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'Arab Idol' winner to move from Gaza to West Bank
Elior Levy
Published: 06.08.13, 09:46
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1. Why a diplomatic passport?
Israel ,   Israel   (08.06.13)
2. "Plead with Hamas and bribe the Egyptian border guards"
Gabor ,   Budapest, Hungary   (08.06.13)
Israel is really losing the propaganda war. This sentence shows perfectly well that the phrases like ghetto, open air prison, occupied Gaza, Israeli blockade are simple lies and pure propaganda. This guy from Gaza made into Egypt without mentioning the name Israel, only Hamas and the Egyptian border guards. His words should be remembered and immeadiatly quoted as soon as some super smart BDS activist, Al Quds day organizer, or just somebody from Al Jazeera/BBC starts moaning about the "occupation".
3. Interesting truths about the "Open Air Prison" called Gaza
Andi ,   Israel   (08.06.13)
Gazans have to get permission to leave from Hamas (which can be denied), and then to enter Egypt you have to bribe the Egyptian guards. The Egyptian border is currently sealed shut, so despite Israel's partial and UN approved "blockade", the only way out of Gaza is through Israeli territory (which naturally requires an Israeli permit) and in to the West Bank and Jordan. And the world condemns Israel for restricting Gazans' movement. UK Prime Minister Cameron calls it an open air prison.
4. It has been Called Jeuda & Samaria for few thousand years
Mot "West Bank"   (08.06.13)
Ynet, where do you find these amateur reporters?
5. Anybody Paying Attention???
Norm L Jew ,   Galut   (08.06.13)
"Born in Libya" but denied citizenship by those "Arab brothers," living in a "refugee camp" in [g]Aza---under the rule of his Hamas "Arab Brothers"... but Israel is described consistently as mistreating the Arabs....
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