US condemns Erdogan's comments on Israel, Egypt
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Published: 20.08.13, 22:00
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1. Wow This Is A First???
2. What has changed?
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.20.13)
Erdogan has been making these type of moronic comments for more than a decade. Yet only now they are 'condemned'. So exactly is different this time?
3. Erdogan a Muslim Brotherhood puppet..
Ivan ,   South Africa   (08.20.13)
4. Erdogans statement
Neal Rothner ,   Hashmonaim   (08.20.13)
The goyim kill the goyim and blamethe Jews. Neal the Hasmonean
5. How is this US' business?
TBNYC ,   NYC   (08.20.13)
Why does USA feel the need to defend Israel while Israelis did not even say anything about Erdogan's comment? How is this USA a fair broker?
6. This time this dude is right.
Israeli 2   (08.20.13)
Everything coming from the USA is a lie. They even cover up secret alien bases. What really ticks me off is that when I mentioned the same thing, a few weeks back, they all ignored me....but when this dude says it, it becomes headlines!!
7. Erdogan's "offensive" comments
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (08.20.13)
On the face of it, yes, his comments seem offensive, but he may be on to something, and the truth often turns oout to be offensive.
8. Its the only way the world press will publish his face
Adi ,   Zurich   (08.20.13)
9. About time White House backs Israel &
Dina ,   USA   (08.20.13)
repudiates his NONSENSE...
10. #7 Nothing Truthful About You
And you put the "O" Offensive!!!
11. Offensive and wrong?
Mira ,   Vienna   (08.20.13)
These are the comment of a mentally ill who should be deprived of his office and put into a lunatic asylum!
12. Israel in Egypt
rick ,   los Angeles, usa   (08.20.13)
While there is no evidence, it is conceivable that Israel encouraged this, if not engineered it. Of course, no one will acknowledge this, but morally and politically, this would be in line with Israel,s profile.
13. If the A holedoesnt appologize we will withdraw ours
Sorry   (08.20.13)
14. A kiss on cheek after US pushes Israel too far
Adi ,   Zurich   (08.20.13)
15. Erdogan
Bo Rooser ,   Varberg, Sweden   (08.20.13)
For how long will the turkish people accept that a judeoparanoic psychotic leads the land? Our hope standa to the turkish army.
16. #7 And as it turns out, Graysack, most comments
A ,   Belgium   (08.20.13)
emanating from the mouths of moslem leaders...especially those who see their end approaching (Erdogan, Abbas and Nasrallah, for example) and find it, in their own pathetic manner, obligated to blame their bad breath and soiled underwear on Israel, most of these comments are nothing more than farts in the wind. But that doesn't stop polakius ignoramiuses, as yourself, from believing them.
17. #7
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (08.20.13)
Keep spinning you'll eventually spin yourself into one big cocoon never to be heard from again.
18. The man represents anti-Jewish racism at its best, and with
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.21.13)
much historic and geographic flavor at that. This, in other words, what a classic anti-Semite looks: Whatever the predicament faced by society, the Jews - the national home of the Jews, Israel, in order to appear more "politically correct" - is responsible for it.
19. erdoganI: IS HE MAD?
Mike Caton ,   vestal, ny usa   (08.21.13)
Are there no insane asylums in Turkey?
20. It is about time for the US...
Zyx ,   USA   (08.21.13)
... to reassess its Arab diplomacy and in particular to start showing zero tolerance with Islamic regimes.
21. Erdogan's insights
BAB ,   Jerusalem   (08.21.13)
Since the Jews (sorry, Israelis) control everything and conspire to redesign the middle east, I'm assuming they were responsible for Morsi's "election," Iran's nuclear plan, and probably even Erdogan's own election in Turkey. Could Erdogan be an Israeli double agent?: Where do we stop?
22. Erdogan's Evidence
BAB ,   Jerusalem   (08.21.13)
His evidence seems to be the bantering of a French Jewish philosopher, speaking for himself. This does give us a clue on how Erdogan makes decisions and what he considers "evidence" for his learned statements. Welcome to the middle east.
23. don't forget folks,
this is obama's best friend in the middle east. birds of a feather walk together.
24. Gee if Israel is so powerful should it not focus on Turkey
Ron ,   Melbourne, Australia   (08.21.13)
Gee whiz if Israel has the tools and capabilities to do this in Egypt , why bother with Egypt , why not focus on Turkey. At least there there is a long history of secular activity and better relations with Israel. It is a shame that the political leaders in Israel are so short sighted and have focused on generating this effect in Egypt while leaving Turkey all alone - what were they thinking :)
25. Turkey is isolated, nobody listens to the turks anymore!
EU   (08.21.13)
26. NATO and Erdogan
USA   (08.21.13)
NATO must temporarily suspend Turkey's membership in NATO, until this FOOL dissapears from Turkish leadership.
27. Israel and Turkey
Agent Q4   (08.21.13)
Little does Turkey suspect when and where the next coup is going to take place....Turkish Spring in the works planned and ready to be activated in a few months...and he'll wonder what the hell happened when he is behind being spat on...fact or fiction? You decide. ';)
28. #12
arn ,   yehud, israel   (08.21.13)
29. Erdogan, another ISLAMIST JERK, cut Turkey's aid too
USA   (08.21.13)
30. # 12 RICK
Robert S Levine ,   Las Terrenas,DR   (08.21.13)
Come out of the closet.You are an old fashioned Jew-Hater.
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