Palestinian official: Negotiators met in Jerusalem
Published: 21.08.13, 00:15
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1. Livni makes Yossi Beilin look tough.
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.20.13)
She would sell Israel out quicker than a stroke of lightning and ensure it's destruction. I hope the absurd peace talks "bury" her, Netanyahu, Kerry and Obama and the weak in this government
2. huh? there are already 2 states
David ,   Boston, USA   (08.20.13)
The last was already divided into 2 states, Arab east of the Jordan, Jewish west of the Jordan. Why create another Arab Palestinian state? If you do, having Israelis move into parts of Judea and Samaria are irrelevant. Whether than becomes part of a country of Jordan-Palestine or Israel in the future can be negotiated. Saying Jews cant live there is just racist. Why does the world support Arab Apartheid? Why should they leave. Jews lived there before Jordan was formed. Calling 1967 as the demarcation and calling refugees from 46-48 makes no sense and is purely biased. Why does the Arab world act so childish? PA needs to be dissolved and let Jordanian-Palestinian government take over if they cant grow up and negotiate with Israel.
3. secret hypocrisy - obvious idiocy
yosef. phd ,   florida-israel   (08.20.13)
Hey there, M.E. pundits, Watch how Israel again is paying the price of baling out the inane, Judophobic US policies in this part of the world.
4. So what did Ban,Kerry,EU say to Pals rejecting Jewish state?
Sam ,   Canada   (08.20.13)
They tell Israel to offer the Palestinians more and more concessions. (prisoner release,freeze,territory). The Palestinians just pocket them and wait for more. Time for Israeli leaders to smarten up a bit.
5. Continue "talks" and go to UN, ICC to stop settlements
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN   (08.20.13)
...and secure UNSC '67 borders, for 2 States, 1 Country, Palestine Israel.
6. Kerry's hour in the limelight about to end
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (08.20.13)
El-Baradei has bee charged by Egypt for crimes against the state. Bradei supported Kerry in his campaign against Bush. He held up publishing a report , an act , in brach of his duties to favour Kerry Al is unravelling, including bama's evil Chicanery. For that reason, we should stop the talks right now.
7. OMG, David #2
Ilan ,   Toronto   (08.20.13)
You are a Genius!
8. Bibi. Israel was built by Jewish kings. Every mm.
Adi ,   Zurich   (08.20.13)
9. Exactly what Peres did 22 years ago
Chaim.s ,   54st Brooklyn ny   (08.20.13)
This traitorous leftist backstabbing self hating creature,is doing exactly what her mentor and hero the other vile traitor shimon Peres did 22 years ago,when he negotiated with the enemy behind the governments back
10. #9 Duhhhh... perhas you forgot but
On the Balcony ,   Akko/NY/Kyiv   (08.21.13)
Tzipi Livni was specifically appointed by Bibi to head peace negotiations long before there were negotiations. The parties have agreed to keep details to themselves in order to avoid unnecessarily inflaming public opinion on either side before an agreement is actually reached. You can be sure that Livni is negotiating within the boundaries established by the government and that Bibi is being kept fully informed. We simply have to wait....
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