Iron Dome intercepts Eilat-bound rocket
Meir Ohayon
Published: 13.08.13, 01:14
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1. Sick "peace talks" go on as rockets hit Israel!
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.13.13)
Israel is allowing the sick "peace talks with Palestinians" charade to go on as their rockets hit our cities. Their is no precedent, in all of human history, for such lunacy on the part of a state's leaders.
2. Rocket attack
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (08.13.13)
Bear in mind that it was the Arab Resistance Fighters who were murdered in cold blood by the Zionist aggressors. Unfortunately, the fighters' attach was repulsed this time. But soon the Resistance Fighters will obtain weapons that will make short work of Iron Dome. That will be a game changer for sure!
3. According to U. N. Logic.
Ilan ,   Ramat Gan   (08.13.13)
If no one was killed, there are no victims. Israel has no right to take out the rocket launchers especially if it has human shields piled on top of it. So what if two people had anxiety attacks! And people still wonder why Israel ignores the UN...
4. Sinai is teaming with AQ and Hamas, Islamist terrorists
CJK   (08.13.13)
the secret heads of the egyptian muslim brotherhood are hiding in gaza and directing and colluding with al qaeda and local bedouin salafists and hamas. their goal is to plunge egypt into a bloodbath and to provoke egypt into breaking its peace treaty with israel. these groups are armed with weapons that were looted from lybia after obama effected regime change with the murder of qaddafi. the groups are also armed by iran, whose world wide reign of terror will continue unabated as long as the ayatollah regime survives.
5. Rocket or bombs before "Peace Talks"
Bear Klein   (08.13.13)
How certain before and during "Peace" talks Palestinians and their terror buddies always resort to violence. Lets see if the western liberals and Abbas crowd verbally blast the attempt to kill Jews. Oh no they will NOT. The Pals would want these guys to be know as heroes. Hopefully soon coming to know their 72 virgins!
6. what's probably going on...
Jeff ,   USA   (08.13.13)
The Brotherhood and Hamas are arming the terrorists in Sinai to start going after the Egyptian military, and they're giving them a few rockets to shoot at Israel while they're at it so that when the Egyptian military starts fighting them, the Brotherhood can have PR ammunition to smear the military as "stooges of the evil Zionists"-- very clever...
7. Eilat the secular Sodom and Gomorrah pays the price
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.13.13)
Instaed if investing in scantily dressed tourists they should be studying Torah and now the city is being punished
8.  #7 - Intolerant religious mentality
Atheist ,   Israel   (08.13.13)
If you want to believe in a fairytale book called "Torah", fine, that's your choice. But to support terrorist attacks against innocent tourists and locals just because they don't believe in your fairytale book is just sick and wrong. It shows how twisted your primitive religious mind is... not only you consider a fairytale book as a reliable source of information, but you also curse others for not doing so. Disgusting.
9. @7 yea & so y was Jerusalem hit last year?
go back into your hole.
10. Pain in the tuchess
L.R. ,   NY   (08.13.13)
What, on earth, are Arab Resistance Fighters? Arabia is not at war nor is it a country. What you refer to is theomania invented by a religious corrupt priesthood to get rid of overpopulation. People do not realize how corrupt religions are, they never question the indoctrination. . The "Children of Avram, Abraham, Ibrahim" are a pain in the tuchess. This happens as a result of making a religion out of Tribal Oral Laws with bad copycats in the backyard. Religion is killing us. The tourism industry in Eilat must be overjoyed :-(
11. #7 no, not really
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (08.13.13)
If you want to bring religion in it, you should think again. It has nothing to do with clothes. When the modern day Sanhedrin (High Court and government) are so corrupt that they release people who admit murdering Jews, but destroy Jewish vineyards because of some unproven allegation about ownership this is what happens.
12. #2 Care to enlighten us to what weapons
A ,   Belgium   (08.13.13)
you are refering to, polakius ignoramius? Got some secret pentagon info to leak on Wikileaks? I imagine those "resistance fighters" have something really sneaky under their pyjamas, along the lines of chucking spears at Merkava tanks while bravely galloping on their camels, I suppose. Not unlike your brave but not very bright Polish predecessors who rode horses and shot antique rifles against German panzer tanks.
13. Eilat
Harold ,   USA   (08.13.13)
Eilat became a target by this Islamic Group and will stay a target. I wonder how many missiles shot through the Iron Dome to shoot down one Eilat-bound rocket. I hope the US Taxpayer is not paying for the Iron Dom project and its expenses.
14. #13 After enjoying your entertaining talkbacks, Harold,
A ,   Belgium   (08.13.13)
I really have to say that I admire how determined you are to prove to everyone how absolutely ignorant you are regarding the Middle East and especially, Israel. I will honor you, during my next visit to the WC.
15. #13...but of course you are paying for it.
Ilan ,   Ramat Gan   (08.13.13)
We're not allowed to use the cheap unguided missiles like our enemies, we have to use expensive ones and even that is not good enough. We are not allowed to be offensive at all, just the even more expensive defensive. So yeah, this is what you all asked for, so stop wining!
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