Report: IDF thwarted stab attack
Yoav Zitun
Published: 19.08.13, 23:08
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1. thwarted stabbing attack
Ethel ,   USA   (08.20.13)
Further proof, not that it was needed, that non Israeli Muslims should not be so easily allowed into Israel--on their holidays or any time--unless they are thoroughly searched. And the number permitted to enter should be reduced.
2. please, not another attempt at peace.
alsky ,   toronto   (08.20.13)
when will people understand, you cant make peace with Islam
3. So what ?
Savta   (08.20.13)
So what if he's been caught? He'll be imprisoned for fifteen years and released in two to help "peace" talks...
4. The drive to inflict terror continues, but for the ability
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.20.13)
of the Israel's security forces to prevent such developments. And yet, some want to give such people a "state", from which to continue their attacks at us, Jews, without interference.
5. #1
Leah G ,   Itamar   (08.20.13)
#1- The thing is, the real name of the city is not Nablus but Shechem and that is the HEART of Israel. It can;t be more IN Israel.When people recognize that and the value of that place as well as Chevron, Betlechem, and the pinnacle-our Temple Mount, then and only then will there be a change.
6. Stab civilians,missiles,suicide bombers at civilians
Sam ,   Canada   (08.20.13)
Are you guys proud of yourselves? Is this how grown men behave? Do such cowards deserve a state?
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