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Rebels report chemical attack near Damascus
Roi Kais, AP
Published: 05.08.13, 14:38
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1. Senator Ketchup are you there?
Wise Saba ,   Western Negev   (08.05.13)
Where is the UN's [Useless Nations] & the world's anger? Oh, excuse me, Israel isn't involved.
2. Where is Roger Waters ?
Arnold ,   Montreal-Canada   (08.05.13)
Oh ...he only concerns himself with "apartheid " over 100,000 dead in the Syrian conflict is child's play I assume.
3. let's not forget
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (08.05.13)
The extreme Left including Labor and Meretz under Peres, Barak and Yehimovitch all demanded that Israel surrender Golan to Assad.
4. Rome is Burning While the UN is Puffing
Noah Lev ,   Los AngelesUSA   (08.05.13)
With 100,000 plus, many children being killed and more wounded in 2 yrs of intra Syrian fighting..the hate Jew crwoed continues its assault on litlte Israel and its supporters. Anti Semitism is still around, if not wrapped in other cloth. Egypts losses are secret Tunisia has seen violence, millions of refugees in camps in Jordan and Lebanon...and the issue for the UN inspectors is still Israel's occupation, and treatment of the Pales. Where is the EU in all of this..why not boycott Syria/Russia/Iran/China...instead of legitimate industry in Israel? If I were Bibi, or Avi or Livni,or Ehud (s), I would be gvng the you know what to those groups and people. They are a joke, but more honestly, a bunch of bigoted Jew haters...akin to the Reich and Hitlers worse elements. And back on the farm, the ranch is burning.
5. 250.000 Would Have Clout
Noah Lev ,   LosngelesUSA   (08.05.13)
I have sugested on many occsions in posts, that we Jews in Israel/Diaspora, form a cadre of strong, actigfists..working within the legal systems...of 250,000. to use our influcnece against the I hate Jew crowds....starting with the UN Human Rights commissions, the EU, legislators in various countries that promote ant8iZionism...using the old, canards about the Jews ( Protocols, etc.). Isnt it time that we organize..and in strength, not for illegal purposes..but to show we care about our future, and mean it. When Ahmad (Iran)says there are only 500 Zionists...let 250,000 prove he is delusional..and lets not forget the 100m Evangelicals..who are on our side.
6. #2 You mean David Gillmore
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.05.13)
That clown needs to retire... Mel Gibson, poor Mel... He did not know when to just walk away and live the rest of his life in material comfort and relative happiness. Gilmore is the same kind of pathetic fool that can't leave the stage, and live his life in peace and quiet.
7. Chemical weapons false flag
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.05.13)
Sickness.... Vengeance from the grave... These maniacs need to be observed very closely. They can easily decide to stop fighting amongst themselves and turn their attention towards the Jews.
8. We will not be pulled in
Cameron ,   USA   (08.05.13)
9. WHERE IS KERRY??????????????????
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.05.13)
WHERE IS OBAMA??????????????????
10. Who Cares!!
Brett L ,   JHB RSA   (08.05.13)
The world has done nothing to stop assad and the syrian people are paying the price of his arrogance and the worlds ineptitude to do anything about it. Whatever anyone says the blame lies squarely at the doorstep of the cinese and the russians, as they have prevented the UN from taking decisive action Nevermind the arab countries. Sure someone somewhere wiull find a reason to blame israel. What a crock of SH!T.........
11. That's Pepper Spray NOT Sarin
george ,   reno   (08.05.13)
It's obvious to any medical professional. Israel uses the same stuff ALL THE TIME
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