Ministers okay list of 26 Palestinian prisoners to be released
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 11.08.13, 22:47
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1. When did releasing Pal prisoners contribute to peace?
Sam ,   Canada   (08.11.13)
It's just the West and Israel being the usual suckers. They say not to capitulate to terrorists and the first thing they do is capitulate to terrorists. That is how these terrorist nobodies are able to confront Israeli and Western power.
2. No More Terrorists
James ,   Canada   (08.11.13)
These prisoners are no more terrorists than Israel's leaders like Ben Gurion, Moshe Dayan, Ariel Sharon Yitzhak Rabin, Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir and every other Jewish leader who once participated in the Jewish terror groups liel Lehi, Stern, Irgun, and Haganah which committed acts of terror against the Arabs and British in British Mandate Palestine.
3. No Jewish Prisoners On The List!
Ariel ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (08.12.13)
B"H - The fact that there are no Jewish prisoners on the list is indicative of the unaccepteble level of institutional anti-Semitism built in to the system in the State of Israel. Free Yigal Amir, Ami Popper and Jack Tietel NOW!
4. #2
DOV ,   United States   (08.12.13)
Those heros you compare cold blooded murderers to is a fallacy. Israel surrenders again. This is not a counter measure for peace. Do not free killers before serving their sentence.
5. how do you say "accomplices to murder" in Hebrew?
6. Pollard did not murder anyone, yet incarcerated for life
Tahl   (08.12.13)
The only reason Israel is releasing these murderers is due to American pressure. The same hypocrite Americans who keep Pollard in prison for life out of sheer vindictiveness (and a bit of antisemitism as well).
7. Don't you just love the incredible spin?
Harry Wright ,   UK   (08.12.13)
..."strengthen Mahmoud Abbas"; "improving Abbas' standing"; "not to arouse public scrutiny". What utter nonsense. They should just say straight off - buying a little cooperation from the Pals because all of them KNOW that Abbas is not even worth his weight in dung. Everybody knows that Hamas will not be bound by any agreement, should any will arise. And everybody knows you don't get peace by freeing your murderous enemies en masse. This is just making a mockery of the country, the judicial system, the victims and their loved ones and the security efforts of those who apprehended the murderers in the first place - just to please Obama who did not care about his own diplomat and other US personnel in Benghazi nor the Pakistani doctor who helped him get bin Laden nor the Seals who were assigned to execute the mission. DISGUSTING!
8. Concessions to strengthen Holocaust Denying Mass Murderer.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.12.13)
The fact the Israeli government is trying to strengthen Holocaust Denying Mass Murderer Mahmoud Abbas says all that needs to be said about this criminally negligent and utterly lunatic act. It says the same thing about the evil, sick "peace talks with Palestinians".
9. No. 3, hilarious post
mea   (08.12.13)
If anything they should be sunk deeper into the black pit of prison.
10. How can we sleep at night
David ,   On this planet   (08.12.13)
having those kind of leaders in Israel. I guess we don't want much. Self esteem is no longer important.Let's just make sure the world is happy at telling us where to live how to live and mostly if we can live period
11. Shameful!
Steven ,   San Francisco   (08.12.13)
This is a disgrace to the State of Israel, the families of the victims, and the memory of the victims themselves.
12. And Pollard?
Manu ,   France   (08.12.13)
Why is Jonathan Pollard still in Jail in the US?? He's no terrorist. This release means that if you kill jews you either go to heaven with 72 virgins, or go back home free. HELLO WAKE UP ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13. No pretending
Gil ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.12.13)
I'm not going to pretend that we are still tough and can kick their a**es. This is a major disappointment and the government (identity that supposed to protect us) has failed. In all honestly I am terrified of this news. I am scared for my children's, my family's, my friends and colleagues' and my own safety.
14. #2 - Lehi, Irgun, (etc) attacked *military* targets
Jake ,   USA   (08.12.13)
To compare them to savage PLO terrorists is the height of intellectual dishonesty. Although I expect nothing more from the anti-Israel crowd. They are a laughingstock.
15. @14 Dier Yassin was unarmed village attacked by Shamir
Israel ,   Israel   (08.12.13)
that was no military site! And like Dier Yassin there are many others...go look them up. You are blind & it isn't even funny.
16. HaBayit HaYehudi: Your building is killing us!
17. Our leaders
eli ,   Yerushalayim   (08.12.13)
obviously have been never on Arab baser. How can one be so stupid to pay the first price they tell you, without negotiating a real price. Our leaders pay even a price for not seeing the subject of trade at all. Unbelievable. At least we should learn to execute murders from now.
18. Death penalty for terrorists now!!!
eli ,   Yerushalayim   (08.12.13)
19. ....released to kill again. This should
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.12.13)
be the end of Netanyahu's career . He is another "Sharon".
20. Pathetic
Jeff ,   Chicago   (08.12.13)
I remember when Israel had leaders who understood there was a price to pay for spilling JewIsh Blood.After Entebbe when Begin declared " let the world know Jewish Blood isn't cheap. The world knew and respected us.What a disgrace What a reversal of our present day midgets who would endanger the lives of innocent civilians for meaningless talk. What pathetic weaklings
21. The mass murderers of Jews are coming out, Israel's enemies
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.12.13)
are cheering. They murdered and yet inherited freedom at the same time. It is a day of shame to the US leadership that is ready, for the sake of status and legacy, demand the release of mass murderers of Jews. It is a day of shame to us, Jews, within and without our national home of Israel, to have permitted our government to be pressured into accepting this shameful act of allowing mass murderers to go free. It is shameful for humanity for cheering for these men with Jewish blood still stained their hands!!
22. shame on bibi
mayer ,   brooklyn   (08.12.13)
how low can you go.
23. Obama EU have had their pound of flesh
Cipora Julianna Kohn   (08.12.13)
now let the circus begin, let the clown play his role to the assembled dignitaries.
24. Democracy
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (08.12.13)
The extreme Left says they want democracy, but what they mean is Orwell's Animal Farm Democracy can only work when there is rule of law, but in Israel there is no rule of law. Hiring illegal aliens (Weinstein), defamation (Jenin Jenin), incitement to racism (A Dura), bribery (Goldfarb), contempt for court rulings (releasing murderers) and rape (Bar Hanaor) are all fine, as long as these are what the extreme Left wants. The Left is disgusting.
25. #15 stop smoking
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (08.12.13)
You are repeating the Leftist/Arab narrative that has long been disproven by historians. Deir Yassin was a bloody battle between Revisionist forces and well-trained, well-armed Iraqi soldiers. The fact that the Left always has to lie and invent narratives to support their position says it all.
26. You boneheads, you started this with Shalit
Cameron ,   USA   (08.12.13)
Blame thyselves at the end of the day. Obama has been looking for a grand gesture to please the Arab players, as well as to put a foot in the Israeli arse, and you gave him the means with the earlier Shalit mass release. Now it's going to be a regular and permanent fixture of ME affairs.
27. ... to strengthen Abbas
eli ,   Yerushalayim   (08.12.13)
Which other country has leaders who are more concerned about the well being of an enemy than the well being of their own people?
28. Sham on you guys
Itsik ,   Boston, USA   (08.12.13)
This is first time in my life when I am ashamed that I have Israeli passport. Releasing murderers... I can't believe, just can't believe... I don't want to live in Israel not because I can fall a victim of terrorists, but because my murderers will be liberated, give interviews, get married and enjoy life - when I am in tomb. This view is shared by many Israelis that I've met in the US and Europe.
29. No24 what's the connection with the left?
Bibi and Benet are no left wingers!
30. makes the shalit deal look like a real bargain
zionist forever   (08.12.13)
With the Gilad Shalit deal although murderers were released every effort was made to minimise the number of terrorists with blood on their hands released and this was in exchange for a kidnapped soldier. Now the government is set to release a whole load of murderers some of whom have killed more than one person but they are getting their get out of jail free card and in exchange Abbas agrees to sit down and negotiate the creation of a palestinian state rather than sit in his office and just moan. Releasing these killers just to make Abbas happy is an unforgivable crime and certainly I will never vote for Bibi again. He has made a fool of himself and made a fool of the whole country and the arabs will expoit this weakness in future.
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