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Israel's tallest tower to be built in Tel Aviv
Hila Tsion
Published: 05.08.13, 13:47
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1. Another ugly building
A Shvitzer ,   Israel   (08.05.13)
This adds another ugly building to all the others built in Israel .
2. 700 sq feet?
BKRezky   (08.05.13)
I would NEVER waste money on an apt as small as that even if gold is pouring from it.
3. i dont get it
alsky ,   Toronto   (08.05.13)
with thousands of missles pointed at Tel Aviv, why build another large tower ?
4. And roads for transport?
Tomer ,   IL   (08.05.13)
Roads will stay the width as they did 40 years ago.
5. 3 As long as people will buy,they will
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (08.05.13)
build.The question is,how can Jewish people be so dumb not to realise the threat?
6. Build 25-50 story bldgs in Judea/Samaria for 1 million Jews
7. Over priced rabbit hutches in the sky
Haim ,   TA   (08.06.13)
Theres always some fool willing to pay the price for an appartment that you dont even have room for a closet in the bedroom.
8. how anti are all these talkbacks...
Anon ,   Johannesburg SA   (08.06.13)
1 - it’s not an ugly building... this small strip of Tel Aviv has been designated for skyscrapers years ago. This makes this part of the city look awesome. Compliments the adjoining "white city" perfectly making Tel Aviv one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities that mix new & beautifully restored old. 2 - Tell that to the Japanese (the most expensive property on earth, in an earthquake zone might I add) limited land means building up, I do not need to remind you that Israel is unfortunately very small. 3 - We (Jews) even if I am in SA right now, have no other home... missiles or not, Jews are the indigenous people of the land and we can and should build up. I have 4 properties in Israel and will coming home for good in 3 years. 4 - The road system in Israel is improving - surprisingly, Tel Aviv has some of the best inner city roads in the world (even though overcrowded - the situation has improved vastly from your comparison of the late 80's)... when there is a light train (which these buildings are part of that train system) this will improve even more. Do not forget the fact that this is a city - if you want to avoid traffic go live on a moshav… 5 - people will buy because like any BIG city people want to live near the "centre" of the excitement. That means you have to pay, that means price goes up, that means building rise taller then before… supply & demand as they say 6 - Building in Judea/Samaria is wrong unless we decide to annex the area. We all know Palestinians do not want peace, but building on this land until we decide on our own position is not right. I for one would like to pull all the Jews out of there (to keep them safe) build a wall and separate ourselves from the Arabs who blindly hate us so much. To me, Jewish life is more important than land. 7 - Price reflects demand, like New York, Toronto or Tokyo. They pay for position not size in all these places, Tel Aviv is not different. I for one don’t like tall buildings - but it shows economic strength (unlike in Dubai where the building are empty) I say build baby build... to quote another talbacker. In South Africa, the last skyscraper that was built was in the 80’s… this conveys the dangerous situation that SA is in.
9. #8. Like your style....
Tim ,   Brighton   (08.06.13)
As you say...I cant see that any commercial developer would develop these buildings if there was no demand I agree that TA however needs to ensure that Roads and other especially Public Transport Services are expanded too Having said that...there is no question that Israels Centre of Gravity is shifting slowly but surely away from Tel Aviv south to its Geographical Centre in Beersheba With water supplies assured....there is no doubt that Industry, Academia, Agriculture and Finance - will gravitate there - with more space to grow and thrive
10. luxury towers not so luxury apartment sizes
zionist forever   (08.07.13)
I live in an old building thats just 3 stories high and I have just over 90 meters. I would have thought that a luxury building would have very big apartments not shoeboxes. I do hope Israel is not going to start building skyscrapers all over the place, they dwarf just about every other building in existence and just spoils the skyline. Instead of building way up start building out, invest in the north and south of the country rather than concentrate on the coast & centre, do that you will bing down property prices nationwide and create jobs.
11. 8 Not tall enough to look into future
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (08.07.13)
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