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Religious Jew is devout gay drag queen
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Published: 06.08.13, 15:41
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1. He'll observe what he likes+ignore what he doesn't like
Sam ,   Canada   (08.06.13)
How does that make him devout?
2. True judaism is to be connected..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (08.06.13)
with G-D by following G-Ds Tora commandments and not our own ones To be connected to Internet,we can't make our own rules either.
3. He'll observe what he likes+ignore what he doesn't like
Sam ,   Canada   (08.06.13)
How does that make him devout?
4. Saw the show last year
J ,   Tel Aviv   (08.06.13)
Went with two friends and dragged (lol) my husband along to see a graduation show last year. The drag queens all portrayed different characters and put on a very funny performance. Don't be judgmental and check it out- great entertainment for under 100 nis.
5. gays
jennifer ,   jerusalem, Israel   (08.06.13)
they're SICK and need treatment! They are an ABOMINATION-and nothing less!
6. Sam #1
Stu   (08.06.13)
I am not saying he is right or wrong, but don't kid yourself. EVERYONE observes what they like and ignores what they don't like, even at the most devout levels...
7. so a torah scholar who cheats, steals
expatokie ,   rehovot israel   (08.06.13)
and lies is devout? are those who assault others in the name of H-shem devout? Be careful of throwing stones because He is watching. Tolerance and acceptance, not judgement would make Israel a lot better place to live. Hadar, cheers to you and remember, not all religious people are close minded.
8. I don't get it
Joshua ,   USA   (08.06.13)
As if it is not difficult enough to be gay in a basically hostile society, a Drag Queen on top of that! Why would anyone want to pile on top of all that what comes with a bull crap, ridiculous religion to complicate life even further?! Don't you have enough on your plate as is buddy? I really feel for him.
9. why put this out?
arne ,   chicago usa   (08.06.13)
what kinda crap are you publishing and why? this is sick stuff--y-net must be running out of what's really topical--no need for this garbage and who cares really.
10. A show like "Priscilla" would gross great money in Israel.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.06.13)
One of my favorite music disks is from that show, "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert," from Australia. Many Israeli songs would fit perfectly and I would rush to buy the disk and see the show. How about some of the Ophra Haza songs in the Queen style, wouldn't that be a great show?
11. Wow, what a great story!
Mark ,   London, UK   (08.06.13)
12. 9 Arne
gays4Israel   (08.07.13)
it might be garbage to you. For others it is insightful, comical and important Who cares ? I do !
13. He knows better, he chooses not to
Ezra ,   San Diego   (08.07.13)
His conscious choice is to ignore the separation between the profane and the holy. This article doesn't sanctify homosexuality.
14. att. stu.
your comment shows how little you know about ortho jews, eveyone knows they have a much higher level of self control than others, even if they are not perfect
15. #14 "eveyone knows they have a much higher level of
A ,   Belgium   (08.07.13)
self control than others" . They do? "Rabbi Elon guilty of indecent acts ". Maybe they just don't get caught as often as the rest of us heathens.
16. Motek!
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (08.07.13)
17. #5 You are sick with hatred. Get treatment ASAP
Laila ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.07.13)
#5 You are sick with hatred. Get treatment ASAP.
18. You can bless a ham sandwhich all you like
sean green ,   Pasadena, usa   (08.08.13)
That doesn't make it kosher. I'm not saying he's a bad person, but his act is unclean. We all have sinful desires. We ought to fight them, overcome them. Self discipline is everyone's responsibility and we all fail, that's no excuse to stop trying.
19. At last a nice story
Moshico ,   Jerusaslem   (08.08.13)
What a wonderful person he must be, to be able to stay religious and at the same time show his true colours. How many of us are afraid to do that. I hope you find the love of your life one who understands you and live the life you want to live. As for your ex wife I feel sorry for her that she does not let you daughter meet you, I pray that G-d will give her some sense.
20. #5
Polly Mandy ,   Jerusalem, israel   (08.08.13)
I know who you are Jennifer, we have mutual friends and I'm extremely disappointed in you terrible homophobia... You are the person who needs treatment. You should ask your husband what he thinks;-)
21. religious? minds are lost, crazy.
22. Clothes maketh a man....
Bikerwolf ,   London U.K.   (08.12.13)
Oh for goodness sake is it such a big deal to have a man dressing up as a woman and entertaining us all? Millions live in squalor, thousands dying of hunger every day, millions subjugated by oppressive regimes, thousands being blown into dogmeat by Jihadist whackos, and some of you people are screaming for blood over an entertainer who is marching to his own cadence with his G-D. Come on guys give the man break. How wonderful to live in such a great country where he can be all he wants to be.
23. Reply to number 5
Akiva ,   NYC   (08.12.13)
We accept in our shuls Jews who are not Shomer Shabbos, Jews who are not Shomer Kashrus, nor Shomer Taharas Mishpacha etc. His acting career is no worse and we can accept him too! If you look into Leviticus you will note that not going to Mikveh is in the same group as gay relations.
24. Drag queen
Edouard ,   Montreal Canada   (08.23.13)
Sexual orientation and love of god are not incompatible God (if exist) loves true people Is god have a sex??? I am proud to know that tel aviv is one of the most acceptable city in the world In tel aviv any community has a place Not like any other Arab or Muslim country The west should remember this every day before supporting terrorism and Arabs
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