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With children under chuppah
Gabi Neuman
Published: 07.08.13, 13:17
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1. This torture and untenable situation in Israel has to STOP!!
ENOUGH ,   Sara   (08.07.13)
Israel is the home for EVERYONE who is Jewish and it has a G-dly obligation to accept and help everyone who truly wants to become Jewish or return to their roots. The torture and inhumane treatment from the Misrad haPanim and Rabbinate has gone on WAY TOO LONG. This is the HOMELAND of the Jewish PEOPLE!!!
2. Corrupt rabbinate
Joseph ,   Canada   (08.07.13)
Whoever feels Jewish should be Accepted and helped . What is wrong with these corrupt Rabbis?
3. If these people are Jews what am I ?
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (08.07.13)
4. Parashah Ki-Tavo is coming up 08.24
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   (08.07.13)
It will be recited in every Orthodox beit k'nesset in the world: "Damned is he who perverts the judgment of an orphan-geir..." (Dt. 27.19). And Who enforces, avenges, protects and watchguards regarding judgments of geirim? "ha-Sheim watchguards geirim" (Ps. 146.9). Woe betide the man, or men -- "great rabbi", "Gaon" or "Rabbanut" -- who earns the vengeance of ha-Sheim in wrong-judging any geir.
5. what's up with this OVER DRAMATIZATION?
Sephardi Israeli ,   Israel   (08.08.13)
I am a Jew descended from Sephardi Jews who were anusim. I converted (to remove all doubt) with OU rabbis in the USA that process from start to finish took 18 months. I immigrated to Israel under the law of return and with a teudat oleh visa. Then I met my future husband, an Israeli and a Cohen, and married him in Israel. My sons are all Cohanim. No drama, no trauma. You see, you see there are other stories which don't serve up trauma/drama but they are boring so no one writes about them.
6. # 2 These rabbis are not corrupt
Stan ,   Israel   (08.09.13)
They make their decisions according to Halacha. That is the magic word - HALACHA. All orthodox rabbis in Israel stick to it as though it was given to us by God, and if you loosen the strings, the whole parcel of Judaism will fall apart. Which to my mind is a load of rubbish.
7. For how long will
JeanH ,   USA   (08.09.13)
be 'considered' Jewish!? With the Ultra's in power who knows!!!
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