B'Tselem video shows settlers, Palestinians clashing
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 05.08.13, 18:58
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1. How many are those b'tselemot ?
2Mad ,   גולה בצרפת   (08.05.13)
They must be billions of them ! Otherwise, how could they be right on the spot, with their cameras, every time when someone gets in trouble with our peace-partners ? Don't tell me they stage those events by themselves - as our supreme ag rules : they can do no wrong !
2. Half truths worse than a lie
Rube Vogel ,   Jer   (08.05.13)
B'tselem have perfected the art of bringing condemnation down on Israel through the use of out-of-context video. They should join the Netura Karta and drop any pretext of being anything but rabid anti-Zionists.
3. #1 2 Mad: Why are you in France instaed of here?
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (08.05.13)
Of course, I totally agree with but whether you or I like it or not these Jewish Zealots are feeding B'Tzelem, Peace Now!, BDS and all the Haters of Israel with more and more ammunition to condemn Israel and fire the flames of Antisemitism! Of course these things ate totally orchestrated by our enemies and are supported by the EU, in which you live which is totally anti-Israel and pro Palestinian, and we fall into the trap each and every time! 2Mad, its good to be right but it is better to be wise! The Settlers and the Government should follow that dictum. After all, it's on;y common sense.
4. livni is wrong about judea and samaria
matti   (08.05.13)
livni, the tel aviv elitist, is clearly wrong about judea and samaria as is most of the western media. Good to see settlers armed. remind you of the Florida stand your ground law. if you reasonably feel threat of great bodily harm, you are permitted to use deadly force. All judeans should be thus trained. if you have to shoot, target the legs or arms if you are able to. Arab rock throwers should understand the consequences. You will receive no help from bibi, who is scared of obama, scared of kerry, scared of EU, scared of putin, scared of delitimization, scared out of his wits period showing no confidence in the justness of israel's cause.
5. settlers?
DavidR ,   USA   (08.05.13)
Are they not Israeli citizens? Are they not Jews? All Israel from the sea to the Euphrates belong exclusively to the Jewish People. They can "settle" wherever they choose in this land. Palestinians can go to Jordan where they belong temporarily until Jordan goes back to being Israeli Land once again.
6. My money's on the Settlers.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (08.05.13)
They are the only legal residents of Israel the pals can go )*&^%$e themselves. KEEP BUILDING !!!!!
7. Wow !!!!!!!
tiki ,   belgium   (08.05.13)
Next to the killings in Syria & their fugitives, the dead in Egypt, Lybia, Tunesia, the rise again of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the suicide bombs in Irak, the abuse of Human rights in Iran, Russia, Turkey, China a.o. places, abuse of women & hanging and hate crimes against Gay's in the rest of the Middle East, the regional wars in Africa, the revival of Jew hate in Europe, hunger, forced labor, women trade, etc.etc.............. this news is earth shaking!!!!!!!!
8. BTselem
Rachel   (08.05.13)
Always takes the Palestinians side. At first their mission may have been one of justice and equal rights for all,but I honestly believe they have grown to hate the Jewish people living in Judea and Samaria,and are not capable of being objective any longer about the subject of violence between Jews and Arabs in the area.
9. jews are the only one with guns.
US Taxpayer   (08.05.13)
Real brave
10. Criminals
Kobi Martin ,   Tel Aviv   (08.05.13)
I am proud of being an Israeli and having an institution like IDF that arrested criminal settlers and an NGO like B'Tselem. With this video in hands i can show the world Israel is not a criminal State. I can show we are ruled by law and criminals are arrested as any other country. Thank you IDF for putting this worms in jail. Thank you B'Tselem for denouncing one more attempt of theft and indecent acts.
11. B'Tselem should be banned they provoke and instigate these p
Natalie Durson ,   LA US   (08.06.13)
12. B'Tselem should be declarred illegal.
Reuven   (08.06.13)
It is a treasonous group that encourages violence against Jews.
13. "Clashes" is media-speak for an arab attack
BH ,   Iowa   (08.06.13)
14. B'Tselem
MR ,   NJ,USA   (08.06.13)
These videos are a setup. The settlers are falling into the hands of leftists waiting for a video like this. They should forget about the Arabs and make a point of stoning those videoing them. End the interference.
15. I belive the people taking the walking journey
MOSHE ,   TORONTO   (08.06.13)
It sounds to me that there with arabs throwing rocks at the travellers and it was instigated so that this peace group could film their reactions to getting hit by rocks. When will people wake up to logic of the situation instead of these peace groups instigating for the sake of flawed video to get negative opinion,which is then given to the media for reaction and comments.
16. Justice Israeli style
Rau   (08.06.13)
"but the court decided to release them" I heard this many times before.
17. #4 Guns
Bob Cassidy   (08.06.13)
Are the Israelis allowed to carry arms and shoot whoever they want to? Yes. Can they fight unarmed against unarmed Palestinians? No, the Israelis would lose. Are the Palestinians allowed to carry guns? NO What else have they except their fists and the billions of rocks that seem to be everywhere? What did the jews use in the Warsaw Ghetto?
18. #10 Kobi
Bob Cassidy   (08.06.13)
Thank you Kobi! You are a breath of fresh air amongst the stench of halitosis of most rabid Tbers. I believe there will be peace with Jews and non-Jews living side by side in the greater Israel, so long as unbiased rational thinkers like you exist there.
19. Events Half Truths
Marc ,   Shilo   (08.06.13)
Of course the video does not show the events that led up to this incident, the stoning attack that took place. Unfortunately, the hikers did not have the brains to speak to the camera of the B'Tzelem criminals. B'Tzelem (New Israel Fund) incitement occurs daily, the know who to pick, who lacks media savvy, and of course, all "Settlers" look and are exactly like those filmed. Sad how ignorant most of the viewers are, sad and criminal how ignorant most Israel Orgs are.
20. Tiki Belgium
Sarah ,   The Netherlands   (08.06.13)
You are right. But if it where Palestinians with the guns...they would be terrorists and became worldnews right?
21. I also work with video edit - not impressed
Rotem ,   Israel   (08.07.13)
It's time to reveal the amount of money which Btzelem gets from Anti-Israeli factors around the world. Btzelem are no more reliable than the guardian newspaper...
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