   mevasseret   (08.03.13)
until things get better there?????!!!!!! how long it will take NO one knows. but they will use all thier RIGHTS in the "basket".
34. @23
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (08.03.13)
As an ole hadash I have to confirm 23.Not that there are plenty of Arabs here there are also plenty of non-jewish Russians , people from Asian and African countries.Thank God there are the haredim who grow and grow. Also the typical secular Israeli is greedy as 23 has stated.Exceptions are there but rare.
35. to Birdi at 27
john Darren ,   cairns-Austraalia   (08.03.13)
Would you be willing to have a chat with me by email?
36. #25 :-))
mark ,   ca   (08.03.13)
Moses ,Moses, Mosesss...Is this you, o my Lord? Nooo, this is your mom.. time for medication..;-))
37. We, Israelis, welcome them, all!!
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.03.13)
.Welcome to the homeland of our people of 4,000 years; and, to the state of Israel, the nation-state of the Jewish people and the manifestation of the re-institution of Jewish sovereignty in our ancestral homeland.
38. #9 Warren
Bob Cassidy   (08.03.13)
I am in favour of all jews living in Australia to make Aliyah. Oo roo!
39. #16 - Henri
Oleg ,   Canada   (08.03.13)
Why would you leave Canada? What for?
40. to 23
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (08.03.13)
Nice name you have posted... I really hope, you have found yourself a nice country to settle...Israel is one of the best Democratic countries/states in the world...They'll welcome you to to their country, will help to settle, until you study or find work and become an integral part of the Nation...But we will never force you to demonstrate loyalty or appreciation...Our borders are always free for you to leave and find better "pastures", which I understand, you have found...I would suggest to you to feel at least a little aprreciation to the country, that recieved you, sheltered and fed you in the time of need and did not ask you anything in return, when you left...You were never "Ole Chadash", you were and possibly still are a "Shnorer" or a "freebe" kind of a person...And it is because of a strong Israel, that you feel so safe & confident in Europe or anywhere else...Don't You ever forget it, mr."ex oleh" !
41. ...beautiful daughters who'll be married....
Seth ,   Massachusetts, USA   (08.03.13)
Maybe. If the Haredi rabbinate likes their pedigree and if they have birth certificates and marriage certificates for maternal relatives back 3 or 4 generations and and and and etc.......otherwise they'll be married in Cyprus or anywhere but in Israel. Better these folks had come to the US.
42. 29.
Birdi ,   Israel   (08.03.13)
Is that what you did madam? I bet you did'nt. You would'nt have the courage! Your British passport is guarded by you for your return to good old jolly Londonstan-after your 2 week yearly jaunt to your time sharing apartment in Tel Aviv.
43. Enthusiasm
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (08.03.13)
The inflated naive enthusiasm will wear off once they begin to understand what lies under the surface of Israeli society. Then they will go back to the civilized world.
44. Number 37
Mehere   (08.03.13)
You said we welcome to The homeland of our people for 4000 years ,!!!! But haven't you realized that all those who immigrate have nothing whatsoever to do with jewdiazm ???they are a bunch of kazars who took Jewish religion only as a cover , but never as a real religion , they are not Jewish nor will they ever be ....
45. Very depressing to read some of the comments here
an Israeli   (08.03.13)
As an Israeli I was depressed to read many comments here about how Israel is a 3rd world and an uncivilized place etc. Maybe the Jewish agency is to blame for painting a false picture because I think there is something you people don't realized about Israel. Israel is not a ready made place. It's always been and still is a place that people work hard to maintain and to make better. Many of the phenomena that you don't like are not liked by many Israelis too. Not all Israelis are the same. Israelis come from different places, different cultures, different mentalities. Israel's character has changed over the years depending on the countries of the olim who came to it. Masses of olim from Arab countries influenced its character, masses of olim from the former soviet union changed its character etc. But Israel survived all these years because of the good Israelis who despite all the difficulties continue to try and make a difference and make a change. There are enough Israelis who are willing to fight for Israel and that's why it's still surviving and doing not so bad in some fields. But Jews from the western world who expect to find the same kind of easy living they have in their countries will be disappointed. In Israel things are sometimes more difficult. Many people can make you crazy with their rudeness, lack of consideration etc. But the good Israelis try not to let this things overcome them because they always remember one thing - that Israel is the only place where Jews are not discriminated against or harassed because they are Jews. Regarding the Arabs. Yes we know there are many Arabs here and you know what? they would really like us all to leave because we don't like the fact that there are so many Arabs here. Bottom line is, if we Israelis did what you did and just looked for easy life, there would be no Israel and in a generation or two Jews in the world will be in the same bad situation they where before Israel was established. The first Zionists fought the Malaria and Arab aggression and the fact that there was nothing here. And they built everything from scratch. In this generation the fight should maybe be on the character of the country. But there always some sort of fight to be fought in Israel. And yes, not everybody is apt for that.
46. let them book their return flight
athos lujernetta ,   Tel Aviv   (08.03.13)
Israel is a close society. Israelis do not wellcome newcomers in daily life, and try to take advantage on every occasion; this is the country of milk and money not any more milk and honey. And got forbid theynewcomers fall sick.If they dont pay and pay they will die. Kupat olim is a disaster compared to the system in France. Good luck you will need it.
47. @ 1 ,14 coming from paris to rishon or dimona come on
dovdevan ,   ashdod,paris   (08.03.13)
i totaly agree with you how can we integrate people who come from paris to dimona rishon or ashod ? the only places where they could find their way are tel aviv or jerusalem ! i agree with 1 the jewish agency is trying to sell a dream that doesn't exist and many people will come back to france it's my own experience i would like to know the % of people that will come back to france among those immigrants
48. "a few hundred of them landed ...forever". Get real Ynet
SB   (08.03.13)
3-5 year max. I have been to more olim farewell Israel parties this last year than welcome parties.. Sad I know :-(
49. to 13 those girls must dress modestely and
athos lujernetta ,   Tel Aviv   (08.03.13)
sit on the back of the buses, dont travel to Berh Shemesh and soon to Jerusalem, and beware of the spitting of the haredim otherwise yes nothing to in France
50. Ex oleh chadash , "all sabras speak arabic" ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.03.13)
No one of my grandchildren ! No one of my nephews . And they are ALL Sabras . In the almost 12 years that i'm here only ONE person asked me why i came .
51. Israel is fine
Stan ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.03.13)
What rubbish is being posted here. I came to Israel 20 years ago. Sure it was a bit hard. After all I had a new language to learn. However After Ulpan I found a decent job and own a nice apartment. My kids went to the army, finished university study and have excellent work in their professions. Yes, it takes a while to get used to the culture but That would happen anywhere.
52. Relentless propaganda of the JA
desi ,   mars   (08.03.13)
obessed with numbers. Not a word about them when they go back to their country, of course.
53. World Depression in most of Europe & USA
eilon ,   TelAviv   (08.03.13)
Some people seem that the streets are paved in gold in Europe or the States. The situation is that the economic situation is very very bad all over the world. Hadn't some people realised that these French people were already unemployed in France and then decided to make aliyah?
54. We welcome all of them back at our national home, Israel.
Sarah ,   Beit Sh'an, Israel   (08.03.13)
55. loosers are loosers at any time, in any place
no, the jewish agency does not lie and does not force anyone to leave his country. those who say that are people that deny their own failures and escape their responsability. Many people leave their country for bad reasons, especially because they failed in building their life in their own country. They will certainly fail in Israel for the same reasons. Israelis are not so much welcoming, but why should they be? Could someone quote one other country that offers money and assistance at immigrant's arrval?Why Israelis should give the priority to illiterate foreigners? The only thing is Alya is mainly made for spoiled children willing to struggle in the jungle...but at the end of the day, loosers are loosers in any place in the world.
56. Israel
נפתלי   (08.03.13)
Number 10 Oh my poor man, Israel is not like Canada. You know what, stay in Canada, we don't need ghetto Jews A former Canadian
57. to 53/55/56 typ Israeli arrogance
athos lujernetta ,   Tel Aviv   (08.03.13)
You guys did not realise that without immligrants YOU ARE ALL GOING TO BE YORDIM one day or another, IDF or not IDF, which is the only think that protects you. But aries never created a country. Did you realise that Israel itself is ghetto and the young entrepreneurs in the High Tech asoon as they cash their money go to Calfornia or to London. Did you guys never asked yourselves why ?? WAKE UP GUYS YOU ARE NOT SO UNIQUE AND SMART AS YOU THINK.
58. Not to worry...
Hezbollah ,   Lebanon   (08.03.13)
The will go back in boxes, just like Regev and Goldwasser did...
59. To Omri Efraim
Wally ,   New Zealand   (08.03.13)
The talkback discussion here is lively and a thousand times more interesting than the propaganda piece: I hope you think about what experienced people are saying and try to be a more honest journo-schmourno in future. Kind regards.
60. I am a Canadian Oleh, Israel is a dream come true
Ron M ,   Tel Aviv   (08.03.13)
Many of these comments are shameful. Moving to Israel from the west is of course a transition and involves change. Immigrating to ANY country is difficult and comes with many challenges, if you are lazy, or negative and a pessimist maybe it's not so bad you leave after moving here like many of these bitter commenters. Israel is a fabulous country, people struggle with cost of living, but people around the world are struggling with costs of living. This is not an Israel phenomenon. It's a worldwide phenomenon and the world is in a deep recession. Welcome to the new Olim, try to work hard, and be sure to savor and enjoy the small pleasures in life that Israel offers for free. You will see and find them at every turn and corner, and they are unique to your new country. They will fill your soul with joy. Those that are blind to them should move back to France, or Toronto, or Russia, those places they imagine/remember in their head that are so wonderful where they can fictionally in their minds live as Oligarchs.
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