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Haredi groom gets cold feet, flees wedding
Moshe Heller
Published: 05.08.13, 13:50
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1. Kol hakoved
Ellen ,   Israel/NYC   (08.05.13)
While I feel sorry for the Kallah I applaud the Chosen for having the maturity to realize that what he was about to do was wrong for him. Better the embarrassment now than a marriage with misery. This would especially be true considering the stigma of divorce in the Haredi community.
2. Wow
Rodney ,   Perth Australia   (08.05.13)
What a non event. How is this newsworthy? Is basically a thinly veiled opportunity to bash heradim.
3. This is news?! You can't be serious.
Neil B.   (08.05.13)
4. You'd better throw some more spicy details..
David Daniel ,   Kiev   (08.05.13)
Like if he broke his leg while escaping, or like he killed a human with his car while escaping:D. I wanted to cancel my wedding too. But I had not enough guts:)
5. "to marry her off to a guy they didn't even know" ,...
split ,   US   (08.05.13)
And you pinheads ridicule Muslims and their customs ? ,...
6. I say again
poor guy   (08.05.13)
again and again: You need Reform in Israel. You force young people to get married like in the middle ages. Can't you see this is a 3third world country? What a shame.
7. Sure this is news
HH ,   usa   (08.05.13)
Like all the other articles relating to hareidim. Things like: "Hareidi refuses to eat breakfast," "Hareidi's shoelace tore," "Hareidi's shopping basket spills on bus," "Hareidi woman prefers wigshop 'x' over wigshop 'y.'" I could go on, but why spoil the fun? You'll read it all soon in the upcoming editions .
8. The right move
Avram ,   USA   (08.05.13)
It was the right thing to do, and more of these should be published. The worst thing he could have done is marry a stranger he doesn't think he likes.
9. Incompatible = code word for gay?
Mike   (08.05.13)
Most likely.
10. What will be the next "news" ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.05.13)
Such things happen more than once , everywhere , but it's not newsworthy at all . Not in this case , nor in any other .
11. It's newsworthy because....
Mark ,   London, UK   (08.05.13)
Marriage in haredi community is nothing like the rest us. It's no more and no less than a business deal for the purpose of procreation. The feelings of those concerned are not consulted. I suspect he's a gay man (or at least a man who questions his sexuality) with the guts to reject this nonsense.
12. this is not funny
Mazal Tov   (08.05.13)
Can you imagine if you are a haredi? If some of them rebels against their sect, parents pray kaddish for him, they cut off any contact and turn you a cold shoulder forever. This is really a drama, what will happen to this boy next?
13. Why is this newsworthy?
Aron ,   Israel   (08.05.13)
What has this got to do with being Haredi? Seculars don't break up at the altar? Christians don't split at the last minute? Puff pieces like this just degrade the value of Ynet as a source of news
14. 12 You are wrong.Parents have no..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (08.05.13)
right to say Kaddish,because their boy do not want to marry a girl he doesn't like.He is not a rebel. By shiduhim the candidates have the right after three times seeing each other to decide if they want to marry each other or not. It sounds plausible,since the parents of the boy forced him into the marriage,that this boy is gay. The girl should thank G-D that what is bad for her did not want her.
15. LMAO,,, I just love you peoples
Rita ,   Mannhattan, NY   (08.05.13)
"Some of the guest tried to forcibly continue the dancing", you just can't make this stuff up, never a dull moment nor a dry one with all that spitting on women and little girls.
16. based on the comments...
LoveeveryJew   (08.05.13)
most of you guys are pretty ignorant.
17. To #5, 6, 9, and 11
Zusha ,   NYC   (08.05.13)
The customs regarding dating and marriage in the hareidi world is far from "medieval", or dumb. The secular world will date for two years, and then live together for another two years, all under the guise of "getting to know each other." Than two years after marriage, they get divorced. That system is certainly more ridiculous. Because one guy felt he "didn't know her well enough," that doesn't indicate anything on the entire hareidi world. He felt he was doing it for the wrong reasons. I think that all people could relate to that sentiment without judging an entire society. And your assumption that he must be gay is probably one of the most presumptious and retarded assumptions I've heard on this board.
18. Taking her veil off would be better than praying.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.05.13)
God would see that she is a good looking woman and this might have helped. God sees but doesn't hear, you know.
19. 4David Daniel,what you do not ...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (08.05.13)
appreciate,you do not deserve. A good advice .take every opportunity to show your esteem to your wife , and cherish her,so that when you come home,you are welcomed with a broad and happy smile.
20. Non-Chassidim get cold feet, too
rob ,   New York, USA   (08.05.13)
#5 is just projecting hatred of Judaism and Jewish tradition in an anti-Semitic double standard. Plenty of secular Jews and non-Jews get cold feet and cancel weddings, too, even after living together for years. How the couple meet and how long they've known each other is irrelevant. The vast majority of "married off" Jewish women stay married to the same man for their entire lives.
21. Facts and stats ignored by #11
rob ,   New York, USA   (08.05.13)
And marriage for "love", invented only in the last few hundred years, has led to skyrocketing divorce rates. So marriage for a "business deal" as # 11 calls it seems to work better, no?
22. In other news, Haredi gets bowel movement-rushes to bathroom
Jake ,   USA   (08.05.13)
The Israeli media is so obsessed with the Haredim, its getting quite ridiculous.
23. 17.
Birdi ,   Israel   (08.06.13)
Yay, I agree with you. Finally someone who understands. Kol Ha kavod to the ex-groom.
24. OK, ORA #14
ex oleh chadash ,   south america   (08.06.13)
thanks for your input, honey but - why people say this boy is homo? Isn't this lashon ha-rah? I don't know him, so I can't say if he is gay or not. How can you be a gay haredi? Its impossible, so he will be considerated a rebel, I think.
25. 19.
Birdi ,   Israel   (08.06.13)
The best advice Ora. Kudos.
26. "Do you love me? Do I what? Do you love me? Do I love you?
Rivkah   (08.06.13)
For 25 years I wash the clothes, raise the children and cook the meals. For 25 years my bed is his. Is this LOVE?" Yes, it is love. Love endures all things, hopes all things, believes all things. In the movie The Fiddler on the Roof, the parents married without knowing each other before that and it worked out well. The runaway bridegroom must understand that to HaShem an engagement is as binding as a marriage. He cannot walk out without Scriptural grounds. Was his fiance sexually unfaithful? Did she run away from him? No to both questions, so he has no choice but to honor his word to marry the woman he is engaged to. Incompatibility is the spice of life, especially if he has income and if she is pattable.
27. #24 and Ora one minute ill ask my BF
David ,   Ramat Gan   (08.06.13)
How can you be gay and haradi? One minute i`ll ask my boy friend who is both gay and haradi, wake up people and deal with the facts, that being gay is not a life style preference as being haredi is, a persons sexual orientation is something that cannot be changed , you would be surprised just how many harideem are gay its the married ones i feel sorry for let alone their wives who remain clueless.
28. Kudos to #17 - Zusha
Shalom Hartman   (08.06.13)
Firstly to those who say he hadn't met her. He obviously had because he felt she was incompatible. There are many broken engagements because once all the hype had died down people realize they made a mistake - good for them. I wouldn't wish it on anyone but better before the wedding than after.
29. 1 Ellen, very well said
CiporaJuliannaKohn   (08.06.13)
the pressure put on young people by their parents to marry can be too strong and contrary to the young people's own interest.
30. 26 Rivkah,in Judaism,breaking a ...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (08.06.13)
marriage engagement is not welcome but is permitted.
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