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Israeli Arab, Jewish metal bands tour together for peace
Sandra Mergulhão
Published: 20.08.13, 14:30
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1. It must be a knee-jerk reaction of "cultured" people: show
tom ,   tel aviv   (08.22.13)
the "World" that there can be love between lions & sheep. Like the hopeful Miss World, telling how she'd love to work for World-Peace, so do the people of Stage & Arts feel that spreading this lie will do anything positive. Well: it won't. Actually it is boring and cliched.
2. Someone should have this interview
Ze'ev ,   USA   (08.22.13)
hand delivered to Roger Waters. I sent it to him through FB, but I doubt his publicist, or whomever is in charge of that page, will show it to him. maybe someone with contacts in the music industry could pull it off? Remind him of who he was when he was young?
3. One big difference between them
Jewish?BandMembers? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.22.13)
You can be sure that the Arab members dearly love and respect and honor their faith and traditions the Jews in the band who are probably "Jews by accident of birth" do not respect their heritage count on it , which makes the whole thing a charade and totally unrepresentative of the Jews of Israel put some traditional Jews in that band and it would be but the "Jews" in the band would probably be against it.
4. #2:You shouldn't have bothered.Rogers doesn't like Jews. He
tom ,   tel aviv   (08.22.13)
does not care why and so shouldn't you/we. Let him rot in his belief and do not acknowledge his miserable existence by reacting in any way. That's my take on him & his ilk.
5. 2- Roger Waters
k ,   US   (08.23.13)
the losers who are joining the "anti-Israel" campaign hate stories like this. they like it when there is violence and they want to take the sides of the Israelis enemies
6. peace !!!!!
abdallah ,   palestine   (08.23.13)
Peace agreement now will ensure Israel's survival in the future. as a Palestinian, I can live with the Jews . We have been living here for thousands of years, Arabic Do I Do I Canaanite Do I Phoenician do not care all that important because I live here thousands of years ago, and we will stay here until the last day of the world .
7. #6. These musicians show us a thing or two
Tim ,   Brighton   (08.23.13)
About coexistence We have much we can learn from them As for Peace ..the term 'Peace Dividend' is often used but in the case of Palestine and Israel Peace Agreement- its not just a DIVIDEND but the JACKPOT We hope the negotiators will quietly get on with the difficult work of building a Peace Agreement - out of the limelight and glare of intrusive media - for however long it takes We waited for so long..a bit more of a wait is not going to hurt I kook forward to celebrating with you an end to conflict and a new beginning
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