8th grader plans, runs summer day camp
Lior El-Hai
Published: 07.08.13, 15:04
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1. Special young man
Ellen ,   Israel/NYC   (08.07.13)
Yosef is a very special young man. His family should be extremely proud of him. May his father recover in the merit of his son's good deeds. BTW we should all remember the name YOSEF GAVRO. I have a feeling this is not the last we've heard of him and one day we may find his name on a list of who to vote for!
2. cool kid!
Steve ,   USA   (08.07.13)
Outstanding young man. With so many kids indulging in bad behavior it is heart warming to read about the efforts of a generous and industrious youngster. Good luck to him.
3. One only thing
M ,   Israel   (08.07.13)
How come there are no Caucasian Jewsish kids pictured? Does his club only allow Ethiopian Jewish kids and not all others? There are plenty (non-Ethiopian) that need positive activities so they don't burn cats and pick fights with strangers on the streets of Israel out of boredom.
4. no one could come up with
JL   (08.07.13)
a little money to help the young man?..hope he succeeds in anything he takes on..
5. #3 Why look for troble
Dan ,   Kefar Saba   (08.07.13)
M, I am surprised you don't know that Israel has a caste system, and no Ashkanazi or Sfardi would listen to an Ethiopean - or want to be in the same room with one. If the idea is from an Ethiopean - then by definition it cannot be a good idea. Until Israeli's learn to judge people as individuals and not by the colour of their skin, you will be hard pressed to find mixed activities.
6. Born entrepreneur!
sv ,   ca usa   (08.07.13)
A talent like that, in an entrepreneur-friendly environment like Israel, is bound for great success.
7. This was his own initiative
Ella ,   Israel   (08.07.13)
He invited the kids himself and found a place to run the activities. He happens to be a member of my organization's youth center, and I am happy to assure you that our youth center is open to any kid of any origin who is interested.
8. I beg to differ
Ella ,   Israel   (08.07.13)
We run activities for Ethiopian Israeli youth to empower them (Yosef among others), and I am glad to inform you that their friends from other origins join them in our youth centers. The kids know better!
9. Where are our philanthopists?
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.07.13)
This boy deserves a scholarship to pursue whatever line of studies his interests prove to be.
10. Arutz Sheva drops the ball!
J.Schachter ,   Canada   (08.07.13)
Kudos to ynet for allowing talk back. News service Arutz Sheva apparently does not. I recently viewed an article , "Youth drowns in pool". It was posted 17:13 hrs August 7,2013. When you drown you are by definition, dead. The article goes on to state that the young man's condition is listed as "moderate". In other words he is alive thankfully. רפואה שלמה מן השמים to him and his family.
11. Credit where credit is due.
Dina S. ,   Montreal Canada   (08.07.13)
The mayor lauds the educational system for what Yosef Gavro has become. I would imagine that it is his parents who really deserve the credit for raising such a fine young boy.
12. ATTN: George Sorros
This article needs to get to George Sorros. He will sponsor his boy and help him succeed. Ynet I'm sure you have 'connections' please pass this along. He helped his son Alex'a ex-girlfriend of Nigerian descent, he just loves these kinds of stories.
13. George Soros will not give one cent
SNS   (08.07.13)
George Soros is very anti-Israel and would not give one cent to this boy.
14. Planting acorns
Stefan Bialoguski ,   London, UK   (08.13.13)
You know the saying about mighty oaks growing from tiny acorns? Well, the ‘acorn’ here is Yosef Gavro - what an inspiration! He's running his camp at World ORT’s Alex and Betty Schoenbaum Science, Educational, Cultural and Sports Camp's Nate Lipson Ethiopian Heritage Centre, the first of its kind in Israel. Kol hakavod to Yosef for his initiative and drive and thanks to the Schoenbaum and Lipson families who helped World ORT create fertile ground for this acorn to flourish!
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