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Egyptian troops clear pro-Morsi sit-ins; Brotherhood says 500 killed
Published: 14.08.13, 15:04
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1. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time...
miki ,   tampa   (08.14.13)
with the blood of patriots and tyrants. In Egypt both Morsi and the army are tyrants.
2. Israel's future if rule of Haredim Brotherhood festers
Thinking Jew ,   Israel   (08.14.13)
End rule politically and peacefully or a boil-over explosion at some point is inevitable.
3. does egypt deserve this ?
atilla karagözoğlu   (08.14.13)
4. 3, attilla
Tom ,   ny,usa   (08.14.13)
Do the Turks deserve this?
5. Interesting
Ellen ,   Israel/NYC   (08.14.13)
While the Islamists are upset that they are not being allowed to protest, this is really an interesting situation. You better believe if the shoe was on the other foot ie. the more modern Muslims were protesting, they would be doing just the same thing--and maybe worse. This crew is out against the protestors. The Muslim Brotherhood and Co. have no problems going into homes and removing those who are related to protestors!
6. Obama and his brothers
NEW YORK – The son of a jailed Muslim Brotherhood leader in Egypt is claiming his father has evidence that will land President Obama in prison. The claim came as the Obama administration, with the assistance of Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and the open involvement of the No. 2 man at the U.S. State Department, made a concerted effort to see Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt released. In an interview with the News Agency Anatolia in Turkey, Saad Al-Shater, the son of imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat Al-Shater, said his father “had in his hand” evidence that will put Obama in prison. Read more at
7. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.14.13)
8. I'm with the Egyptian army on this
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.14.13)
one. The Muslim Brotherhood and their likes only understand one thing : total force and subjugation.Too bad we have not learned that with the Palestinians
9. can a war come out from egypt to israel by these days ?
atilla karagözoğlu   (08.14.13)
10. would a free & strong palestine be good for egypt in today ?
atilla karagözoğlu   (08.14.13)
11. why palestinians dont help egypt to end the civil war ?
atilla karagözoğlu   (08.14.13)
12. why morsi didint take a side with hamas in the first day ?
atilla karagözoğlu   (08.14.13)
13. is it possible happy egypt with unhappy palestine ?
atilla karagözoğlu   (08.14.13)
14. what a lovely democracy.......
Maryuma   (08.14.13)
15. cnn continues to be with the brotherhood
ishamel   (08.14.13)
cnn continues to be an issue in the egyptian street as the brohterhood is using the media to pressure their man obama to hold back sissi. 500 down. This is the only way to get the message acrossw. israelwellknows the psychotic religious indoctrination of educated men like zohar, nasrollah, erdogan, badie. They say things that in normal situations would have them placed in mental institutions yet on their platforms they are considered wonderful. Lying distortions, sadism are all part of the wonderful flower of their indoctrination so that buffoon erdogan said moslems are incapable of barbarism towards moslems. sissi may have to kill 10000 before the brotherhood gets the message.
16. Atilla
Eric ,   Toronto   (08.14.13)
Is it possible that you stop your drivel?
17. Fair point& true. I would ban CNN and a
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.14.13)
lot of other western media including the meddling EU poiliticians
18. Do unto others...
sg ,   Teaneck   (08.14.13)
just like the MB and salafis do and have done to the Copts and other "infidels" Arab on Arab violence is old hat.So much for the religion of peace.
19. festering anarchy
ky   (08.14.13)
This is not a situation that can continue. It has been brought about by a resurgence of religious extremism and the belief amongst the followers that their brand of theocracy shall dominate. It has much to do with propaganda spewed out by Al Qeuda hitting home with the ill educated masses. The collision with the emerging secular and educated Arab world is inevitable. I for one hope they succeed in suppressing and defeating the Brotherhood as the longer this goes on the weaker all nation states in the region become and this will only favor the forces of disorder led by the terrorists whose eventual aim is to destroy all Arab states and create an Islamic super state which can take on and destroy Israel and then take on the rest of the world. Its aims are ludicrous and impossible when carefully examined but this is at their heart. They need to be put down and out for the sake of Egypt and all other peoples in the region so that they can live in relative peace and have some order in their lives
20. Wait no, civilians in here!
Ilan ,   Ramat Gan   (08.14.13)
I for one am glad the human shield strategy isn't working this time. Unless Israel is involved somehow, it doesn't seem like anyone cares!
21. We live in the middle of Zoo
David ,   Rishon   (08.14.13)
People ariund us live in 16 century. God help us
22. Well -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (08.14.13)
I Quote Egyptian troops clear pro-Morsi sit-ins; Brotherhood says 500 killed - they was Warned but chosed the confrontation !. Arn.Sweden.
23. They knew the consequences.....
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (08.14.13)
The Brotherhood Supporters knew the probable consequences of sit ins and protests. This was an if then surprise at the result. Gen. Al Sisi must be strong and brutal with these Islamist Scumbuckets. Violence is what these Barbarians understand. Too bad the IDF doesn't hire Al Sisi to take care of the scumbunnies in Gaza and the West Bank!!!! The Pals would shiite their pants.
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