Health Ministry begins Polio immunizations
Sarit Rosenblum
Published: 04.08.13, 14:27
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1. Advice please!
LS ,   Tel Aviv   (08.04.13)
I can't help but think that this is somewhat a conspiracy theory but we also have an infant and I do not want to put her health at risk if there really is a polio epidemic. About 6 months ago there was an article published stating that 'highly educated and professional' parents are choosing not to vaccinate or follow an alternative immunization schedule in Israel, could this have 'inspired' the big pharma to scare us? Our 7 month old has only had once vaccine (not polio- who thought it would be a risk today?). Does anyone have insight on what's really going on?
2. 1.
Birdi ,   Israel   (08.04.13)
If you are able to post here you are able to search & read the internet for your answer. Millions of babies have had the polio drops, they are alive & growing up healthy. Why put your kid at risk because of your own insecurities. Grow up lady & smell the coffee.
3. 1,2 LS, Birdi: The CDC in Atlanta admitted there is cancer
Rivkah   (08.05.13)
virus in the polio vaccines. Those who get the oral polio vaccine can infect others with polio so do not let such children kiss parents or caregivers who should be wearing facemasks for two weeks. Children who get the polio oral vaccine are getting leukemia is their immune system is compromised. If the child must have a vaccine which is dangerous, then give the child a maximum dose of Vitamin C and Tumeric or Cucurmin extract daily for a month since there are additives in vaccines that are carcinogenic (squalene) and neurotoxic (thiomerosol mercury preservative and aluminum). There is also pig's blood in vaccines for which there is no antidote to the loss of HaShem's protection. Hepatitis-B vaccine has HIV in it, tetanus vaccine has human chorionic gonadotropin in it to cause miscarriages, smallpox vaccine has HIV in it. Studies by many researchers have shown this to be true and now the CDC admits there is cancer virus in the polio virus. It is better to spray XLEAR or Normal saline nose spray or drops into baby's and children's and adults nostrils twice daily. The xylitol in the XLEAR prevents the viruses and bacteria from adhering to the cell walls of the sinuses where most infectious diseases begin. Dr. Len Horowitz, Dr. Bill Campbell Douglass II, Dr. Stan Montieth and Dr. Russell Blaylock have written extensively on the toxicity of vaccines. Billionaire Barbara Marx Hubbard says vaccines are being used to reduce the world population. Would I have a child get a vaccine? Maybe for rabies but not for anything else.
4. To #2
Kate ,   Israel   (08.05.13)
You are always so rude and ignorant! I think the individual in post #1 is not asking advice regarding the actual vaccine but rather why the sudden outbreak and if it could be a propaganda issued by government and drug companies. I can't help but wonder myself. In Japan all immunizations are postponed until 2 the child is 2 years old. Also, last week court quietly admitted and ruled in favor of a formely discredited doctor that MMR vaccine does in fact lead to autism and autoimmune stomach disorders. Do your research lady before you criticize people who are trying to protect their kids immune systems not destroy them.
5. To number 1
Lidor ,   Israel   (08.05.13)
I read on the Hebrew version of the site several weeks ago someone posted a comment saying that the polio vaccines were expiring so instead of throwing them away they needed to be 'used'
6. To: Rivkah
LS ,   TLV   (08.05.13)
Would you vaccinate your child during the current 'epidemic'? We are in central Tel Aviv and she will be at home with me until October- then we'll have mommy and me course twice a week with other moms in children at a daycare center. I know the partially live polio vaccine (usually given orally) sometimes leads to actual polio outbreak, mostly recently occurred in Africa. What about the dead injected one? I assume we coul request it instead of the oral at our local tipot halav?
7. #3 Rivkah this is why I love you,,,
Unome ,   EternalCity   (08.05.13)
Yes this, these are viruses injected into the system that racks havoc on the immune system. It may disable the bodies abilty to digest food as these children grow up, viruses are time sensitive infected cells that can stay dormant in the body, many times for life, like the AIDS virus and certain hepititus viruses, It is a know fact many vaccines do this, yes this is frightening but with knowledge, proper diets and knowing what you are exposed to in a contained environ, the fear and just what the government is intending is alayed. Polio has afflicted most nations thru the years, so catagorically we can see how it spreads, many times in these vaccines. You can believe many of these vaccines will be "Placebos", so what is the government intending?
8. 6 LS, TLV: The injectable dead virus Salk vaccine is
Rivkah   (08.05.13)
safer than the oral Sabin vaccine for those around the child after the vaccine is administered. I would not allow any vaccine from the World Health Organization of the United Nations since their agenda to decrease the world's population is proven to be deadly through vaccines. Chancellor Angela Merkel had special batches made by Baxter Labs in Switzerland for her troops without the toxic adjuvants (additives) and hopefully without sleeper viruses that could cause diseases later in life. The incubation of HIV is 20 years for most HIV strains, for example. It is better to pay for a vaccine at a doctor's office than to get a free one from WHO since WHO has a population reduction agenda. Ask to see the box and manufacturer's information on the injectable polio vaccine. See if there is thiomerosol and aluminum and squalene and pig's blood in it. If so, reject it. Take the child to Germany and do the same there and see if their injectable polio vaccines are safer since Angela Merkel is protecting her people as best she can since she is aware of the problems with a lot of vaccines. Babies should not have vaccines in my opinion since their blood brain barrier is not complete until the age of one year. China did not have an autism problem in children until they started vaccinating children for diseases. Now they have a terrible problem. US Congressman Dan Burton's grandson became autistic overnight from 9 vaccines piggybacked given to the child in one day. You must protect the child from the toxins in vaccines whenever a child is given a vaccine by giving the child Esiac tea for a couple of weeks after the vaccine as well as max dose full spectrum vitamin C and curcumin or Tumeric extract or tablets or capsules. Dr. Huldah Clark of Canada, a Ph.D. researcher said the mercury in vaccines damage the lining of the intestines, allowing parasites into the body that get into the brain that normally could not get into the body through the intestines. The parasites damage brain pathways. That can be reversed in children but it takes seven years of twice daily dropperful of tincture of green hulls of black walnuts extra strength to kill the parasites for the brain to heal itself.
9. Polio
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.05.13)
Just some information, here. The polio outbreak in the 1980s occurred in Um al Fahm and in Muawiya. The current one has occurred in Rahat. All three are famous for not seeking pre-natal care, hospital births, or post-natal care. It is not possible to blame the State of Israel because Arabs wish to remain primitive. On the other hand, polio doesn't discriminate between Arabs and Jews. Jewish babies are routinely inoculated against polio, as are Arab babies who are born in hospital settings and whose parents care enough to bring them to Tipat Halav. As for the primitive rest -- if they wish to bring children into the world without inoculating them against horrific diseases, they can be free to do so -- outside of Israel. Live in Israel; live with our laws. Otherwise -- get lost.
10. 6 LS, TLV: The injectable Salk polio vaccine is not as
Rivkah   (08.05.13)
dangerous as the oral Sabin polio vaccine since the Salk injectable vaccine is a dead virus, as you say. But the adjuvants (additives) are still a problem. Do not allow your child to have any "free" WHO vaccines or WHO vaccines that are not "free". Ask to see the package insert and the box the vaccine comes from to check the additives. It is safer to take the child to Germany and check the additives on the injectable polio vaccine there since Chancellor Merkel is aware of vaccine additive dangers and has special batches made for her troops. I hope she does that for the people, too. Babies do not have a complete blood brain barrier so should not be given vaccines since the blood brain barrier that is missing in infants until the age of one year prevents some toxins and parasites from entering into the brain that would damage the brain. Dr. Huldah Clark of Canada who was a Ph.D. researcher said the vaccines that have thiomerosol mercury damage the intestinal lining and pathogens get into the body that would normally be kept out. The pathogens (particularly in an infant) would travel to the brain and damage the brain pathways causing autism was her belief in her Cure for All Diseases books. China did not have an autism problem until it started vaccinating children. Vaccines are dangerous and using XLEAR or Normal Saline nose drops or spray to clean the sinuses twice daily to prevent viruses and bacteria from adhering to the cell walls of the sinuses is as effective I have read as vaccines in preventing infectious diseases and is far, far less toxic than vaccines.
11. #2
Yael ,   Ramat Aviv, Israel   (08.05.13)
You are a koo-koo just like your nickname. You think we can find information on the Internet saying that pharmaceutical companies are a hoax? You can inject yourself with 101 different viruses but don't call those who choose not to insecure. Perhaps you need to google the Internet for the definition of insecure.
12. To: LS at No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.05.13)
Innoculate your child. That's a no-brainer. There is a reason why Dr. Jonas Salk was named one of the ten greatest human beings to have lived in the twentieth century. Or, you can opt to run the risk that your child may spend the remainder of her existence in an iron lung. Is that what you want? Polio is an airborne virus, and it has not been eradicated. Don't be a fool. Leave that to the Bedouins and Arabs who refuse to inoculate their children. Have you never wondered why so many Arab children have been stricken with polio? What's going on, sweetie, is that there is a horrible virus that has not been eradicated. It lurks everywhere. For heaven's sake, inoculate your child! Let the uber-lefty idiots in Israel's most expensive bedroom communities put THEIR children at risk .... not yours. They have the money to pay for a lifetime of medical treatment and rehabilitation. Do you?
13. #,,,,,,,, Prime example and results of to many vaccines,,,
George Brent ,   Hollywood, Calf.   (08.05.13)
and possibly a "shareholder" in these "Pharms" and swine medications. Yes peoples are free also not to be cows led to slaughter, some are eaten and some, they just follow somebodies lead. There should be more info decimated to the populace anytime they are decimated and there is a "mass" anything.
14. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.05.13)
Perhaps you need to google the Internet for "idiot." There's a picture of you, right there. You can refuse to inoculate your child against anything, but what the hell right do you have to endanger everyone else? Your children should be removed from your so-called "care." If you also refused to inoculate your child against diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus, you are a criminal, and you should be imprisoned. If, G-d forbid, a child dies because of your stupidity, you deserve punishment. Life imprisonment. If you want to subject your helpless children to horrible diseases, that is entirely your business. You can pay the consequences for that. But you do NOT have the right to endanger the children of others. Do you understand?
15. Polio is not airborne 'Sarah B.'
It is transmitted through the oral-fecal route!
16. #14
Yael ,   Ramat Aviv, Israel   (08.05.13)
How are my unvaccinated children a danger to your vaccinated children, if your children are immune to all the viruses that are administered to them? Vaccines will protect your children, no? Perhaps you should take your advice and google 'idiot.' Have you lost a child to SIDS? Have you had a child who suddenly developed Crohn's disease upon receiving vaccines? If not, then you have no valuable opinion regarding this subject matter.
17. Take note Sarah
MD ,   Chicago/Israel   (08.05.13)
Yes, Salk was a great medical researcher. However, the polio vaccine was since produced by Merck pharmaceuticals and they have admitted to injecting millions with cancer virus and using African Green monkeys infected to HIV virus to produce vaccines. There are billions of dollars involved- this isn't about helping people its about making them sick so more money can be spent treating them. Do your research, then give advice. Otherwise, stick to your forte- Judea and Samaria border politics.
18. To: No. 15
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.05.13)
Oh? Then how do you account for the colossal summertime outbreaks throughout the United States until the Salk vaccine came along?
19. To 18
Ha, you're kidding right? Oral-fecal route means someone who wipes his behind doesn't wash his hands prior to handling food. The summer outbreaks came from lakes and rivers and pools. Polio virus lives in water. NY for example didnt have a well developed sewer system and often the Hudson River was contaminated with sewage. Many people swim during hot summer months so there is your answer.
20. 16.
Birdi ,   Israel   (08.05.13)
Brilliant observation-not. Crohns developed after receiving the polio vaccine. LOL.
21. 11.
Birdi ,   Israel   (08.05.13)
Ah, Ramat Aviv, that figures! Put a sock in it.
22. Birdi:
Sarah B wannabe!!! Jealous much?
23. 7: Thank you! May the Lord's face shine upon you and give
Rivkah   (08.06.13)
you His shalom peace!
24. 22.
Birdi ,   Israel   (08.07.13)
Good to know you are a fan of mine!
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