Kenyan lawyer looks to sue Israel over Jesus' death
Published: 06.08.13, 07:56
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1. Brilliant!!! Let him do it...
Brett L ,   JHB RSA   (08.06.13)
Evenb when he loses, it will prove once and for all the jews and Israel have been around since the dawn of time, before the islamists and more especially, WAY WAY before the palastinians. This world has become completely crazy!!
2. Kenya producing comedy artists
Kenyata, Obama and now Dola indidis
3. Zionism at its best
4. Are you kidding me????????????
NS ,   Long Island, NY, USA   (08.06.13)
Either this so called "lawyer" is stupid, hateful or has no life to speak of. I suggest he take up a hobby like butterfly collecting.
5. Religion the best comedy show in the world
David   (08.06.13)
Ah all those gulable people who belive in the bearded man in the sky and their flocks. I guese therfore i can sue the tooth fairy for not leaving a coin under my daughters pillow when her tooth fell out?
6. book of matthew
Ezra ,   San Diego   (08.06.13)
This is an example of extreme Matthew on the brain. Probably too many sports drinks also.
7. Kenyan to Sue Israel over yashke
Nili ,   Jerusalem   (08.06.13)
Oh, that is really rich! He comes from a continent that persecutes xtians every day and he wants to sue us? Why do we even bother with such lunatics!
8. How will he call witnesses?
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (08.06.13)
They are all dead.
9. Who's going to be a judge?
Carlo ,   Philippines   (08.06.13)
Why he didn't sue satan also...
10. Proof?
rom ,   israel   (08.06.13)
Well, first of all he would have to prove that "Jesus" actually existed. There is little to no historical (the Bible is NOT history) evidence that "Jesus" was ever born.
11. This idi should learn Roman history
Mira ,   Vienna   (08.06.13)
and as a lawyer especially, so he might understand the reasons why Jesus, the self-declared King of the Jews was executed! A lasuit would be much fun though. It would beat the Muppet show of the Turkish AKP!
12. to #8
Jesse ,   The Netherlands   (08.06.13)
One of the witnesses is still alive.
13. To thr writer, you have much of it wrong about Joan of ArC..
Austin ,   Canada   (08.06.13)
Her name was Jeanne D'arc-Joasn of Arc. (not Ark-that belongs to Noah) .And your history is a bit skewed. My recollection of the several books I read about this lady was that she was an ignorant, illiterate peasant girl who heard a voice telling he to make contact with the Dauphin of France and tell him that G-D would support him. In those medieval and utterly ignorant and superstitious days, she seemed to have put enough spirit into him to collect another army and try again to defeat the English and Burgundians. He was successful because he was inspired by Joan. And they progressed from there until eventually France could again be a country with Paris as capital. She was NOT any sort of a soldier, not a leader, nor anything you have written. I'm sure you could find much of this on the internet, if you'd bothered to look..
14. This brave Kenyan Lawyer...
Marco ,   Spain   (08.06.13)
Is exposing Israel and Israelis for what they really are...Murderers...
15. Let him sue
Mike Diaz ,   San Juan, USA   (08.06.13)
Come on, People. This is the best chance to let the World know that Jews were around long before the whiny Palestinians.
16. Technically, Jesus was guilty
Vlad   (08.06.13)
He did subvert Roman authority and incite rebellion, a capital crime under the law. He was tried and judged accordingly. (Please nobody take offense at this, this is just my tasteless attempt at a joke)
17. Those Romans are in BIG trouble.
Dan   (08.06.13)
18. Finally some one is doing the right thing...
Mark Schroeder ,   Germany   (08.06.13)
Dola Indidis, you earned my respect...Thank you for doing what every decent Christian should have done long time...
19. Go home, you're drunk
Anna ,   Jerusalem   (08.06.13)
20. Was he hired by Jesus to be his lawyer?
Israeli 2   (08.06.13)
21. Has the Lawyer ever heard of Habeas Corpus
Yoni ben Avraham ,   Dishon, Israel   (08.06.13)
He must present a body, not a fictional account. This is what happens when people take online law courses.
22. Pathetic
Phoenix ,   Israel   (08.06.13)
Only a third world idiot could think about such a stupid idea! To sue international entities over a religious myth of another people.
23. #20 Israeli 2
Mark Schroeder ,   Germany   (08.06.13)
No, Israeli, he was not hired by Jesus, but was hired by decent Christians all over the world...
24. #21 Yoni
Mark Schroeder ,   Germany   (08.06.13)
Are you saying that your Torah is fictional? If that is the case then get the hell out of Palestine because you base your arguments for stealing the Land of Palestine on religious grounds...
25. I know, let's sue Pharaoh!
Chen Asraf ,   Bat Yam   (08.06.13)
We can get some money for it
26. #18 When he is finished with Israel, he can sue
A ,   Belgium   (08.06.13)
Germany and its entire population for inciting 2 world wars, which caused the death of millions of innocent Europeans and tremendous destruction of property, for supporting the nazi government and its murderous policies, for the repression of CHRISTIANITY and murder of CATHOLIC PRIESTS (I assume you are a "decent Christian"), and for the deaths of American, Canadian, Australian and other non-europeans who fought first against the imperial German army and later, the nazis. For these reasons, every German should be held accountable and considered guilty, including yourself, and you should all be collectively punished for 50 generations.When Dola Indidis does this, he will have earned MY respect.
27. Typical troublemaking gold digger lawyer
Dina ,   USA   (08.06.13)
28. Oh, this is too good!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.06.13)
I cannot wait to hear the eyewitness testimony. Following which, I plan to sue some British foundling home on behalf of Oliver Twist.
29.  Israelites or Israelis to be prosecuted ?
Roland Seener ,   London England   (08.06.13)
Israelites of the time have all gone to their Father in Heaven,and therefore cannot answer any charge sheet. Israelis are modern people remotely away from the times of "J" and consist of Jews,Moslems Christians Druse Bahais etc...who are modern day Israelis.with Israeli Passports.Bias therefore can only support his case, as it must only refer to us Jews of modern day Israel and compatriots world wide . I can truly therefore say, I had nothing to do with it.And so can say all the rest of us ! (In other words he and his mischevous prosecution should Get Lost)
30. Jesus (Isaiah)
Nils von der Heyde ,   Germanx   (08.06.13)
Hmm... and what about Julius Ceasar?
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