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Cult launches campaign to restore swastika image
Published: 12.08.13, 14:27
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1. How can people be so gullible to believe such rubbish!
vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (08.12.13)
The Swastika was a symbol in India, to put it in a Star of David and claim its from out of space shows you just how spaced out society is today!
2. Can't be taken seriously. In the 80's, this group claimed
Ze'ev ,   USA   (08.12.13)
That their symbol (the swastika inside the Magen David) meant that love between Jews and Nazis was required for the world's enlightenment! They also claimed that the world would transcend into a higher dimension once the planet's vibrations where aligned, and that the way to align them was through sex! They held masturbation and free love "meets" in fields. lol, no wonder they have so many followers.
3. As nutty as they are.. they have a point
Ben ,   Chutzlaaretz   (08.12.13)
It was a symbol borrowed by the Nazis. There are even some that decorate ancient synogogues. The whole 3rd. Reich should be erased from memory (Not their actions, just them) Take away the Neo-nazi precious symbol and turn it into something goofy like this religion and we would have taken a giant step toward erasing the Nazis.
4. They're no nuttier then those
James   (08.12.13)
that believe the bible is the literal word of God. Folktales revised thousands of time by the jews, benefiting the Jews.
5. Reclaiming the ancient swastika.
Bikerwolf ,   London U.K.   (08.12.13)
Swastika is a corruption of the Sanskrit greeting ' sawastika'. The greeting is used in Thailand when men and women put their hands together and greet each other wlish each other blessings and peace - especially foreigners. Next time you eat in a Thai restaurant have a go at using it. They will love you for. The Nazis never used the word swastika, they called their symbol hakenkreuz - or 'crooked cross' It was the British ( would you believe it ) who confused the word to mean something it should never have meant . It is time to de -Nazify this beautiful and ancient symbol of perfection and peace. Perhaps while we are at it we can remove from the list of fake Nazi symbolism, the Roman salute, the goose step (Prussian, British and Italian), the rising eagle ( Norse, Roman, Greek and Native American) and the music of Richard Wagner.
6. Swastika image didn't kill anyone ,...
split ,   US   (08.12.13)
I have noticed on documentary movie featuring Grand Coulee Dam ground breaking ceremony in 1933 local Indian chief next to President Roosevelt had a swastica on his shield. Later I have learned from his great grandson that the shield was much older than the chief because according to their customs it's was passed from a father to son as an symbol of entitlement just like among the monarchy and aristocrats everywhere ,...
7. The [British] Guardian
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (08.12.13)
Why am I not surprised that these nutters chose to speak to the Guardian? The inmates have taken over the asylum.
8. @#6 Swastika like Solar Cross...
LR ,   NY   (08.14.13) a ancient symbol found around the globe in practically All Ancient Native Cultures. The Solar Cross signifies North_South ,East_West wind/sun rotation, the Swatika symbolizes the Night sky with the North Star in the center-point while Ursa Minor rotates @ 90 degree signifying the 4 seasonal positions during a solar year. The Swastika -90degrees angles- is found in all ancient tribal cultures going from East to West, from Japan to Hawaii and the pacific islands. The hakenkreutz is NOT @ 90 degrees and therefore NOT a Swastika. When will the Media get there act together and stop calling a hakenkreutz a swastika?
9. Media help hakenkreutz NOT Swastika
L.R. ,   NY   (08.14.13)
The media must call this horrific mutilation by its correct name : hakenkreutz. The Swastika is a symbol of cosmology based on the North Star and the positions of Ursa Minor/Chariot of Mithras during the seasons of a solar year. Can the Media, for a change, produce the proper name and call the spade hakenkreutz instead of Swastika. Ignorance is not bliss,
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