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ADL: German magazines glorify Nazism
Published: 06.08.13, 07:23
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1. German National Consciousnes is the same !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (08.06.13)
" Deutschland - Deutschland Uber alles " - it says. Only HASHEM can change the Consciousness. of an Individual as well as a Nation. Dont delude yourselve. Why does the Jews not leave Germany and come Home ? Arn,
2. I know them well enough........
Calabi ,   Sydney Aust   (08.06.13)
When I was a young lad I never knew much about Germans and European racial evils. One day I worked with some Germans and one of them was drunk. Out of his belly uttered in regrets, "If it wasn't Russia we would have rule this world!" The danger now is not one them but many of them. Looks like those animals,...leopards never change it's spots. I'm not a Jew. If the Jews never learn from history then history will never forgive Israel and the Jews........ in the future!!! God bless Israel
3. #2
["If the Jews never learn from history then history will never forgive Israel and the Jews..."] In other words: If the Jews are too stupid to learn, it's their own fault. Is it that what you're saying? With "friends" like this...
4. The last time Germany banned magazines
that didn't fit into its world-view was between 1933-45 (+East G.). Therefore the constitution makes it very difficult to ban information and opinions, even if they are tasteless and only difficult to bear for most people. If these Landser magazines would clearly* glorify the NS-ideology, they definitely would be banned, but actually they "only" glorify war, that's tasteless and morally wrong, but not illegal, as long as it's not about war crimes etc of course. I have never seen these magazines, but I suppose they deal with courageousness and comradeship in a WW2 scenario. *The question is, is it possible to glorify the war, without -at least indirectly- glorifying the Nazi-ideology.
5. ADL really are a sharp-eyed bunch
Radka ,   Athens   (08.06.13)
Der Landser has been going around for something like SIXTY YEARS... and NOW they're concerned it might promote Nazism? I swear, they make it up as they go along just to justify their salaries!
6. Nr 3. I think you are to hasty in Judgement.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (08.06.13)
The Future of the World depends on Israel and the Jews, if Israel and the Jews fail, the rest of the World are doomed. Salvation comes from the Jews !. Arn.Sweden.
7. Support Israel Law Center instead of useless pro-Obama A.D.L
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.06.13)
The ADL fiddles around with publications and demonizes pro-Israel conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin. The Israel Law Center successfully sues terrorists and their supporters, sues ship lines used by hostile flotillas, sues universities holding "Israel Apartheid Week" and does many other great things. One of the great modern mysteries is: What does the A.D.L. do to justify the huge salaries of its leaders? Support the Israel Law Center instead of the useless pro-Obama A.D.L.
8. Of course it is glorified
k ,   US   (08.06.13)
the only reason the Germans pretend to show any shame is because they have to, deep down they all have a sympathy for what their grandparents did
9. More evidence ADL & jewish lobby
17   (08.06.13)
is trying to control world media. German, American, French ,etc shouldn't allow israel to censor the press.
10. If Jews ruined my country's economy
Fredrik   (08.06.13)
like They did in Germany and like they are doing in USA today ...I would most likely do same as Nazis did. Believe it, without crying " anti semitism". Cheap words have no meaning when people are suffering because of you.
11. #10 Yes, you are antisemitic
Dave ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (08.06.13)
And a very severe one. It is irrational, hateful, and dangerous to demonize an entire people because of the ALLEGED actions of a few! It is nonsense that only Jewish people ruined or are ruining the economies of the countries you mentioned and it is more nonsense that the vast majority of Jews don't suffer from economic downturns just like other people. Do you even realize the horrible thing you said?
12. To N 11, Dave.
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (08.07.13)
Dear Dave, as a true Democrat and Christian, I do endorse your comment. Antisemitism is filthy, and it must be erased from all the world. Jewish people has suffered very much along History, but it will never be repeated. Salutes. (Um abra├žo).
13. Glorifying crime
NO to glorifying any oppressive dehumanizing regime.
14. #10 Likely a new talkback name for split
Benji ,   US   (08.07.13)
He suffers from lack of intelligence and boredom.
15. to #2 the royal british family is German
ghostq   (08.07.13)
Queen Elizabeth's grandfather changed the surname to windsor in 1917 before that it used to be Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. and the first blood libel against Europeen jews came from the UK, the old claim that Jews use blood of chritian children in their even bread at Easter. that blood libel came even before the spanish inquisition.
16. Nr 15The Anglo-Saxons is-GoticGermans.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (08.07.13)
17. #14 Nah, too hard a name for him to spell.
A ,   Belgium   (08.07.13)
18. re #9
NIgel ,   London   (08.07.13)
Good grief are you stupid ?Can you not tell the difference between Israel and Jewish ? The two are not synonyms Israel is a tiny country in the Middle East Judaism is a religio shared by about 18 million people worldwide. Get into your head that the two are not the same. Jews controlling the media is absolute junk and also, an ongoing theme of the fascist right. This kind of guff makes me furious. German has strict laws on racism - for pretty obvious reasons.
19. to #18 you r right Israel should be chritian
ghostq   (08.07.13)
jews don't need a state anyway. and you right London is holly place in Judaism. the Big Ben is in the Torah.
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