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Marriage registrar rejects Tzohar couple?
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 08.08.13, 14:45
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1. A prime example of why we need Tzohar
i ,   jerusalem   (08.08.13)
Religious Services needs to clean house. If they were at all clever, they would can this poor excuse for a public servant, and put a Tzohar rabbi in his place..
2. a prime example of
pedro ,   NY   (08.08.13)
why Israel needs civil marriage already. Stop acting like a third world country and get it together.
3. This type of inhumane treatment is STANDARD PROCEEDURE
STOP the ,   TORTURE   (08.08.13)
from the rabbinate under the ultra-orthodox. They do absolutely NOTHING but pocket huge paychecks. And the people suffer tremendously. I thought there was a chance for change but the new elections just took us 10 steps BACKWARDS.
4. Black and white
Danny ,   London England   (08.08.13)
Ministry guidelines must be published and made public in black and white so each local official can't make up the rules as he goes along. One hears Israelis are used to too much red tape in all official matters, not just matters of religion.
5. #2 No way!
Stan ,   Israel   (08.09.13)
Unfortunately Hell will freeze over before that happens
6.  a prime example of
heifait ,   Haifa   (08.09.13)
why the state has to stop paying to them!!! If they are not going to do what they are payed for, why should we?
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