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Religious rebel committee in Syria bans croissants
Published: 02.08.13, 23:58
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1. Oh you have got to be kidding me on this one
Cameron ,   USA   (08.03.13)
Daffy-ass barbarians they are. I know the French consul for my particular state, and she'll be amused to hear of this bit of damn Muslim nonsense.
2. Essen drek...!
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (08.03.13)
3. Full of errors
y-man ,   Budapest   (08.03.13)
In 1686, 1. There was no Budapest 2. Christians attacked the Muslims and the Jews in Buda. 3. The attack was not foiled - it was successful.
4. I wonder if guy is into Hanukkah.
leo ,   usa   (08.03.13)
5. Decadent Islam...
Zyx ,   USA   (08.03.13) not only dangerous, it is also stupid.
6. It takes a special kind...
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (08.03.13)
Of inferiority complex to make the leap from Croissants to Colonialism and Islamic defeat. No wonder the Muslim world is so backwards. They still haven't gotten over defeats that happened hundreds of years ago.
7. #3 - there is a disclaimer
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad   (08.03.13)
But according to a report by the Huffington Post, which cites a French cookbook from 1938, the croissant's shape is an homage to bakers who foiled a Turkish attack on Budapest in 1686. However, the story was not verified by historians, as the first documentation of the tasty pastry appeared only by 1906.
8. malnourished as a child
ugly face ,   of extremism   (08.03.13)
(as evidenced by the stupid fatwa) is dreaming of croissants during ramadan (decides the innocent croissants are evil) ..... issues fatwa .... How about a fatwa against killing and violence!!! Oh, I forgot killing, violence, and destruction of buildings IS the extremist idea of urban development.
9. Israel bans croissants as a symbol of
all in how you look ,   At it   (08.03.13)
Islam conquering the infidel world...if this headline were published the fatwa would insist that people EAT croissants I'm sure there are many Syrians who would just like to have enough food (crescent shape or otherwise) ...too bad their fatwa didn't recognize the PR power of encouraging croissants! Extreme stupid is extreme stupid! The thing that really gets to me is that anyone is stupid enough to think that peace in the middle east is possible when this type of mentality is so pervasive
10. Follow the money.....
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (08.03.13)
More like they want to push normal inhabitants towards bread enterprises which the religious committee certifies....and takes a cut..... ....sound familiar?
11. Is the penalty DEATH?
Mark ,   London, UK   (08.03.13)
For baking one or for eating one? The muslim community is so sh*t hot on human rights, but seem blind to whatever is dressed up in the flag of Sharia. Formerly Sharia was as well known to the outside world as the Beth Din. Nowadays a shudder of horror is generated as fundamentalists seek to extend its remit to other communities.
12. Homage to resistance to Ottomans
Mark ,   London, UK   (08.03.13)
It is possible that the Croissant was a homage to the end of the Ottoman advance on Christian Europe. In 19C, trhough to the collapse of the Empire after WW1, the Ottoman Empire was not popular as it sought to keep the remnants of its Empire together, culminating in the genocide of Armenians and others which are controversial to this day. In those distant days celebrating the defeat of one's enemies was permissible.
13. Paratroopers ban cell-phones from bases cauz of morals
observer ,   Egypt   (08.03.13)
gays abuse it!!,7340,L-4413063,00.html
14. religion strikes again
Haim ,   TA   (08.03.13)
15. Poor croissant
AR   (08.03.13)
Red cross, moon crescent, star of David blame it on poor croissant because their ambulances running to and fro good not to have star of David on emergency hahaha!!!!
16. i must add.... :))
les ,   canada   (08.03.13)
never really cared for croissant, but from now on i'll make sure to have a few every week.
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