UN chief admits bias against Israel
Omri Efraim
Published: 16.08.13, 20:20
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1. the beginning of a UN spring or just a pointless admission
zionist forever   (08.16.13)
After all these decades of UN bias against Israel for the first time ever the organisations Secretary General and admits that it is biased. Now Ban has accepted there is a problem will he go to that next step and end the bias. How about giving Israel a go on the revolving UN Security Council. Since its founding there has always been an arab state on the Security Council even Saddam Hussain had a go so if the UN is willing to take Saddam then why not Israel? Even more important of all is end the political bias and support Israel when justified and condemn it when condemnation is justified stop treating Israel as the bad guy no matter what.
2. Moon Still Does Not Get It
emanon ,   USA   (08.16.13)
First of all, what does he mean "sometimes"? Let's try "most of the time". Secondly, the reason there are (at least) two arab factions is so that whenever an agreement is reached with one faction, the other(s) can say "But we did not agree to this!".
3. #1 Zionist Israel Spot On My Friend
Keep Up The Great Posts. Shabbat Shalom/Baruch Ha Shem
4. Mr. Ban, it is not the Israeli people against which most are
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.16.13)
biased; it is against the Jewish people and the Jewish people's tiny and only liberal democratic and sovereign nation-state, Israel. As a head of the organization that has been discriminating against us, Jews, I would hope you would show, by example, a different way. But, when you tell us, Jews, for instance, to refrain from dwelling on parts of earth, only because we are Jewish, this is a form of discrimination, racism if you will. So, cease with this anti-Jewish racist attitude now and we will then learn to possibly have respect for you.
5. Sometimes???
Israeli ,   Haifa   (08.16.13)
6. UN bias?
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (08.16.13)
Against "Israel", naturally. It is the UN's duty to God and Man to reverse wrongs of Nov. 29, 1947 and especially May 15, 1948 and as a first step, establish a UN Trusteeship to govern the former British Mandate of Palestine. The final goal must be a one-state solution: Muslim and Christian.
7. #4 absurd comment
Dave ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (08.16.13)
As a fellow Jew I find your comment "But, when you tell us, Jews, for instance, to refrain from dwelling on parts of earth, only because we are Jewish, this is a form of discrimination, racism if you will." completeley absurd and even malicious. The UN rejects the settlements in the West Bank because that territory is recognized as being part of the State of Palestine, alongside Gaza. It has nothing to do with racism but with international law, you can't build on land not recognized as yours. If you disagree with the UN and the whole world's view about the status of the West Bank that is your problem but don't you start using anti-Semitism, a real problem which still unfortunately exists worldwide, as a political tool to silence legitimate criticism of Israel's policies!!
8. The U.N. is hopeless & should be defunded.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.16.13)
The U.N. is hopeless because it represents mostly tyrannical and Radical Islamic regimes and that won't change anytime soon. The nations which aren't governed by tyrants and Radical Islamists submit completely to them. Hello E.U. Hello Obama's America. You can't make a good cake if you use rotten eggs, sour milk, and rancid sugar. No matter how much you stir. The U.N. is hopeless and should be defunded. So much good could be accomplished with the billions of dollars misused to support the U.N.
9. #7 Dave that is one of those biases
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.16.13)
"he UN rejects the settlements in the West Bank because that territory is recognized as being part of the State of Palestine, alongside Gaza." But legally there is no such state nor does ANY land belong to them. The UN Charter is explicit and it states that not only is it our land it cannot be given to any other government. The UN is attempting to illegally STEAL our land, they have no say in the matter - nor do you. They do it to no other country in the world so that is racism.
10. Ban's Crap
Brod ,   USA   (08.16.13)
Ban's argument shows a lack of knowledge of the history and nature of Islam. The fact is Islam has always been the aggressors of other countries. Islamist-Jihadists gobble other countries like wolves since they sprouted from the Arabian Desert in the 7th century. They are the worst violators of human rights. They are the terrorists of the world. For Ban Ki Moon to be on their side shows how idiotic he is on the subject.
11. Well, well, well...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.16.13)
Boker tov Eliyahu! Interesting that he 'admits' it only here. How about saying it in the General Assembly in the UN itself ?!?
12. #9 Gee Thank You For Your Comment
to dave from san palao Sounds to me if you tell a LIE LONG Enough Someone will think it's true? Why Can't Any One One This Forum Please tell me the name of the first and last fakenstian king's??????????????? Is it because They NEVER EXSISTED? Oiy Gavalt
13. Of Course There is Bias Against Racist Israel
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (08.16.13)
The only nation in the world that has illegally occupied another nation for 46 years and counting. The only nation in the world that has implemented a system of apartheid walls, roads, buses, checkpoints. The only nation in the world that systematically steals land, water, and dignity of their neighbors. The only nation in the world that illegally colonizes its neighbors sovereign territory. And, along with N. Korea, one of the few rogue nations that has refused to sign nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Being a rogue nation has consequences.
stude ham   (08.16.13)
15. To nr 7 - And as a fellow Jew to another fellow Jew..
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.16.13)
...I say to you Dave, that you are an unadulterated complete moron. The UN's policy is not based on international law - it is based on political votings in the UN General Assembly. Policies don't qualify as international law. Get this into your head. The UN doesn't speak for the world since not a single UN Ambassador is elected by a single electorate in a single country - and the UN consists almost exclusively of non democratic states, and the anti-Israeli/anti-Semitic bias of the UN is due to something called Arab oil. The Arab bloc and the Moslem bloc has blackmailed several countries for decades and warned them that voting in Israel's favor means an end to oil deliveries. Most 7 billion people on this planet do not oppose Israeli/Jewish presence in Judea, Samaria and Gaza - they simply don't care. It is their governments that make policies based on national interests - and that does not qualify as international law. "The World says"? Can you do your own thinking or are you an obedient puppy that does what he is being told to do? Do you agree with them? Have you questioned the basis for the "whole world's" "opinion" on Judea, Samaria and Gaza? How was the decision made and on what basis and according to what criteria? The San Remo treaty signed April 1920 and the Anglo-American treaty signed 3rd of December 1924 in London UK are two (2) legally binding treaties that stipulated that the borders of the Jewish state would encompass Cis-Jordan (including Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, Golan Heigths and Gaza), Trans-Jordan and southern Lebanon up until the bend of the Litani river. These are the LEGALLY RECOGNIZED borders of the Jewish state. The League of Nations was bound to accept these two legally binding treaties and the UN - the succesor of the League of Nations, is LEGALLY OBLIGED to recognize the legally binding nature of the San Remo treaty and the Anglo-American treaty. It is not Jews insisting on living, settling down and building cities wherever they wish in their ancient historical homeland (in which we have 4000 years of Jewish history and zero years of "Palestinian" history) that is "illegal", it is PREVENTING and PROHIBITING Jews from living and settling down and constructing cities wherever they wish in their legally designated homeland that is truly ILLEGAL. And banning all Jews from Gaza, Judea and Samaria is nothing short of racism, anti-Semitism and apartheid. 1.4 millon Arabs live inside Israel but not a single Jew can live in Gaza, Judea and Samaria? OF COURSE THE UNITED NATIONS IS ANTI-SEMITIC - NO QUESTION ABOUT IT.
16. #9, #12, #15
Dave ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (08.16.13)
Calling me moron only demonstrates your immaturity and lack of basic REASON. The quesiton of the legality of Israel's presence in the West Bank is a debate of INTERNATIONAL LAW, and all relevant international institutions which are far more knowledgeavle on the subject than any of us and all sovereign states members of UN DO NOT legitimize Israel's presence in that territory, it is recognized as being part of the State of Palestine. Calling that anti-Semitism is utterly infantile, even disgusting, and a completely political use of that word. If non-Palestinians wish to live in the territories recognized as belonging to the State of Palestine they should, like in every other coutry, ask relevant Palestinian authorities for permission and not UNILATERALLY build on their territory. I DO think current settlers should be allowed to live in the State of Palestine and not removed but continuing to build unilaterally there is plainly WRONG and an obstacle to peace!!
17. worlds most famous fakestinian=arafat born in egypt !
his ancestral tribe "AL-QUDWA"=from syria ! JUDEA belong to the JEWS camel urine drinkers back to saudi ARABIA !
18. NO admission. Comment taken
James ,   USA   (08.16.13)
out of context and twists. "Unfortunate situation that israel is a criminal nation, bent on stealing as much as it can"
19. #7, Arabs started the 67 war
Ron ,   oc us   (08.16.13)
The Arabs started the 67 war, terrorized Israel before and after that war and there is no international law that says the land goes back to Jordan or that Israel must set it aside for a Pal state. Yes Israel is discriminated against at the UN. For some of the wrong reasons this may change: The Arab spring and Israeli oil and finally Moons admission. The Israelis have the moral high ground, always have had, counts for little at the UN when it concerns Jews and or Israel.
20. #5 UN able of being self-critical,
unlike you.
21. To #13: Which planet did you come from, alien creature?
Seva Brodsky ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.16.13)
To Doug from Rochester, USA: 1. Check your facts first -- you know, all those claims about "the only nation in the world" etc. -- as they are ALL false. 2. Check into a psychiatric clinic, for you have serious problems with perceptions of reality. Maybe on your native planet this is OK, but here on Earth your kind are considered insane. I can't guarantee you'll be cured, but it's worth a try. What have you got to lose, after all? Your "mind"? But you've lost that a long time ago -- or maybe never had it -- or maybe this is how things are on your planet. Anyway, you could always ask your fellow creatures to beam you back up.
22. #13. Doug: The occupation of Hawaii
Tom W ,   USA   (08.17.13)
The U.S. violently occupied and gobbled up the independent kingdom of Hawaii, imprisoned its queen, Liliuokalani and illegally reclassified it as an "American" State in 1959. Hopefully La Raza people will regain their territory that the Americans stole from them. Viva la reconquista, Viva Aztlan!
23. mr., ban. stop the bullshit
there are many conflicts around the world between countries, to say the least. but there in not a single occasion where any country is as singled out and as condemned as israel is in the un. it is not about the conflict, mr. ban. it is because of the muslim dominance in the un, yes, your inept idiotic un that is run by despots and totalitarian leaders and you are at the top!
24. Help!
frank solan ,   san diego   (08.17.13)
Israel gets more Western states aid, help, grants and gifts than most countries of Africa and Latin America.
25. bias against thieves and killers is good
son of yaffa ,   Palestine   (08.17.13)
26. Islamic Caliphate and UN
alsky ,   Toronto   (08.17.13)
interesting to see so many dont understand what is obvious
27. What was on the menu?
Imbpuri   (08.17.13)
Kim and his hosts enjoyed a lovely Schnauzer Schnitzel with Chihuahua chips, followed by a delicious poodle pudding. John and Theresa provided ketchup on the side.
28. 13 Doug
Jorge stern ,   Mex   (08.17.13)
so when are you going to return soutwestern USA to Mexico ?
YO , I aint no fan of Ban da man ,Ban should be banned and sit in da can ;He acts so pious with his u.n "bias" full of antisemite liars , flush Ban down da pan as only we can ,he is just an also-ran who just visits Israel to aquire a suntan ,Moon sometimes acts like a looney-tune singing da same old tired U.N tune ,he can go tell it to da moon ...real soon.
30. "SOMETIMES"........Not always
Alan ,   SA   (08.17.13)
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