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New olim: IDF, here we come!
Itamar Eichner
Published: 09.08.13, 13:41
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1. That's the way
Borneaux   (08.09.13)
Very good, make `aliyah while you're young, once you're past army age it's not so easy to integrate.
2. Nostalgia
Portland native ,   US/Israel   (08.09.13)
I remember making Aliyah and joining the army in 2005. Oh the promises! Out of my 'class' only two people are still in Israel, everyone else returned to US after finishing army or shortly after. Israel is not all its cracked our to be, kids.
3. @no 2
Edouard ,   Canada   (08.09.13)
U can be very proud of what you did Many did not Israel know that u r here in case of trubles and that's what is important May be one day u will return again
4.  serving in idf
danny ,   LA/ashkelon   (08.09.13)
I moved here with dreams of serving in a combat unit, instead i was shafted into a crappy air force one and am unable to leave without great difficulty...nefesh bnefesh and all the other so called lone soldier help centers are of no help..i hope these kids know what theyre getting into...
5. Re: Nostalgia
Roman ,   IL   (08.09.13)
Yep, same here. The kids simply have two home bases (Israel and US) and can always come back under parents' wing in no time. Making Aliyah from US is not the same as from Yemen or Russia :) Still, this is a win-win for both kids and IDF
6. God bless you are the pride of us Jews still
Al   (08.09.13)
in the golus. God bless you and protect you.
7. Don't buy into "adapt" Instead, be a force for improvement!
Veteran Olim ,   Israel   (08.09.13)
Immovable and unrelenting. Make this place better!
8. Wish them luck...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.09.13)
It's not easy for an American to adapt to Israel, much less to the IDF. I wish them the best of luck in making Aliyah in this way. Wonder if they already have Hebrew?
9. Mazel Tov...from strength to strength...&
Dina   (08.09.13)
Shabbat Shalom!
10. enlisting in the IDF
Leonard ,   Green River, USA   (08.09.13)
I absolutley endorse their decision to enlist in Zahal, however I still believe that they should have served in the U.S. military first. If they were born here, & were raised here, I believe they have an obligation to serve here first........
11. Olim
Steve Gure USA ,   coconut creek, fl   (08.09.13)
As much as I disagree with the Israeli leadership and their policies, I aplaud the young people and feel that as long as there are people like them there is hope for Israel.
12. Cannon fodder
dianak ,   germany   (08.09.13)
risking your life or dying for bibi ? the man who free terrorists and negotiates to give up Judea , Samaria and jerusalem ??? look at the fate of prisioner x , stay better at home, study , make money and help Israel in an other way. I would never put my life in danger for people like bibi , livni or lapid.
13. Young Americans like these
John Robey ,   Austin, Texas   (08.09.13)
are fine examples of what we do not need (people whose loyalty to their native country has been compromised or is questionable) here in the States. You are welcome to them.
14. So much for loyalty and gratitude ,...
split ,   US   (08.10.13)
Born, raised and educated in US serving in IDF - US Armed Forces are not good enough for him ,... He will be the first in line pointing a finger at us and bitching, why don't they like me ?,...
15. So many wonderful people but so few make it to the Knesset.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.10.13)
Per capita, Israel almost certainly contributes more to humanity than any state in history. Israel is full of brilliant, courageous men and women. The tragedy is that so few of these wonderful people make it to the Knesset. The Knesset is mostly full of cowardly fools. That is why we have lunatic Israeli retreats, freeing mass murderers, "peace talks" with genocidists and other obscenities no sane Israeli patriot would ever tolerate.
16. it was always my dream,,,
Henri ,   Toronto   (08.09.13)
to live in Israel. It was sad when I realized I was fooling myself. Maybe one day and save enough $$$$ . I admire all those who make a successful Aliyah !
17. #13 Who appointed you Judge?
Cynthia ,   USA   (08.10.13)
While you sit glued to your barcalounger, these young men and women are pursuing their dreams. They can be dual citizens of Israel and the US and bottomline, it's not your business.
18. #14
Ronnie ,   Gedera, Israel   (08.10.13)
I am a dual citizen and have lived in Israel for many years. Back in the 1950s I served with the US Army in Korea and later served for 20 years with the IDF. I love both of my countries (just like you can love both your mother and your father). By the way, Mr. Split, what have you ever done for country?
19. Eat The Words
Christy ,   Boston, US   (08.10.13)
Not very long ago I read a comment here stating that US Jews were 'spoilt', (among other things) and this was the reason many stayed in the US. Hope that person reads this article and eats his/her words. Also, to my fellow citizens criticizing why service to Israel before the US - layoff these young people. The Bible says that God will re-establish Israel (done) and call the Jewish people to return. They're just answering God's call to return. The Bible also predicts a tough time for re-established Israel. They need the fighters. I also think I think it's great to have these young people join the armed forces of one of our great allies in this area.
20. # 18 - I served with the US Army in Korea ,...
split ,   US   (08.10.13)
There were no volunteers in Korea, you were either, recalled after reduction from previous draft or drafted and trained for war in Korea that means no volunteer, so save your breath ,...
21. split @ 14
snag ,   USA   (08.10.13)
Loyalty and gratitude to their host countries is a foreign or non existing concept in their mind set.
22. #20 We got stuck with you
Benji ,   US   (08.10.13)
You jumped ship from Poland like a scared rat and begged for asylum from the US. No doubt you joined the military to gain citizenship.
23. Split's service
Herman ,   Boston   (08.11.13)
He has never failed to oblige Uncle Sam in depositing his wellfare checks My hero !!
24. to #13 the USA troopers served in Israel
lili   (08.11.13)
10 years ago, with comlaints on low fat food. it is nice to know that in time of need not to relay on americans. just good for nothing.
25. to #20 now it make sense
lili   (08.11.13)
you volunteer to USA army, they made you do things, there is no law in the USA that recruit men to the army or face jail time. so you can blame yourself.
26. # 19 ,...
split ,   US   (08.11.13)
What about those that take your fairy tales for what it is just a fairy tales or those that are waiting for a savior like the orthodox Jews or Christians for second coming ? ,...
27. The young isrieli hero
Ram parkash ,   Delhi,India   (08.11.13)
Dont these enthusiasts know that Pakistan is a nuclier country,iran hacked a us drone and forced it to land.there are mujahids in gaza and lebanon.Are they not committing suicide--340
28. I admire them
just sayin ,   Toronto   (08.12.13)
many people are loyal to more than the country they live in. Jews are no different ! I wish them lots of luck in their journey !
29. #13, #14 I hope you'll be consistent
Logic ,   Israel   (08.12.13)
and say the same about all the Hispanic immigrants who left Mexico and joined the US military in order to defend you and pursue the American dream. I also hope you'll say the same about the American pilots who volunteered to help the UK in the Battle of Britain, the French and Polish Generals who joined up to help the US win the Revolutionary War, and the modern example of several Israeli IDF veterans who moved stateside and joined the US military in Iraq.
30. Unprecedented Peace.
seal ,   USA   (08.12.13)
with america enjoying an unprecedented period of peace for almost 50 years since the end of the vietnam war, how can we fail to appreciate these young peoples dedication in running off and joining the military of a foreign country.
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